The Portals – Portals to Destiny, Guest: Rick Dubov


Rick Dubov

Rick Dubov

Dr. Hildegarde Staninger TM – Portals to Destiny – YouTube


Dr. Hildy and Rick Dubov reading Portals to Destiny:

Dr. Hildegarde Staninger’s May 25th guest is none other than collaborator and Los Angeles artist, Rick Dubov, whose futuristic “Portal Series” fill the pages of Dr. Hildy’s new book  “Portals to Destiny“. Dubov has an eye to the future,  both literally and figuratively, and he does it by creating and contemplating color-coded portals. It took him a while to get there, though. “I’m a late bloomer,” he says.

SHOW AUDIO COMING SOON – (3/5/2014 note)

Dubov grew up in a theatrical family with people like David Niven frequenting his family’s home. He tried his hand at acting, fashion makeup and traveling the World before settling on painting as his raison d’etre.  The Portal Series looks into the limitless future where  anything and everything is possible, and that is the very essence of the book itself, from Dr. Hildy’s written word to Dubov’s vistas.  It’s a magical combination. “Read it out loud,” is Dr Hildy’s admonition, “and see what happens.”  The testimonials from Dr.  Hildy’s readers are growing, from a $2,500 IRS refund to a more than $700  lottery win from a $1 ticket purchase, the patient’s only win in more than 30 years. And it isn’t just material rewards.  There are so many others that mean just as much or more  …

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