11/23/11: FAR-Infrared Radiant Heat

Guest: Sunny Jung, President/CEO,  MPS Global, Inc.

Moon Heater

Moon Heater

HOUR 1 AUDIO  – What is Far-Infrared Radiant Heat? –  HOUR 2 AUDIO –  History of  Sukpil Shin, the Artist on the Moon Heaters –

While maintaining our health, one of the most important factors is body temperature. Even slight deviations from our normal internal temperature can produce noticeable and sometimes serious symptoms that detract from our health. Usually, to stave off these drops in temperature, we huddle under blankets or turn up the thermostat. While these help keep in body warmth or raise the air temperature around us, they are not the most direct method of warming our bodies.

This week on One Cell One Light Radio, Dr. Staninger welcomes Suwok “Sunny” Jung, President and CEO of MPS Global, Inc., to discuss radiant heat and MPS’ Far-Infrared system and Moon Heaters, personal and installable heating systems designed to produce radiant heat, with a wide variety of benefits.

There are two main causes of heat generation in the human body: blood circulation and cellular activity. As we age, or get sick, these tend to slow, leading to cold extremities, and lower tolerance to illness. As mentioned, our normal response to this is to turn up the heat or bundle up in more clothing. These are examples of convection and conduction, two of the three elements of heat. The third is radiation. MPS Far-Infrared Technology delivers maximized radiant energy by minimizing conduction and convection energy. This has been possible by using ultra-thin carbon fibers that are evenly distributed on a large surface. The fine carbon fibers result in very littleheat capacity, which produces minimal conductive and therefore convective energy. The best example is the relationship of the Sun to the Earth: the Sun produces an enormous amount of heat, which we feel on Earth, yet the space between the two is very cold.

Because of the relatively small amount of space required, Moon Heaters are often very thin, approximately 1” thick and can be “disguised” in many ways, including posing as a work of art to hang in your home. In addition to their heating capacities, the heaters, which feature the work of Korean artist Sukpil Shin, can be used in detoxification and aid in expedited fat reduction through increased heat during cardio workouts.

Join Dr. Staninger and her guest Sunny Jung this week as they discuss radiant heat, moon heaters and their benefits on One Cell One Light Radio!



SLIDES of POWERPOINT for above Presentation Paper:

Moon Heater Flyer, Page 1:

Moon Heater Flyer, Page 2:

Moon Heater Guide Book:
http://1cellonelight.com/pdf/moon heater guide book.pdf

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