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02/23/12 – Dr. Hildy SPECIAL: Diagnosing Exposure To Nano Materials (aka Morgellons) and CDC ‘Unexplained Dermopathy’ Report

Hour 1:
Diagnosing Exposure to Advanced Nano Materials (aka Morgellons) – a discussion on some key papers and the recent January 25, 2012 paper released by CDC – Report on the Morgellon’s Study
2nd Hour :
More discussions and presenting the movie,“Folie a Deux and other tales of Morgellons and nano”(Trailer)Veronica Hendricks, Film Director and Producer
This footage from the film “Folie A Deux and other tales of Morgellons and nano”, directed by Veronica Hendricks (copyright 2011), shows how people with Morgellons, or A.N.T.S. (Advanced Nano Tech Syndrome) display glowing triangles and other shapes in the white part of their eyes when examined under a black light.

It was not many years ago that modern medicine appeared to be on the road to victory against infectious disease. Smallpox, polio and other diseases had working vaccines and other immunizations that would prevent their spread. However, depending on a certain point of view, Mother Earth will always find a way to control the delicate balance of her planet, as new, more complex diseases have emerged in the place of those that have been cured. Read the rest of this entry

2/22/12: Dr. Hildy and Dr. Alfons Schulte – RAMAN Technology, Basic Methods and Use

Dr. Alfons Schulte

Dr. Alfons Schulte

1st Hour: RAMAN TECHNOLOGY: Its Basic Technique, Methods and Use in Various Applied Focal Systems

2nd Hour: Discussion of Collaborative Research on Amber, Ancient Proteins, Breast Implants, Yamato Shinjo and Far Infrared Treated Water

When considering the greatest inventions of the 20th century, most conversations will steer towards the microchip and television, but special consideration must be given to the laser. An amazing piece of technology, the laser has more applications than one could possibly name. Just as diamonds are forever, a laser is an optical device that creates a beam that continues in one direction until it is reflected off of another surface. Depending on the strength of the beam, its uses vary, from reading compact discs to bloodless surgeries and theoretically, as a weapon to knock the living daylights out of someone. But despite its global usage, to scientists, the world is not enough, and lasers are being used in new and interesting ways on a molecular level.

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2/08/12: Spring Organic Planting, Seed Saving, and Sprouting for Optimal Health

Planting seeds

Planting seeds

1st Hour:  Food Crisis? SPRING ORGANIC PLANTING and SAVING SEEDS !! with guest Josh Kirschenbaum


2ND Hour:  GOT SPROUTS? Expert Organic Seeds Sprouting For Optimal Health with guest Sean Herbert 

With a national trend towards improving and maintaining health, food growth and production has never been under more scrutiny. Films and books such as Food Inc., Fast Food Nation and Super Size Me have brought generous amounts of attention to the way in which our food is grown, prepared and treated. With more and more people turning to vegetarian, vegan and other “alternative” lifestyles, it is more important than ever that we understand what exactly can be claimed as “organic” and “local”, as laws and guidelines are still being defined.

This week on One Cell One Light Radio, Dr. Staninger welcomes two experts in the fields of organic food production. In the first hour, Josh Kirschenbaum of Territorial Seed Company of Cottage Grove, Oregon joins Dr. Hildy. Privately-held and family-owned since 1979, Territorial Seed Company delivers mail order seeds and plants thousands of varieties. Unique to Territorial Seed Company is their 44-acre trial grounds and organic research farm. Each year their research staff grows and evaluates thousands of Read the rest of this entry