7-13-11 – Free-Walking Pampered Hens and Miracles of Agriculture

Free Walking Hens

Free Walking Hens

Hour 1 AUDIO:  Free-Walking Pampered Hens
Guest:  Jim Barry, The Country Hen Sales Manager

Just imagine pampered hens. That’s right – chickens – sitting on their very own screened-in porch, taking life easy. Every now and then, though, they might take a break to sunbathe, visit a neighbor, scratch and dust bathe. Ah, that’s the life! In the mornings, though, that’s when they do their real work: laying beautiful organic eggs.

That’s what goes on at The Country Hen on 20 acres in Hubbardston, Mass. It’s owned by 79-year-old George Bass who started out as a member of the 4-H Club with 24 hens at the age of 10 in Bridgeton, New Jersey. In his 40’s he owned a poultry business in Bogota, Colombia, before retiring to study the health factors of the poultry business in the U.S.

That’s when he began producing eggs the old-fashioned way – without cages – for the very first time, according to his sales manager Jim Barry.

“They are free walking,” said Barry. “It’s an expression George came up with years ago. In the old days, people had 5 or 6 chickens and they ran around. We like to keep them as natural as we can, but not on the grass. That’s bad for the watershed .”

With 100,000 hens, The Country Hen seems to have it all over competing commercial businesses who have millions of hens crammed in cages. Instead of using one of the industry’s commercial feeds, The Country Hen blends and mills their own Certified Organic feed and has it certified each year by an independent agency.

“To create the formula, we sat down with doctors,” says Barry. “It’s our own proprietary feed. The old joke is, ‘If I tell you what’s in it, I gotta kill ya.’ The taste of the egg is the difference. The yellow is bright orangey yellow.” And the whites don’t run either.

These hens have the Cadillac of nests. They are soft and rubbery and tilted just a bit so that the eggs roll gently down onto the soft conveyor belt to be hand sorted three times and graded. “They roll away from the chicken for cleanliness,” said Barry, who clarifies that the eggs are lightly washed in order to rinse feathers and dirt but not disturb the cuticle of the shell and to avoid harsh chemicals.

And, in case you’re wondering, there are no roosters here. They are only in the picture when you want fertile eggs, which are quite popular in Asia. Country Hen eggs, which contain six times the Omega-3’s as normal eggs, are sold in 23 states, up and down the East Coast, and then distribution jumps over to Texas and California as well as the Nation’s Capital. Barry would not confirm whether they are served in the White House. He would only say that there is a Whole Foods nearby at one end of Pennsylvania Ave.

The Country Hen:


835lb Pumpkin

835lb Pumpkin

Hour 2 AUDIO:  Miracles in Agriculture
Guest:  Ron Smith, Founder of Agri-Gro Marketing, Inc. 

Ron Smith and his team at Agri-Gro Marketing, Inc., on 1,000 acres in Southeast Missouri’s foothills of the Ozarks, are working miracles every day with their proprietary fermentation process developed in 1983 by the late Dr. Joe Spruill, with whom Smith worked in 1980 and 1981.

As a result of that cooperative effort, Smith purchased Spruill’s company in 1989 and formed Agri-Gro Marketing, Inc.  The products were spectacular.  “We caused plants to bloom that had not bloomed in 50 years,” says Smith.  It was at the Harry P. Leu Gardens in Orlando, the largest botanical gardens East of the Mississippi, where the amazing transformation took place.

Agri-Gro is a leader in the field of Bio-Stimulant technology for agricultural and horticultural use. The company has photographs of a 684-pound pumpkin and an 835-pound pumpkin to show just what their incredible products can do.

“In 1979, my wife and I started on a shoestring,” said Smith, who is semi-retired, always on the go and has turned the helm over to his three sons.  “Now we have state-of-the-art equipment and research and longevity in the marketplace.”

“I can easily say that our growers can reduce their herbicides and fungicides because of our products. We produce more fruit and fewer insects because we produce a special environment.  There are no insects on our land because it is so healthy. Our place is a showplace.  It looks like a State Park.”

Smith, a former industrial engineer with the gift of gab, says that his whole focus at this point is information.  “Our product sells itself,” he says.  Most of it is sold in large pallet quantities for the agricultural grower, but there is a Master Gardener Pack for the home gardener from Bountiful Harvest, an Agri-Gro subsidiary.

In addition to the company’s FoliarBlend, Agri-Gro and Agri-Cal products, there is also a turf formula for sod; Indigo for waste water and sewage plants and Nutri-Zyme, a feed additive to stimulate the digestive system of horses, dogs and cows.

“We serve the agricultural community and ship to 40 different countries on six different continents,” says Smith.  “We are multi-faceted.  We are a very complicated company.”

Bountiful Harvest – Solutions For Everything You Grow:

Agri-Gro Marketing, Inc.:


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 July 13, 2011  –  1 Chicken Purse with  Grandma’s Soap Goodies

1.  What is the name of the character in children’s literature  that is a
 2.  What are the names of the two pumpkins in Miracles in  Agriculture?

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