2/22/12: Dr. Hildy and Dr. Alfons Schulte – RAMAN Technology, Basic Methods and Use

Dr. Alfons Schulte

Dr. Alfons Schulte

1st Hour: RAMAN TECHNOLOGY: Its Basic Technique, Methods and Use in Various Applied Focal Systems

2nd Hour: Discussion of Collaborative Research on Amber, Ancient Proteins, Breast Implants, Yamato Shinjo and Far Infrared Treated Water

When considering the greatest inventions of the 20th century, most conversations will steer towards the microchip and television, but special consideration must be given to the laser. An amazing piece of technology, the laser has more applications than one could possibly name. Just as diamonds are forever, a laser is an optical device that creates a beam that continues in one direction until it is reflected off of another surface. Depending on the strength of the beam, its uses vary, from reading compact discs to bloodless surgeries and theoretically, as a weapon to knock the living daylights out of someone. But despite its global usage, to scientists, the world is not enough, and lasers are being used in new and interesting ways on a molecular level.

This week on One Cell One Light Radio, Dr. Staninger welcomes Dr. Alfons Schulte, Professor of Physics at the University of Central Florida, and an expert on the use of Raman spectroscopy.

As technology has grown, scientists have discovered that all colors of the visible – and invisible – light spectrum vibrate at a specific rate. Raman technology uses a laser to excite a molecule causing vibrations within the molecule’s bonds. These vibrations change the wavelength of the excitation laser light causing a “Raman shift” that can be detected as a molecular fingerprint or spectrum particular to a specific chemical. This new technology allows scientists to have what could be conceived as a golden eye – one that can “see” and identify molecules with a greater ease than traditional methods.

Practical applications of this technology are still being determined, but the theoretical uses are exciting. For instance, a beam could be used as an early detector of cancer – since each molecular bond gives off a distinct vibration, a Raman spectroscope could offer a view to kill off these cells on an atomic level and aid the doctor. No use is out of spectrum (so to speak) of possibilities and the beauty of theoretical technology is that the promise of tomorrow never dies.

Raman technology is already in practical use in industrial applications; the Dupont Company uses it to characterize their fibers, thereby allowing them to create colors and coatings that are unique to their company. In theory, since each person perceives the spectrum of visible light differently on an almost imperceptible level, a custom color could be created for your eyes only. Additionally, Raman tech could be used to detect and identify nanotechnology with greater ease than traditional microscopes, since this technology functions on a molecular level as well. The potential uses are endless and exciting.

Join Dr. Staninger and her guest Dr. Alfons Schulte as they discuss Raman technology this week on One Cell One Light Radio!


CREOL | The College of Optics & Photonics – University Of Central Florida

Dr. Alfons Schulte – My Details – CREOL | The College of Optics & Photonics

Faculty Research Booklet – Creating the Future –UCF College Of Optics  Photonics                  http://1cellonelight.com/pdf/FacultyResearchBooklet.pdf

WIKIPEDIA – Raman Spectroscopy


Applications of Laser Raman Spectroscopy

Raman and Mid-Infrared Spectroscopic Tests on Amber Nuggets and Amber Oil

Raman and Fluorescence Spectroscopic Tests on Dragon Breath Samples

Probing 2D Reaction Coordinates of Amino Acid /Surface Binding   http://1cellonelight.com/pdf/BioM.pdf

CHROMATOGRAPHs- SAMPLE Images: Tables Of Various Injectable Fillers Used By Plastic Surgeons, Dermotologists, etc., of Beverly Hills, CA.  http://1cellonelight.com/pdf/Bioe.pdf

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