12/21/11: Liquid Crystals: From Marine Plasma to BUILDING BLOCKS of Nanotechnology

HOUR 1 – Therapeutic Marine Plasma From The Origins Of Life with guest Robert Slovak, Founder, Original Quinton Marine Plasma – North America  – HOUR 1 AUDIO: Dr. Zhong Lin (Z.L.) Wang Dr. Zhong Lin Wang

HOUR 2 – The Building Blocks of Nanotechnology with guest Zhong Lin (ZL) Wang, PhD (The Hightower Chair in Materials Science and Engineering; Regents’ Professor; Engineering Distinguished Professor; Director, Center for Nanostructure Characterization (CNC); School of Materials Science and Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA) – HOUR 2 AUDIO:

12-21-2011 – The Building Blocks of Nanotechnology – Dr. Zhong Lin Wang   OneCellOneLightRadio with Dr. Hildegarde Staninger – VIMEO

It’s no surprise that the most prevalent substance on Earth is also the most essential to our survival – unless it’s from the ocean. Water graces the majority of the surface of the planet but yet drinking it regularly would be hazardous to our health. There is, however, a place where the seawater is not only tolerable, but also beneficial to our health.

This week on One Cell One Light Radio, Dr. Staninger welcomes in her first hour Robert Slovak, Founder of Original Quinton North America to discuss the health and wellness benefits of Quinton Marine Plasma.

A recognized doctor, biologist, biochemist, and physiologist of the early 20th century, René Quinton was committed to answering the profound question, “Where did all life begin?” He soon discovered that body cells are surrounded by a liquid, or plasma, which is very similar in its mineral content and degree of concentration to geologically primeval ocean water. After years of research, Quinton was able to pinpoint the ideal geographic locations from which to collect pristine ocean water.

After being collected, the seawater is cold sterilized in a pharmaceutical facility and sold for use through health practitioners as Quinton Marine Plasma. Treating dysentery is just one of its many uses, as Quinton Marine Plasma is an incredibly effective way to restore cellular homeostasis and mineral balance. It can also lead to deeper sleep, emotional and physical balance, recovery from exertion, and relaxation.



In the 2nd hour, Dr. Staninger will welcome Dr. Zhong Lin (ZL) Wang, head of a leading group in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at the Georgia Institute of Technology, to discuss what makes up the Building Blocks of Nanotechnology.

In recent weeks, Dr. Staninger has talked with a number of experts in different fields related to Nanotechnology.  But what are the components of this still developing science? Dr. Wang’s group are leaders in this field, and have published hundreds of papers that have been cited over 43,000 times on various aspects of Nanotech. Their discussion will give insight to this still developing and controversial technology.

Join Dr. Staninger and her guests Robert Slovak and Dr. Wang as they discuss Quinton Marine Plasma in the first hour and the Building Blocks of Nanotechnology in the 2nd on One Cell One Light Radio!


Original Quinton  (Therapeutic Marine Plasma From The Origins Of Life)

Quinton Marine Plasma – Gordon Research Institute

QuintEssential Bioterrain Restore

QuintEssential Optimum Mineralization

Georgia Tech Personal Website of ZL Wang

SCI Publication Record

Editor-in-Chief: Nano Energy

Nanomaterials and the Environment

Human and Environmental Exposure Assessment

Nanotechnology: innovation opportunities for tomorrow’s defence


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Question: Who was the French doctor who decided to try Rene Quinton’s “Marine Plasma” to treat the European disease epidemics of the early 1900’s?

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