3/28/12 – Dr. Hildy: Thetahealing and Stunning Earthstar Magazine with Monthly Astrology

ONE CELL ONE LIGHT RADIO with Dr. Hildegarde Staninger
Wednesday, MARCH 28, 2012 – 1PM – 3PM Pacific Daylight Time
(1-3PM PDT; 2-4PM MDT; 3-5PM CDT; 4-6PM EDT)

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HOUR 1 – Dr. Hildy welcomes Trish Turpel – Theta Healing Life Guidance
HOUR 2 – Tim Gunns, Assoc. Editor EARTH STAR MAGAZINE,
and Astrologer Of 25 Years

 Trish Turpel

Trish Turpel

Hour 1 – Trish Turpel – Thetahealing and Life Guidance

All of us face pressures and difficulties in our daily lives. Deadlines at work, financial pressures, keeping up our health, and a deep-seated need for connectivity are among the most basic problems that everyone faces. These problems are eternal and will never cease. However, there are methods and means that we can employ to make them more tolerable and even turn them to our advantage.

This week on One Cell, One Light Radio, Dr. Hildy focuses on two different means of helping us cope with these pressures and help to heal ourselves. In the first hour of the show, her guest will be certified Thetahealing instructor Trish Turpel to discuss the benefits and mechanisms of Thetahealing. Discovered in 1995 by Vianna Stibal, Thetahealing focuses on a technique using the principals of quantum physics and ancient methods of prayer to change the beliefs of a patient, making it possible for them to heal. Diagnosed with cancer and given only two to three months to live, Vianna experienced a expeditious healing.

Thetahealing works on principles of beliefs, ones that are often genetic – as they are passed onto us from our parents – and will also come from friends and society. We believe medicine is the best method of healing. We believe that due to a bad economy and other limitations, we can’t be financially healthy. By moving instantly into a thetastate, which is the state we are in during sleep, a thetahealer can shift the beliefs of their patient and bring them to believe that they can be healthy, wealthy and wise.

trish turpel —  Thetahealing™ and Life Guidance
‘all the talents of God are within you’ Hafiz
Private sessions and Instruction:  info@trishturpel.com http://www.trishturpel.com/

About Trish Turpel: life guidance, relationships, wealth, creative expression, health http://www.trishturpel.com/about_trish.php


Heaven to Earth

HOUR 2 AUDIO – Tim Gunns, Assoc. Editor EARTH STAR MAGAZINE,
and Astrologer Of 25 Years

Second Hour Guest –  Tim Gunns – Stunning Earthstar Magazine and Monthly Astrology for the Planet AND Individual Sun Signs

In the show’s second hour, Dr. Hildy welcomes Tim Gunns, associate editor of Earthstar Magazine, the leading magazine for Holistic Living and Spirituality for Over



35 Years, your resource for Astrology, Heath and Healing, Green Living, Self-Help, and New Science. Earth Star reports the latest from paranormal researchers, scientific breakthroughs, services, news, and World events. Tim Gunns is an astrological writer and consultant with over 25 years experience, a conference coordinator and producer, new age market and speaker consultant to the entertainment industry, formerly program director of the Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo, and of the national Whole Life Expos, and co-producer of the 1st Los Angeles Sound Healing Conference in 2008.

Earth Star Magazine Online – Issue #204 FEBRUARY/MARCH 2012 http://www.earthstarmag.com/docs/204-FM%2712.pdf

Earth Star Magazine Online – CONTENTS Index – Feb/Mar 2012 http://www.earthstarmag.com/docs/204%20-FM%2712._Pg-04.pdf

Earth Star has kept its readers informed and entertained since 1973, providing up-to-the minute information on the current astrological aspects via his page “Down To Earth Astrology by Tim Gunns”. To help you to better understand yourself and those you closely interact with, Tim prepares personalized no-nonsense interpretations of Natal Horoscopes and writes Monthly Astrology Highlights as well as Monthly Sun Sign Forecasts which are published in EarthStar Magazine Online.

Tim will discuss with Dr. Hildy what’s in store for the Sun Signs as we enter Aries, and how we can use astrological transits to help plan ahead and to deal with the inevitable challenges that we will face in our daily lives as we move into the spring season. 


Earth Star Magazine
Contact Tim for personal consultations at: tgearthstar@aol.com

March 2012 – Astrology Highlights by Tim Gunns

FEBRUARY / MARCH, 2012 SUN SIGN Forecast by Tim Gunns http://www.earthstarmag.com/docs/204-FM12-sunsigns.htm

January, 2012 Astrology Highlights

February, 2012 Astrology Highlights

Huge Sphere In Sun’s Corona! – YouTube

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