4//11/12- DR. HILDY: ‘Dov’ Gertzweig – Violin For The Dolphins AND Peter Starr: Prostate Cancer Diagnosis – Now What?

ONE CELL ONE LIGHT RADIO with Dr. Hildegarde Staninger

DR. HILDY Welcomes Guests ‘Dov’ Gertzweig – Violin For The Dolphins AND
Peter Starr: Prostate Cancer Diagnosis – Now What? 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 – 1PM – 3PM Pacific Daylight Time
(1-3PM PDT; 2-4PM MDT; 3-5PM CDT; 4-6PM EDT)

CLICK HERE to Listen Live: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/onecellonelightradio/2012/04/11/dovs-violin-for-the-dolphins-peter-starr-prostate-cancer
(archived at this same link after the live show)


On previous shows of One Cell One Light Radio, Dr. Hildy has had stimulating conversations with many entertaining guests regarding topics of physical well-being. While keeping one’s body in utmost health is extremely important, much attention should be paid to keeping one’s mind in top shape as well.

'Dov' Gertzweig

‘Dov’ Gertzweig

This week on One Cell One Light Radio, Dr. Hildy welcomes two artists of different mediums to discuss the power that art can have in helping to maintain health. In the first hour of the show, her guest will be musician and painter Dov Gertzweig.After studying classical violin at the University of Southern California’s School of Music, Dov also learned producing and arranging from D’Arneill Pershing, and his string section and arrangements are featured on recordings for numerous famous Latin American artists, as well as for Herb Alpert, etc. While studying at the USC

HOUR 1 – Dr. Hildy and Dov Gertzweig:

Violin for the Dolphins

Violin for the Dolphins

School of Business Entrepreneurship, he worked as an intern at A&M Records, and went on to found his own label, Lovestar Records where he has now produced, performed and released a dozen CD’s, including solo projects and several with various bands and musicians.Dov’s music often features a 5-string violin, which is a rarity. By adding a lower-toned string, the instrument produces a very different sound than can be made with a traditional violin. Through a unique performance on a boat with radio station KSBR, Dov found that dolphins swimming near the ship in the coastal waters of southern California would respond positively to the tones produced by this unusual instrument.

Peter Starr

Peter Starr

In the second hour of the show, Dr. Hildy’s guest will be filmmaker Peter Starr. A very successful documentary filmmaker, Peter spent his early days in radio as a host and producer of innovative radio programs (which featured the likes of Paul McCartney, Pete Townsend, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page to name a few) and went on to become one of the pre-eminent directors of motorsports films in history.

HOUR 2 – Dr. Hildy and Filmmaker Peter Starr:


He has produced and directed over 40 television specials on motorcycling and motorsports and is also an author, writing the book Taking It To the Limit: 20 Years of Making Motorcycle Movies.   In 2004, Peter was diagnosed with prostate cancer, which changed his world forever. Soon after being diagnosed, the callous bedside manner of a doctor helped to inspire Peter to look into learning as much as he could about his condition. It was from there that he discovered a book on natural healing and was inspired to create a documentary film called Surviving Prostate Cancer, in which 56 doctors share their thoughts about natural healing and prostate cancer. This innovative film will be released shortly as a 3-disc set that will include not only the documentary, but additional material from the interviews and a 40-page resource guide designed to help men look beyond conventional medicine and survive in a healthy way.Join Dr. Hildy and her guests this week as they discuss wellness and their art on One Cell, One Light Radio!

Red Orb

Red Orb

Gary ‘Dov’ Gertzweig – Virtual Bio

Lovestar  Records



Welcome To Dov’s Dolphin Cave – The Art of  ‘Dov’ Gertzweig http://www.lovestarrecords.com/dreampeace/dovs_dc_frame.html  

Restore Prostate Health Trailer
Award-winning documentary filmmaker Peter Starr has traveled to 8 countries on three continents interviewing 43 MD’s, 12 ND’s, and several other practitioners in producing a DVD that addresses the latest in natural healing of prostate cancer http://www.healingartsmedia.net/dvdtrail.php

Surviving Prostate Cancer – Reviews – Peter Starr http://www.1cellonelight.com/pdf/Surviving-Prostate-Cancer-Reviews-Peter-Starr.pdf

So you’ve been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer…Now What?Read about our current production on non-invasive, alternative treatments for prostate cancer. Healing Arts Media – Mission Statement

Healing Arts Media – About Peter Starr

Diagram of carcingenic mechanisms and their interactions with various life systems.   Taken from “Genetic Carcer Assessment of Electrophilic Neutrophilic Hydrocarbon Mixtures Found in Sub-Surface Water Supplies.”  by Hildegarde Staninger, Ph.D and Scott Evans. First Genetic Toxicology Workshop.  US EPA, Research Triangle Park,  Raleigh, NC (C) March 1984.  Martin Marietta Orlando Aerospace, Orlando, Florida.  Paper was awarded the Walter O. Lowrie,  Presidential Award of MMOA, November 1984

Healing Arts Media – Latest Article

Jay Leno’s Garage – Jay’s Book Club: Taking It to the Limit – Peter Starr
Peter Starr stops by with his book, detailing the 20 years he spent making over 40 films about motorcycles, working with the greatest racers in the history of the sport. Also discussed, “Take It to the Limit,” now out as a 30th anniversary companion DVD.

Peter Starr

Peter Starr

Starrography40 Films About Motorcycles – Peter Starr

Starr History – Video

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