5/23/12: Dr. Hildy™ – Reality Begins with Consciousness -A paradigm shift that works!

Reality Begins With Consciousness -A paradigm shift that works!

Dr. Hildy™ Welcomes Authors

 Vernon M. Neppe, MD, PhD and Edward R. Close, PhD

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Reality Begins With Consciousness

Reality Begins With Consciousness

Continuing in the theme of unifying theories that explain our universe, this week on One Cell, One Light Radio we take a voyage inside the mind as Dr. Hildy welcomes guests,
Dr. Vernon M. Neppe and Dr. Edward R. Close authors of the book,
Reality Begins With Consciousness -A paradigm shift that works!


Vernon M. Neppe, MD, PhD

Vernon M. Neppe, MD, PhD

Originally from South Africa, Dr. Neppe established the first Division of Neuropsychiatry in a USA Psychiatry Department (University of Washington), and then a model institute (Pacific
Neuropsychiatric Institute), which he directs. He is also a Professor in the Department of Neurology and Psychiatry, St. Louis University, St. Louis, MO.

Edward R. Close, PhD

Edward R. Close, PhD

Dr. Edward Close is a Physicist, Mathematician, Cosmologist, Environmental Engineer and Planner, and international consultant. He was a charter member of the U.S.G.S. Systems Analysis Group where he developed state-of-the-art mathematical optimization programs, hierarchical modeling techniques and fractal geometry models of coastal geomorphology, storm cell development and other environmental modeling applications.applications.Reality Begins with Consciousness is the long awaited scientific unification of quantum physics, neuroscience, parapsychology, consciousness research, and spirituality. It resoundingly ends the corrosive “skeptic versus believer” debate, which has

dominated and held back advancement in our understanding of near-death experiences, remote viewing, parapsychological research and other currently ignored or derided aspects of human consciousness.

Close and Neppe have succeeded in articulating a unified theory that explains everything known through human experience and observation, including, not only the data obtained by the five senses, but also the data that comes through mind and feeling.

Join Dr. Hildy this week as she welcomes the scientist-authors of this intriguing new book that could explain our world on One Cell One Light Radio!


About the Author, Dr. Vernon Neppe
About the Author, Dr. Edward Close http://www.brainvoyage.com/RBC/aboutauthorClose.php
Overview Of Reality Begins With Consciousness – A paradigm shift that works
Reality Begins With Consciousness – A paradigm shift that works,
Vernon M. Neppe, MD, PhD and Edward R. Close, PhD
Brainvoyage.com – Online Store
Transcendental Physics

Transcendental Physics

Introduction to Transcendental Physics – The Science of Consciousness-Matter Interaction, Edward R. Close, PhD
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