3/7/2012 – Dr. Hildy and John Willard, III – The Wonders of Willard Water

DR. WILLARD’S WATER on NewsWatch – June 16, 2015

Dr. John Willard, Professor at his desk


        Dr. Hildegarde Staninger~~

1:00-3:00 PM Pacific on Wednesday, March 7, 2012   

LISTEN TO THE FULL two-hour show in the archives – Click here:

Hour 1 – Dr. Hildy will discuss the Wonders of Willard Water, how it works, and how it is used in integrative medicine protocols …and


Hour 2 – John Willard III will join Dr. Hildy discussing the history and applications of Willard Water and findings of Dr. Hildy’s recent clinincal study.  HOUR 2 AUDIO:

This week on One Cell, One Light Radio, Dr. Hildy continues a series of shows centered around products designed to increase health and happiness. For this episode, her guest is John Willard III of CAW Industries who will be on to discuss Willard Water, the amazing product invented by his grandfather over four decades ago and is still going strong today.

Forty years ago, Dr. John Willard, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, developed a complex formula that alters the molecular structure of normal water, making it more efficient and more reactive. Testing has shown that when ingested by plants and animals, Dr. Willard’s Water creates a more biologically active form of water in the bloodstream, so it does a better job of performing basic functions such as delivering food and nutrients to cells and expelling toxins.

Dr. Willard’s formula creates the CAW micelle, an extremely small, very high energy particle with a powerful negative magnetic field. When added to ordinary water, it causes a change in the “ordinary” water molecules that can be likened to the difference between diamonds and graphite — both being made of carbon but with differing molecular structures. This new water molecule structure serves as a catalyst that seems to accelerate and enhance the body’s natural processes and is a great free radical scavenger.

Free radicals are atoms or groups of atoms with an odd number of electrons and can be formed when oxygen interacts with certain molecules. Once formed, these highly reactive radicals can start a chain reaction. Their chief danger comes from the damage they can do when they react with important cellular components such as DNA, or the cell membrane. Cells may function poorly or die if this occurs. This can damage your cells, organs, and contribute to disease and declining health. Because our bodies are continuously exposed to free radicals from external sources such as sunlight, radiation, pollution and toxins, they can often be the common pathway for a number of disease processes. Simply put, this can hasten the process of ageing such as wrinkles, dry skin, disabilities and diminished immunity to infections.

Normally, the body can handle free radicals, but if antioxidants are unavailable, or if the free-radical production becomes excessive, cellular damage can occur. Of particular importance is that free radical damage accumulates with age. Antioxidant is the name given to a whole host of foods and products that serve to collect, or scavenge, the excessive free radicals that cause damage to cells. The benefits of antioxidants are that they help to solve the problems listed above by mopping up the free radicals in the system. They are nature’s perfect clean-up tools. While it’s ideal to get the antioxidants we need from our normal diet, industrial farming techniques have decimated our soil and depleted the nutrients in our food.

By adding Dr. Willard’s Water to drinking water, tea, or other beverages, it can help to significantly enhance our bodies’ ability to remove these harmful free radicals by breaking down food and toxin particles in the bloodstream into even smaller particles which allows the body and cells to more readily absorb the good while more efficiently flushing the bad. This catalyst is what makes Dr. Willard’s Water remarkable, and its use is not limited to humans, as it has properties that are beneficial to both pets and plants as well.

Join Dr. Hildy and her guest John Willard III as they discuss the benefits of Willard Water this week on One Cell, One Light Radio!


Dr. Willard’s | The Official Website of Willard Water and all Dr. Willard Products


Dr. John Willard’s Catalyst Altered Water (Health Learning Handbook)


Clinical Study Shows Drinking Willard Water® Significantly Increases the Body’s Ability to Absorb Vitamins


HathiTrust Digital Library – U. S. House of Representatives, 96th Congress, November 19, 1980 Catalyst altered water a briefing / by the Subcommittee on Health Aging…


Treating Burns With Willard Water


Public Lecture—Arsenic: The Silent Killer – YouTube  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zhXPXEwVrI&feature=related

Oceans Acidify At ‘Unparalleled’ Rate http://www.opednews.com/Quicklink/Oceans-acidifying-at-unpa-in-Sci_Tech-120301-34.html

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