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Certified Master Hypnotist and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Juanita Beth Morgan

Juanita Beth Morgan

Juanita Beth Morgan

1st Hour: Shaking Hands With Your Subconscious
Certified Master Clinical HypnotisHour1.  .mp3

2nd Hour: Tap into the Mystery of Your Dreams
Certified Master Clinical HypnotisHour2. .mp3

On June 29, 2011, Dr. Staninger will welcome Certified Master Hypnotist and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Juanita Beth Morgan, who has had a love affair with the subconscious since she was 8. “I was able to go in trances,” she says. “I was able to predict the future. I had keenly developed intuition.”Several years ago, Morgan was selected to talk to actors who belonged to SAG (the Screen Actors Guild). ”Actors need double confidence to be themselves and to be someone else,“ she said. “Intuition comes from your subconscious mind. There is a distinct difference between the conscious and the subconscious. They have nothing in common.” Read the rest of this entry

6-22-11 – Micronized Zeolite and Its Therapeutic Benefits — Oxygenated Olive & Coconut Oils: Their Health Benefits

Dennis and Sheri Scheller

Dennis and Sheri Scheller

1st Hour AUDIO — Micronized Zeolite and Its Therapeutic Benefits
Guest: Dennis Scheller
Micronized Zeolite and It’s Therapeutic Benefits – mp3 AUDIO

Dr. Staninger’s 1st guest on June 22nd was Dennis Scheller, who is a proponent of healthy aging. He knows of what he speaks.  “Since I was in my early 20’s, I have not gone to a doctor,” he said. “I practice prevention.  Now the world is ten times more toxic than it was, and a lot of us can’t get the toxic load out of the body, especially radioactive (agents) and Mercury,” says Scheller.

Spreading the word about a product he has been taking, personally, for the past five years is his part-time job, and he is passionate about it. “I have been into natural health and fitness and nutrition for the past 35 years.”

Dennis’ full-time work involves his house painting company and personal training. He has also been a Kung Fu instructor in the past.

The wonder product Scheller and his wife, Sheri, carry is Natural Cellular Defense by Waiora, a liquid cellular zeolite (a natural mineral).  “There’s a lot of zeolite out there.  Powdered zeolite has been available for 50 years, and it helped with digestive issues and food poisoning,” says Scheller.

The dilemma was how to get it into the body systemically.  A biotech company solved the riddle. “The liquid cellular zeolite is micronized particles size,” says Scheller.  “It collects and traps heavy metals and chemical toxins. We have a pristine product.  It is so small, we can get it into the bloodstream and the reason it works is because it has a negative charge and attracts particles to it.”

The thing Scheller likes about Natural Cellular Defense is that it removes the toxic load from your body. “Apoptosis kicks in, and harmful toxins can be removed. It’s a great cancer preventative, and everything you do – massage, lymphatic drainage and acupuncture – is amplified.”

“We (Scheller and his wife) do like to think we are making a difference. We want to be a positive light in this sometimes gloomy world.”

Click here for Sloan-Kettering’s  info on Zeolite


Nancy Kersey

Nancy Kersey

2nd Hour AUDIO – Oxygenated Olive Coconut Oil Health Benefits .mp3 

Dr. Staninger’s 2nd guest on June 22nd was Nancy Kersey who might be on the other end of the phone at Integrative Health Systems in Los Angeles. When she is not answering questions, taking orders and helping patients, she manufactures two popular products for Dr. Hildy.

“I first ran across oxygenated olive oil when my massage therapy organization began selling it,” said Kersey, a former massage therapist, who specialized in lymphatic drainage work. “I already had the necessary equipment to use on my clients with my oxygen steam sauna which was part of my lymphatic protocol.”

She and Dr. Staninger put their heads together on how best to make their products and went shopping for just the right raw ingredients. Dr. Staninger insisted on the greenest olive oil they could find. “It has the most chlorophyll in it,” she said.

They also made sure their raw materials were organic, extra virgin, and cold pressed with no GMO’s. “When I paint this down the spine and pop a patient in the Far-Infrared, it instantly becomes a hyperbaric chamber,” said Dr. Staninger.

“Nobody else has this. It’s a cottage industry, hand-made in small batches, and highly labor intensive.”

Baci Mi Oxygenated Olive and Coconut Oils

Baci Mi Oxygenated Olive and Coconut Oils

How to Select Your Own Personal Fitness Trainer for Health and Personal Imaging

The little Big Gym

The little Big Gym


On the Wednesday, June 15, 2011 edition of One Cell One Light Radio, Dr. Hildegarde Staninger’s guest was personal trainer and Black Belt, Dwayne Arthur Jones, who sets himself apart from other gym owners from the git-go.

HOUR 1 AUDIO – Dr. Hildy and Dwayne Arthur Jones – The little Big Gym

Dr. Hildy_ How to Select Your Own Personal Fitness Trainer for Health and Personal Imaging Pt1 – .mp3 Audio

HOUR 2 AUDIO – Dr. Hildy and Dwayne Arthur Jones – The little Big Gym Dr. Hildy_ How to Select Your Own Personal Fitness Trainer for Health and Personal Imaging Pt2 – .mp3 Audio

First of all, his little Big Gym in the oh-so-tony Hancock Park area of Los Angeles is a boutique gym with specialties like kickboxing, Tae Kwon Do and Pilates – all in 1,006 square feet.

“Fifteen years ago, in the dot com era, the boutique gyms cropped up. Then they all closed down. The niche was [sic. still] good when I opened a little later,” said Jones, who is 41 and has been a trainer since he was 26. He has had just one trainer in his own life. “I told him my objective…. I want to be a trainer to myself.” That came first before he began ministering to others. Read the rest of this entry

6/8/11 – Dr. Hildy -Far-Infrared – and SuperLight and Beyond

FIR Rainbow

FIR Rainbow

On the Wednesday, June 8, 2011 edition of One Cell One Light Radio, Dr. Hildegarde Staninger will be joined by three panelists to discuss Far-Infrared, SuperLight, and BeyondSunny Jung, President of MPS Global; Dr. John Milewski, an internationally recognized Engineer in the field of Advanced Materials; and Dr. Richard Young, Executive Director of the National Registry of Environmental Professionals.

Far-Infrared research by Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, RIET-1:

LISTEN HERE to Hr. 1 Far-Infrared, SuperLight and Beyond Pt1

LISTEN HERE to Hr. 2 – Far-Infrared, SuperLight and Beyond Pt2

Panelist: Sunny Jung
Sunny Jung, President of MPS (Management of Personal health System), began his US company in 2003 with the rainbow, a half-circle device that emits pure Far-Infrared Radiant Heat (FIR). “ It’s very tough to understand the product,” says Jung. “We educate the customers (with) the difference between pure Fir and just plain FIR. It is significant.”

Jung uses crystallized carbon fibers, known as Active Carbon Fibers ™made from zirconia diamonds. “There’s nothing like it,” he says. “Most (companies) claim they use charcoal powder. It’s not conductive. The difference (between us) is the source. I state to the customers that we are not just a sauna company. We sell therapy. At the time we came up with this, no one had this technology .”

The crystal carbon has a deep tissue resonance effect, according to Jung. That is where his company gets the jump on other manufacturers. “With other (techniques), it’s hard to reach the deep tissue,” he said. “We have people calling us night and day asking why our source makes a difference. Carbon cells, where there is metal, have less effect. No one else has this technology.”

The MPS Global products are made in Daegu, Korea, with the heating elements produced in Japan. The two top MPS sellers are the 12” X 18” FIR pad and the Rainbow. There are also 1 and 2-person saunas, plus a range of whole-body capsules.

MPS Global:


Panelist: Dr. John Milewski

 Dr. John V. Milewski, a rare intellectual gem and inventor, has bridged the gap between the scientific and the metaphysical with his SuperLight , the unseen force in nature. It is magneto-electric radiation. He believes it to be the universe’s prime activating energy which accounts for the production of life and can be a useful energy source every day.

As an engineer in the field of Advanced Materials, Dr. Milewski is internationally recognized. He holds 30 patents, has more than 42 publications and has edited 4 books. From 1984, he was Los Alamos National Labs staff member in Los Alamos, N.M, and is now retired.

In 2000, Milewski and his son, Peter, had their ‘filament light bulb’ invention put on permanent exhibition at the Smithsonian American History Museum, which features the six most significant ideas in lighting from 1950 to 2000. “The other inventions were from major corporations who spent $20 Million,” said Dr. Milewski. “My son and I sat on the living room and dining room floors (to make it) and spent a couple hundred dollars.”

Dr. Milewski, who is 82 and lives in Albuquerque, N.M., with his second wife and former high school sweetheart, is working on growing gold. He has a video of it on You Tube, melting and casting metals in a microwave. “We get more (gold) out of beer bottles than container glass,” he said. In the past he grew single crystal fibers known as “whiskers,” which were ten times stronger than piano wire and aerospace materials.

Dr. Milewski is a vortical force who espouses “huggies and snuggies”, writes love poems and calls beautiful women, “Yum Yum.” “Who wouldn’t love to be called that?” he says.

Dr. John V. Milewski – Presents, The Wonderful World of Advanced Materials:

SMITHSONIAN: Lighting A Revolution: 20th Century Invention:

YouTube – Dr. John V. Milewski: Growing Gold from Glass in a Microwave – Part 1

YouTube – Dr. John V. Milewski: Growing Gold from Glass in a Microwave – Part 2


Panelist: Dr. Richard Young

Dr. Richard Young is Executive Director of the National Registry of Environmental Professionals (NREP) in Glenview, Ill., a suburb of Chicago. NREP, founded in 1987, is the largest non-governmental environmental education organization and accrediting organization with in excess of 20,000 certified professionals world-wide. NREP’s accreditation covers the environmental fields as well as homeland preparedness.

Dr. Young’s background is rich. He has served as the US Government’s pollution control expert around the world at technology exchange meetings with foreign governments. In addition, he has been environmental advisor and consultant to 14 states and five Federal Agencies.

Dr. Young, who is an engineer, was founding Editor/Publisher of Pollution Engineering Magazine, a leader in the field. He has written several hundred articles dealing with environmental management and pollution control. In addition he has authored 31 books on environmental safety and engineering.

Dr. Young has worn many hats during his esteemed career. He served as an adjunct professor and lecturer at Southern Illinois University, George Williams College and Eastern Kentucky University. He has been honored with numerous awards in journalism, engineering and from governmental agencies, including the Charles Ellet Outstanding Engineer Award and the Environmental Quality Award of the US Environmental Protection Agency.

National Registry of Environmental Professionals:
http: //



6-01-2011- Certified Baltic Amber with Krystyna Witulski, and Grandma’s Lye Soap with Bill Robertson

Gophette's Fou Fou

Gophette’s Fou Fou


Integrative Health Systems (IHS) has entered into a new joint venture with Rene Compton of  Compton Learning Co. Inc., which features an innovative teaching approach in computer technology for kindergarteners through fifth graders.

Compton came up with the idea in 2000, using computer puppets in a private Orlando school, the Brush Arbor Christian School. “Kids will listen to characters,” says Compton. Included in the puppet gang is Gopher the computer mouse, and now, he has an alter ego, his sister Gophette, who is the pink epitome of cute femininity.

And so, now enters IHS to assist Gophette, a string puppet, with some fou fou, namely Baci Mi Rose Petal Gel, the brainstorm of Industrial Toxicologist Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, who has created many other specialty gels to treat the body. It is something for the kids and the “young at heart,”says Staninger.

“Rose is the highest vibration there is. It emits love, clarity, awakening and brings you to your highest potential.”

Gophette’s YouTube debut:


Krystyna Witulski

Krystyna Witulski



First Hour: Certified Baltic Amber with Krystyna Witulski


Certified Baltic Amber with Krystyna Witulski – AUDIO .mp3

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