11/28/12- Dr. Hildy®, George Morris: EPIGENETICS – A New Approach To Disease Intervention and Prevention

*Health through Education, Empowerment and Nutrition*

September 1, 2009 by George Morris

“We need a system of medicine based on keeping people healthy through education and empowerment.  That means teaching individuals of all ages they can maintain their health and prevent disease through foods, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle choices.  To provide the public the incentive to make proper choices, on an individual basis, they need to see the positive and negative effects of these choices.”

Epigenetics – A New Bridge 


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This week on One Cell One Light® Radio, Dr. Hildy® welcomes George Morris, a clinical test researcher who has been involved with systemic change analysis methods and disease pattern recognition for over thirty years, for a discussion on the field of epigenetics, the study of heritable changes in gene expression or cellular phenotype caused by mechanisms other than changes in the underlying DNA sequence. In other words: Can you inherit disease and other genetic traits caused by outside forces? 


Nutrition Monitoring
Longevity Testing
Comments here by Mr. Morris:
Epigenetic Monitoring

For the last fifteen years, George Morris has been looking at ways to use systemic biochemical monitoring to measure a person’s shift to or from wellness and worked on developing testing that can answer this question in the shortest possible time: Is the intervention working?

Epigenetic modifications are central to many human diseases, including cancer. Traditionally, cancer has been viewed as a genetic disease, and it is now becoming apparent that the onset of cancer is preceded by epigenetic abnormalities.

But what role do the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries play in this? Mr. Morris’ goal has been get preventive testing into healthcare systems and to provide preventive laboratory testing that looked at and monitored “abnormal” biochemical changes not associated with formal disease. In other words, if you already have a disease how can your actions be called preventive?

As Mr. Morris states, the current medical system defines any intervention that is effective at moderating cancer that does not have a known biochemical pathway as a spontaneous remission or misdiagnosis. Which makes no room for “alternative” and holistic medicine and treatments.

Furthermore, the fact that there are a myriad of factors that produce epigenetic biochemical changes is forcing the medical profession to expand its description of “what can produce a health benefit”. Many possible effective treatments are not started or are stopped because the patient and physician could not determine if the intervention “works.” Additionally, many indigenous healing herbs are unused due to lack of knowledge of their effectiveness.

Join Dr. Hildy® and her guest, researcher George Morris as they discuss the present, past and future of epigenetics and its role in determining wellness and longevity on One Cell One Light® Radio!


As you are born into these physical bodies, you experience the vibrational continuum of the generations that have come before you. Their desires as they have lived as individuals – and their collective Mass Consciousness desire – has emanated to the boundary-less boundaries of the Universe, and Law of Attraction is answering all of those requests. So, each generation who follow sthe previous generation benefits by the desires that ha ve been exuded by Mass Consciousness”…..Abraham Hicks
And Dr. Hildy’s follow up to above.
And if your ancestors negative desires are on the ethers of your DNA or RNA molecules then you will attract from the Mass Consciousness their curses. But once you recognize it, you are no longer part of it for you go beyond the exuded Mass Consciousness like the metamophysis of a catepillar into a butterfly.
(Note:  It will be the glue to your desires that hold your destiny back.)

Achieve, first, the vibrational essence of your desire—and then, through the crack of least resistance the manifestation will be delivered… work on the essence of the feeling of freedom; work on the essence of the feeling of empowerment— work on the essence of the feeling of Well-Being… And how do you do that? You can imagine it already having happened and pretend what it will feel like when it is that way. Or, you can look for things in your life that are already like that and beat the drum of that until they play a higher percentage of time in the vibrational signal that you are emanating.” — Abraham Hicks


NaturalProductsResearch – Clinical Studies With Curcumin and Other Natural Compounds

Epigenetic Roles Of Nutrition Physiologic Pathologic Processes

They take a natural product and modify it and sell it as a drug.

Chlamydocin is a natural  product.  Trapoxin A has a sale price of $64,000,000 per pound.

This is why Epigenetics is so important.  It manifests incredible changes.


Epigenetics – A New Bridge

That just may be – SOCIOGENOMICS

EPIGENICS- Dr. Hildy – 11-23-12

Hildegarde L.A.Sacarello, Ph.D., and Scott J. Evans. Genetic Cancer Risk Assessment Of Electrohilic Hydrocarbon Mixtures In Subsurface Water Supplies; EPA, U.S. Govt. Printing Office, March, 1984
US-EPA-Viral Pesticides: Present Knowledge and Potential Effects On Public and Environmental Health; EPA-600-9-78-026, September 1978
6 Bodily Tissues That Can Be Regenerated Through Nutrition
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