Custom Portals through the Dimensions of Time and Space, A New Ingredient for Nano Vector Pie and the Big Lycan Gene

Portals to Destiny

Portals to Destiny


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Dr. Hildegarde Staninger– Portals to Destiny – YouTube

Have you ever wondered where the cover art on Dr. Staninger’s book Portals to Destiny came from? It is the work of artist Rick Dubov; a custom portal he created specifically for her.

This week on One Cell One Light™ Radio, Dr. Staninger sits down with Mr. Dubov and is joined by  Bobby Thollander, to discuss the portals and their relevance through the dimensions of time and space.

PORTALS TO DESTINY – Audio – Read by Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, Author, and Rick Dubov, Artist 

Empress of Commerce

Empress of Commerce

So what exactly are the portals? According to the artist himself, they are “a way of making dreams real … and I wanted to turn it into an object.”  Each portal is done on a relatively small scale, either 9×12 inches or 11×14 inches, on canvas board in oil paint. Color is important and Mr. Dubov makes deliberate decisions on the use of color, but since each is unique, there is no representative chart or scale. In face, shape and movement in his brush work is just as important as color. The portals are “intuitive, but accurate” for each person; they’re semi-figurative, mostly abstract and has the presence of the person they are made for and their needs.

Custom Portals – Rick Dubov, Artist with Dr. Hildy – Hour 1 AUDIO:

Custom Portals – Rick Dubov, Artist  and Bobby Tholander – with Dr. Hildy – Hour 2 AUDIO: 

The portals’ purpose is “an invitation to awaken something in you,” says Mr. Dubov. While some are bold assertions, others are more demure, but each is unique to their subject’s personality, essence and needs and desires in their life.

Custom Portal

Custom Portal

In the second hour, the conversation will include how these custom portals can be used to express an individual’s present and ancient DNA (as discussed on the August 31st show), and delving more into the topic of artificial DNA. Can nano gene therapy be used to bring out dormant genes, such as the biglycan (werewolf gene), vampira or “demon gene”? Can DNA be reprogrammed through linguistics?

Join Dr. Staninger and her guests in the discussion this week on One Cell One Light™ Radio!


Transcriptional Regulation of the Human Biglycan Gene:

ARC-HG1 and CELLULAR LINGUISTICS™ by Dr. Hildegarde Staninger™, RIET-1:

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