10/12/11: Maitake D-Fraction Mushroom Extract and Breast Cancer

Mark J. Kaylor

Mark J. Kaylor

Guest:  Mark J. Kaylor, VP Education and Research
Mushroom Wisdom

Often thought of as nothing more than food, the mighty  mushroom has  actually been used for many years in traditional medicine in the  treatment of  several diseases. In fact, mushrooms have been a subject of modern  medical research since the 1960s, where most modern medical studies concern the  use of mushroom extracts, rather than whole mushrooms. Some mushroom extracts  have been found to modulate immune system responses and inhibit tumor growth.  But recent research has found that maitake mushrooms in particular can be used  in treating breast cancer in women.


This week on One Cell One Light™ Radio, Dr.  Staninger’s guest will be Mark J. Kaylor, Vice President of Education and  Research of Mushroom Wisdom , E. Rutherford, N.J. A  former doctoral student, Mark’s life took an abrupt turn when a part-time job in a health food store awakened in him a passion for holistic health and healing.  His company, Mushroom Wisdom, brings the healthful benefits of medicinal  mushrooms, backed by rigorous scientific research, to

the daily routines of consumers worldwide.  Mushroom Wisdom offers a  complete product line, including specific products developed to support the  immune system, brain function, blood sugar levels, breast health, prostate  health and more.

Commonly known to English speakers as Ram’s Head or Sheep’s  Head, maitake mushrooms were introduced to the United States by Mushroom Wisdom in 1991 and is celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year. Through the work  of  researchers in Portugal and Argentina, study of the mushroom has confirmed  that its extract has induced apoptosis (cell death) in the cells of breast cancer, the second leading cause of cancer death in women. Encouraging  news, to say the least. It would seem that the Super Mario Bros. are no longer the only ones aware of the beneficial powers of mushrooms.

Join Dr. Staninger and her guest Mark Kaylor this week as they discuss  Mushroom Wisdom’s Maitake D-Fraction product and its positive effect in helping to fight breast cancer on One Cell One Light™ Radio!


New Research Confirms Maitake D-Fraction Induces Apoptosis in Breast Cancer Cells by BAK-1 Gene Activation

Maitake (D Fraction) Mushroom Extract Induces Apoptosis in Breast Cancer Cells by BAK-1 Gene Activation

NIH: Maitake (D fraction) mushroom extract induces apo.[J Med Food. 2011] -PubMed

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