August 24, 2011: AgariGold’s Stellar Performance

Dennis and Sheri Scheller

Dennis and Sheri Scheller

Guest: Dennis Scheller

Diabetes cleared up in 30 days? Deadly MRSA  infection gone in less than a week? Sound preposterous? Not necessarily. These are solid claims made about AgariGold by Waiora, which features a patented hybrid mushroom, the H1X1,  so valuable that its DNA is stored in underground vaults in the U.S. and Europe.

The original Agaricus Blazei mushroom from the rain forest in Brazil near Sao Paolo  allowed the Piedade natives to live past 100. They named it “the mushroom of life.”

“The Japanese originally discovered this in the early ’70’s doing research,” said health proponent and personal trainer Dennis Scheller who has been taking it for several years.



The original spores were taken to Japan where researchers worked with 200 other  high potency Agaricus mushrooms to raise the level of nutrients. The prime ingredient is the Agaricus Blazei mushroom hybridized with another strain of Agaricus Blazei from the California coast.

“AgariGold has 52 enzymes in it” says Scheller “It is the only food source on the planet that causes the body to produce Adiponectin (a protein hormone).. It takes 30 days to regulate blood sugar and Type II Diabetes. I have put dozens of people on this. It promotes energy and increases nitric oxide which is good for the cardio. It also works on the libido department.”

Although the product has been available for 10 years, during the first seven years, it was being used in clinical tests with seriously ill patients. It has been available to the public for the past three years. It helps the body cure itself, according to Scheller.

“We’re all dealing with 2 to 5 radioactive particles per day,” says Scheller referring to  the recent nuclear explosion in Japan. “It’s even in dairy 153 times more than before.”

AgariGold uses a unique mushroom strain, says Scheller.”The Japanese have developed a 10-phase cold process. There are 16 times more beta glucans than with a 3-stage extraction. It is extremely time consuming.”

The AgariGold mushrooms are grown deep inside limestone caverns in Southwest Pennsylvania to replicate the conditions in Brazil, Scheller says, “The fungus is like people. It picks up toxins. You want to make sure you are taking a pristine product.”

AgariGold is a liquid which tastes like unsalted soy sauce, according to Scheller. Five to seven drops per dose do the trick. It’s okay for pregnant women to take as well as children after age 2..

Scheller talks about the importance of the telemeres in our DNA. It’s crucial to keep them in good shape. “When they get shorter and frayed, that’s cellular death. Agaricus protects the telemeres. You can probably add another 20 years to your life. AgariGold turns on the longevity gene in the body.”

Dennis Scheller:


YOU TUBE presentation: 

Dr. Hildy:  AgariGold’s Stellar Performance – YouTube


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Guest:  Dennis Scheller

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Question:  What civilization was the first to recognize the therapeutic properties of the Agaricus sp. mushroom?

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