Mayan Temple

Mayan Temple

Guests: Davor Pacemski, Rick Dubov, and Michael Edward


Though we marvel today at Burj Khalifa and other modern  architectural feats, there are perhaps no structures in human history more  amazing than the pyramids of ancient times. While the pyramids at Giza and  throughout Europe remain the most famous, there are many other of this wonders of ancient engineering throughout Mesoamerica, many of which are much greater in  scale than their Egyptian counterparts. But what was the significance of these pyramids? What roles did they play in Mesoamerican life?

This week on One Cell One Light Radio, Dr. Staninger is  joined by art historian Rick Dubov, ancient texts scholar Michael Edward, and  student of ancient prophecies Davor Pacemski, to discuss the pyramids built in  Mesoamerica over two thousand years ago and their possible meaning to the  cultures that constructed them.

More than 3,500 years ago, Mesoamerican tribes migrated into what is now North and Central America. Along the way, they erected these  pyramids as monuments to their gods, though they often also served as a temple for prayer and the hub of a surrounding city, similar to the role that castles played in Medieval Europe over a thousand years later. Though many range in  size, some are enormous by ancient standards, with the Great Pyramid of Cholula  claiming the title of largest – by volume – pyramid in the world, with a base longer (or wider, depending on your point of view) than four football fields.  This pyramid in particular serves as a testament to these structures’ importance  in their respective civilizations – over 100,000 people lived around the pyramid  at its peak.

Many of these monuments stand today, serving as a reminder  of the surprising complexity of life in ancient Mesoamerica. But what methods  were used to construct them in this still-primitive time? And did they serve a  purpose beyond monuments to their gods, perhaps as devices for communicating  with other continents – or even other worlds?

Join Dr. Staninger and her  guests as they discuss the mysteries of the Mesoamerican pyramids and the  civilizations that constructed them on One Cell One Light Radio!

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