10/3/12 – Dr. Hildy™ and Dr. David Gersten: Are You Getting Enlightened Or Losing Your Mind?

Integrative psychiatrist, Dr. David Gersten wrote:

Are You Getting Enlightened or Losing Your Mind?—

  A Psychiatrist’s Guide for Mastering Paranormal and Spiritual Experience

…to help bridge that gap.

Dr. Hildy™ welcomes back – Dr. David Gersten to share with us his intimate knowledge about: ~ Spirituality and Psychiatry ~

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Comedienne Lily Tomlin once asked, “Why is it that it’s called prayer when we talk to God, but when he answers back it’s called schizophrenia?”

Though framed as a joke, this outlines the prevailing attitude in Western culture when it comes to the spiritual and paranormal.  Almost half of all Americans claim to have had an unusual spiritual experience and as many more have had problems handling stress, anxiety and depression, but rarely are these two experiences considered to be related.

This week on One Cell One Light Radio, Dr. Hildy™ welcomes returning guest Dr. David Gersten to discuss his book, Are You Getting Enlightened Or Losing Your Mind?    Dr. Gersten strives to destigmatize spirituality, altered states of consciousness, visionary experiences, extrasensory perceptions, paranormal phenomena, and other important experiences so that patients can discuss them without being labeled crazy by their psychiatrists.

Dr. Gersten practices Integrative Psychiatry and Nutritional Medicine out of his office in Encinitas, California. He regards his work as truly holistic, truly about the body, mind, and spirit. His psycho-spiritual counseling involves interactive guided imagery, meditation, use of the breath, and body-centered-trauma-resolution. He published Atlantis The Imagery Newsletter for 7 years, and served as the imagery consult on 18 books published by Rodale Press/Prevention Magazine. He writes a monthly column on Alternative Medicine for The Life Connection Newspaper. About one-third of his articles deal with psycho-spiritual issues.

                                                                                         Dr. Gersten’s own spiritual and paranormal experiences started as a very psychic child growing up in a family in which no one commented on his psychic knowings. His spiritual quest took him to India in 1978, where he began to take baby steps in living teachings of Eastern masters. In 2003 he plunged into Native American spirituality, which, among other things, provides a philosophy and techniques to help us get profoundly connected to the earth (the wind, the rain, animals, etc). His influences include Sathya Sai Baba, Ramana Maharshi, Jesus, the world’s sacred texts, and a number of Native American healers and leaders.

Dr. Gersten believes that there is a huge gap between what the average person believes and the way the average psychiatrist practices. In his book, he plants the seed of spirituality deep into the heart of psychiatry. Going far beyond showing the importance of spirituality in all healing,  Are You Getting Enlightened… attempts to help lead the field of psychiatry, which has largely become a biological field, into the future ,by providing a new diagnostic model for differentiating abnormal, paranormal, and spiritual experience.

Additionally, his book includes a vast compendium of paranormal and spiritual experiences, which helps the reader to identify

what they’re experiencing so that they can discuss in knowledgeable terms. His book also includes two new Maps of Consciousness, a PsychoSpiritual Assessment and dozens of mental imagery techniques along with other mental fitness techniques. First, you need to know what to call your experience. Then, you need to know how to deal with it.

Join Dr. Hildy™ and her guest, Dr. David Gersten, this week as they discuss how the spiritual factors into psychology on One Cell One Light Radio!



Are You Getting Enlightened or Losing Your Mind?

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“Are You Getting Enlightened Or Losing Your Mind?” – The Mind Map

“Are You Getting Enlightened Or Losing Your Mind?” – The Five Sheaths

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