1/18/12: Mysteries of Crystal Skulls; The Crystal Skulls of the Maya and Atlantis

Map of Atlantis

Map of Atlantis

Now that we’ve reached the calendar year of 2012, much attention has been paid to the upcoming winter solstice in December as a signifier of a great change. Due mostly to the end of the long-cycle count of the Mayan calendar, December 21, 2012 has sent people into a frenzy of prediction and postulation in trying to determine why exactly the Mayans stopped their calendar on this date and what it means. While some believe that the Mayans saw the coming of the end of the world, many believe this is a false reading, as there is no historical evidence to support that this was the Mayans’ theory. What those who are perhaps less pessimistic believe is that 2012 will bring about a monumental change in our collective consciousness and that our perception of the world will never be the same again. While the debate rages on, there are perhaps items that have held the answer all along.

This week on One Cell One Light Radio, Dr. Staninger welcomes in her first hour noted archaeologist and pre-historian Stephen Mehler and Mayan/Aztec historian, Raymond Tarpey to discuss one of the most significant – and misunderstood – aspects surrounding the 2012 phenomena: crystal skulls.

As discussed in the November 16th show, crystal skulls tend to align in two categories – modern and ancient. Most modern carvings tend to be made for decorative or amusement uses, but there are a number of ancient skulls that experts believe hold keys to understanding our past – and perhaps our future.

While the skull form in ancient art is not exclusive to the Central American region, as ancient skulls have been found in Tibet, China and other regions, the majority of the ancient skulls come from this region, and the majority are made from quartz crystal. While their exact use and purpose is still being studied, it is almost certain that they were often used for ceremonious purposes and more interestingly – to store information.

While the use of crystal by ancient cultures is still being debated, we are learning more and more every day. By submitting the skulls to light, sound, color and other tests, and through meditation, much information has been gleaned from them. But what else do the skulls know? And how do they tie in to the 2012 phenomena?

Join Dr. Staninger and her guests this week as they discuss the crystal skulls and their relation to 2012 on One Cell One Light Radio!


Stephen Mehler

Stephen Mehler

1st Hour Guest: Stephen Mehler, MA – Skull Researcher, Egyptologist, and Rosicrucian Research Scientist; “Mysteries of Crystal Skulls – Astonishing Portals To Man’s Past”  Involved in crystal skull research since 1979, and, as an archaeologist and prehistorian, specialized in the area of ancient cultural artifacts, Stephen will discuss what constitutes an “ancient” crystal skull, how they may have been made, for what purposes and by whom and will clear up much of the misinformation that has been presented on this subject. Co-authoring with David Hatcher Childress, Crystal Skulls: Astonishing Portals To Man’s Past (2008), Stephen also worked with Dr. Marcel Vogel and F.R. ‘Nick” Nocerino, the two greatest crystal skull researchers. Stephen specializes in the study of ancient Egypt and currently leads tours to Egypt.


Stephen Mehler, MASkull Researcher, Egyptologist, and Rosicrucian Research Scientist; “Mysteries of Crystal Skulls – Astonishing Portals To Man’s Past”  – AUDIO not available.

Raymond Tarpey

Raymond Tarpey

2nd Hour Guest: Raymond Tarpey, MA – Edgar Cayce A.R.E. Historian, “The Crystal Skulls of the Maya and Atlantis; Cayce Prophecies – 2012 ‘Time of Awakening’”  Hour 2 Audio:

Raymond, a trained historian whose research is focused on Mayan/Aztec history and spirituality, is an extensive researcher on the spiritual legacies of the ancient cultures of China, Japan, the Anasazi, Maya and the Inca. This path, along with information from the Edgar Cayce readings has led him also to do major research on the ‘lost continents’ of Atlantis & Mu/Lemuria. Raymond also does Tzolk’in Calendar Readings in the Maya tradition. He and his wife are longtime members of the A.R.E.

YOU TUBE presentation:

Dr. Hildy: Crystal Skulls of the Maya and Atlantis with Raymond Tarpey, M.A.



AUDIO is unavailable on the server at this time – sorry.


Crystal Skulls Event – 11-11-11 – Mehler

Crystal Skulls: An Introduction – by Stephen S. Mehler

Giza Pyramid – Mehler

Crystal Skulls Event – 11-11-11 – Tarpey

Transcript Of Interview With Raymond Tarpey | Conscious Media Network

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  1. So fascinating the crystal skulls. I am wondering if they have any healing powers? Has anyone ever used them for that?
    http://www.iMetaPhysical has some small ones, what are they for?


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