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Dr. Hildy with a basalt Olmec head

Dr. Hildy with a basalt Olmec head


Guests:  Art Historian, Rick Dubov; BioEthno Systems Analyst, Aurora Sacarello; Molecular Biologist, Robert Thollander, Jr.; and Ancient Texts Scholar, Michael Edward

When most people think of genetics, it’s usually only in the most recent sense – what traits were passed down from parents and grandparents. What most people don’t realize is that there are remnants of ancient civilizations residing in all of us.  Traits as varied as your bone structure to particular food sensitivities may be caused by thousands of years of genetic pre-determination.

Olmec figures

Olmec figures

This week on One Cell One Light™ Radio, Dr. Hildegarde Staninger™ will be joined by Art Historian Rick Dubov, BioEthno Systems Analyst Aurora Sacarello, Molecular Biologist Robert Thollander, Jr. and ancient texts scholar Michael Edward in a discussion on the implications of bioethnic history found in ancient genealogy.

 Hr 1 –August 31, 2011!


  Hr 2 – August 31, 2011

Central to this conversation will be the Olmecs, ancient Mesoamerican tribes from the central region of Mexico. Considered to be the original salt traders of the Americas, these tribes were known to trade the naturally occurring pure salt found in their region with other native tribes and the Chinese approximately 2500-4000 years ago. Though they are perhaps most well known for the colossal heads they carved from volcanic basalt, these ancient peoples also had a highly complex glyph language and are among the earliest known ancient military elite assassins, consuming a specialized honey and orchid drink among other exotic foods – an example of how ancient genetics can inform modern descendants’ resilience, immunities and pre-disposals to certain foods and other products.

It is also possible to use genetic bioethnicity to inform history. Through the exploration of modern DNA mapping, a person’s ancient genes can be used to trace the migration of tribes and the intermixing with indigenous people as they explored the world, and also help to determine possible reasons some ancient civilizations thrived into modern times or disappeared completely.

Join Dr. Staninger and her guests as she explores the Olmec people and the importance of ancient genes and bioethnicity in modern genetics on One Cell One Light™ Radio.



PROJECT BABY SEKMUT: Genetic Toxicology through Ancient and Medieval Bloodlines

DNA Tribes Digest – September 1, 2011 – Showing Native American Migration

Genetic Anthropology, Ancestry, and Ancient Human Migration


 August 31, 2011!


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August 24, 2011: AgariGold’s Stellar Performance

Dennis and Sheri Scheller

Dennis and Sheri Scheller

Guest: Dennis Scheller

Diabetes cleared up in 30 days? Deadly MRSA  infection gone in less than a week? Sound preposterous? Not necessarily. These are solid claims made about AgariGold by Waiora, which features a patented hybrid mushroom, the H1X1,  so valuable that its DNA is stored in underground vaults in the U.S. and Europe.

The original Agaricus Blazei mushroom from the rain forest in Brazil near Sao Paolo  allowed the Piedade natives to live past 100. They named it “the mushroom of life.”

“The Japanese originally discovered this in the early ’70’s doing research,” said health proponent and personal trainer Dennis Scheller who has been taking it for several years. Read the rest of this entry

Raw Sugar Cane Juice and Its Diversity

Raw Cane Superjuice

Raw Cane SuperJuice

Guest: Rey Koo, Owner, Raw Cane SuperJuice

Hour 1 AUDIODr. Hildy_ AgariGold’s Stellar Performance Part 1

Hour 2 AUDIODr. Hildy_ AgariGold’s Stellar Performance Part 2

Both Rey Koo and her business partner, Robby Whitelaw, had a sweet tooth,way in the past, but sugar cane cured that, as surprising as that may sound.  The trick is, they now consume the fresh pressed juice of the sugar cane.  It is loaded with vitamins, amino acids, chlorophyll and minerals.

“I lost my heavy craving for sugar,”says Whitelaw, who enumerates some of the store’s business customers, such as coffee accounts, a tea house in the South Bay area, pastry chefs and in manufacturing – even though it’s not widely used as a sweetner.

And, here is the best part: It’s alkaline and low glycemic with less sugar than you’ll find in apples, pears, grapes, dates or honey. Read the rest of this entry

August 10, 2011: “Genes, Giants, Monsters and Men”

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell


Guest:   Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, Author of Genes, Giants, Monsters and Men



Hour 1 AUDIO

Hour 2 AUDIO –

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell digs deep … deep into millenniums past and controversial ancient texts and deep into the planetary system.  He’s a scholar for sure,  a forensic  one at that — one who writes three books at a time, all done in a pre-arranged sequence.

His audience is made up of astute, probing individuals; they are ones who don’t believe the stuff they are spoon fed on the news – “Mostly people  that kind of realize there may be more to human history than the standard disciples history and biology will allow,” says Farrell who received a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Oxford.



“The substantial majority of the population is in the dark,” he says.   “They are doing all sorts of things in the United Kingdom. They are putting human blood into pigs and mice.”    Farrell’s digging into the past has revealed the chimera, any number of hybrid mythical monsters comprised of body parts from several animals, often with the tail ending in a snake’s head.

As a kid growing up, and into his college years, Farrell wanted to be, first

Read the rest of this entry