Raw Sugar Cane Juice and Its Diversity

Raw Cane Superjuice

Raw Cane SuperJuice

Guest: Rey Koo, Owner, Raw Cane SuperJuice

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Both Rey Koo and her business partner, Robby Whitelaw, had a sweet tooth,way in the past, but sugar cane cured that, as surprising as that may sound.  The trick is, they now consume the fresh pressed juice of the sugar cane.  It is loaded with vitamins, amino acids, chlorophyll and minerals.

“I lost my heavy craving for sugar,”says Whitelaw, who enumerates some of the store’s business customers, such as coffee accounts, a tea house in the South Bay area, pastry chefs and in manufacturing – even though it’s not widely used as a sweetner.

And, here is the best part: It’s alkaline and low glycemic with less sugar than you’ll find in apples, pears, grapes, dates or honey.

Raw Cane Superjuice Group

Raw Cane SuperJuice Group

At Koo and Whitelaw’s store, Raw Cane SuperJuice in Los Angeles’ Thai Town, they press 100 gallons a week of fresh cane juice from freshly picked sugar cane delivered from local farm growers.  They bottle the juice, and also create three other varieties from it: alkaline, ginger and the Master Cleanser version with lemon juice and cayenne for a deep organ detox flush.

“The juice depends on the color of the sugar cane.” says Koo.  “It runs from yellow to more brown.  Within five minutes, it begins oxidation and gets darker and darker because it’s a live juice.  It has no shelf life.  It’s a live food.  We freeze it to stop further oxidation.  In the refrigerator, the juice starts to ferment after 48 to 72 hours.”

The Times of India, in its August 5, 2007 edition, attributed sugar cane juice as able to fight cancer and lower cholesterol due to its alkaline nature.  “We grew up with it,” said Koo, who was born in Taiwan (Robby was born in South Africa).  Together, they lived in Cuba for several years.

“It’s like a complete ritual (there).  At 4:00 in the afternoon men stand in line for fresh sugar cane (juice) … Men believe it promotes virility,” says Koo.

Raw Cane Superjuice

Raw Cane SuperJuice

“There is no supply here (in California).  It has so many health benefits.  In its natural form as nature intended, it is low glycemic.”Once you start tampering with it in any way, the glycemic index shoots up by 75%.”

Koo says, “To make table sugar, lots of things have to happen.  It’s dark like molasses.  You have to bleach it.  They run it through the ash of animal bones to make white sugar.”

Once you taste sugar cane juice, chances are that you will be hooked on this delicious and not-too-sweet elixir.  People may just drink a few ounces at a time or a whole glass, without a sugar crash.  “This is live, vibrant nutrition,” says Koo.”  It is the most robust in minerals – more than any fruit or vegetable.

“We believe a healthy immune system is alive.  There’s a better chance that the body can perform optimally.”

Raw Cane SuperJuice:


Daniel Hutchinson, Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Daniel Hutchinson, L.Ac., a graduate of Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, bridges eastern medicine principles into today’s mainstream lifestyles. “I have immersed myself in the study of the physical, spirit, soul, mind, and emotions of the body, arriving at a holistic vantage point, shared by a few pioneers on the cutting edge of today’s alternative health community.”

Daniel began his pursuit of studies and experiments in herbal and holistic medicines in 1997 in Atlanta, GA., following a severe case of retinitis that almost cost him his vision. Through the remedial efforts of herbal nutrition, oculomotor exercises and healthy eating his vision improved back to 100%.

He will discuss with us the function and action of the 3 main flavors…sour (alkalizer tonic)…sweet (plain cane juice) and spicy/pungent/hot (detox elixir), including details concerning organ function from a t.c.m. (traditional Chinese medicine) perspective.


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Raw Sugar Juice

Guest:  Rey Koo, Owner & Founder, Raw Sugar Juice

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Question:   What country was the first merchant of sugar?

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