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2/27/13 – Dr. Hildy® and Ty Bollinger – CANCER: Step Outside The Box

Dr. Hildy® Welcomes Author, Researcher

~~ Ty Bollinger ~~


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OneCellOneLight® Radio | Blog Talk Radio
Wednesday, February 27,  2013, 1:00-3:00PM Pacific
(2-4pm Mountain; 3-5pm Central, 4-6pm Eastern)

CLICK Here to listen to the archives full two-hours:–dr-hildy-ty-bollinger–cancer-outside-the-box

One Hour Audio Segments for your convenience:

HOUR 1 – Cancer – Step Outside The Box, Ty Bollinger

HOUR 2 – Cancer – Step Outside The Box, Ty Bollinger


Modern medicine has made available many marvels that can only be measured as minute miracles.  From penicillin to the discovery of the Polio vaccine, we have, in the last century, conquered illnesses that have plagued us for centuries.  As technology grows exponentially, so has the ability to save lives.  But as terrible as some of these diseases are, are some of their modern treatments as bad as the afflictions themselves?

This week on One Cell One Light® Radio, Dr. Hildy® welcomes Ty Bollinger,
author ofCancer - Step Outside The Box Cancer: Step Outside the Box, to discuss methods of fighting cancer that don’t rely on potentially toxic radiation and chemical treatments.

After losing several family members to cancer (including his mother and father), Ty refused to accept the notion that chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery were the most effective treatments available for cancer patients. He began a quest to learn all he possibly could about alternative cancer treatments and the medical industry. What he uncovered was shocking: what he feels is ample evidence to support the allegation that the “war on cancer” is largely a fraud and that multinational pharmaceutical companies are “running the show.”

In 2006, after almost a decade of cancer research, he published Cancer: Step Outside the Box which has become a best-seller with over 100,000 copies sold.  In Read the rest of this entry

ENCORE: 2-22-13- Dr. Hildy, Dr. Richard Young, NREP – Advanced Resonance Testing-Environmental Stress Factors

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nrepDr. Hildy® welcomes Special Guest

~~Dr. Richard Young~~
Executive Director
National Registry of Environmental Professionals (NREP)
to discuss:
IHS Advanced Resonance Analysis – .pdf
**Environmental Stress Factors, Target Organs at Risk
and Systemic Organ Toxicity**

                     OneCellOneLight® Radio | Blog Talk Radio
Wednesday, February 22, 2013, 1:00-3:00PM Pacific
(2-4pm Mountain; 3-5pm Central, 4-6pm Eastern)

2-22-13- Dr. Hildy®, Dr. Richard Young, NREP – Advanced Resonance Testing-Environmental Stress Factors – Hour 1 

2-22-13- Dr. Hildy®, Dr. Richard Young, NREP – Advanced Resonance Testing-Environmental Stress Factors – Hour 2

Rightfully so, we often honor the heroes that put themselves in harm’s way to protect us, though perhaps not as often as we should. Firefighters, police, and our nation’s armed forces among others all brave the various dangers of their occupations to ensure that we are able to be safe and well-protected from said dangers. However, unsung are the heroes who do not wear uniforms or do not get parades in their honor, but put themselves at risk to protect us against more common, yet less-seen dangers.

This week on One Cell One Light Radio, Dr. Hildy® focuses on these individuals, members of the National Registry of Environmental Professionals, or NREP, and will Health Effects Of Pollutionwelcome Dr. Richard Young, the Executive Director of NREP to discuss the dangers that NREP members face, their long-term effects and a new method of protecting these individuals developed by Dr. Hildy® herself.

On a daily basis, NREP members are exposed to a myriad of toxic and harmful chemicals. These individuals may be exposed to hazardous materials and toxic substances in the field, their travels and perhaps even their home.  And, though there are protective measures in place, the trained professional who uses respiratory protection and even the famous Tyvek ® suit may be at a greater risk, because they are exposed to large amounts of these toxins throughout their professional career.  Additionally, many times the results of analytical tests from environmental sampling come to the professional as much as three weeks later after working on a site.

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02-20-13 – DR. HILDY’s show moved to FRIDAY 2-22-13

DR. HILDY’S regulary scheduled show

for Wednesday, February 20, 2013

has been moved to


1:00pm to 3:00 pm, Pacific Time


HER GUEST will be

Dr. Richard Young, Executive Director of


(Natl. Registry of Environmental Professionals)

They will discuss Dr. Hildy’s new

Advanced Resonance Patch Test

which shows

Environmental Stress Factors

Target Organs at Risk

and Systemic Organ Toxicity

from Exposure to Toxins in the Environment

We’ll see you here on Friday!


2/13/13 – Dr. Hildy® Welcomes Dr. KIK, Chinese New Year and Mikael King – Divine Joy

Wednesday, February 13, 2013 

Dr. Hildy® Welcomes:

Dr. Kathleen I. Kimball (Dr. KIK)
**Year of the Water Snake** – HOUR 1
  (See slideshow below)
Mikael King 
** DivineJoy and Breath Light Bliss**
– HOUR 2
  (Divine Joy slide show – scroll down)

Happy Chinese New Year! And that’s not the only holiday this week, as Thursday is Valentine’s Day, bringing with it all things love!

This week on One Cell One Light Radio, Dr. Hildy® welcomes two special returning guests to talk about the two most important things in existence – Life and Love!

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In the first hour of the show, Dr. Kathleen I. Kimball, better known as Dr. KIK, returns to discuss the importance of the Year of the Snake in Chinese astrology. For thousands of years, humans have both feared and awed snakes. Among the many transformative ideas snakes symbolize are: reincarnation (molting), healing (cadeusus), danger (the Garden of Eden and venom) and endless creativity (ourobouros). In short, 2013 is the year of the yin water snake when signals change, especially from the inside out., 

HOUR 1 AUDIO – 2/13/13 – Dr. Hildy®  Welcomes Dr. KIK, Chinese New Year

Dr. Kathleen I. Kimball - Dr. KIK

Dr. Kathleen I. Kimball – Dr. KIK

Snake years are particularly beneficial in accessing and employing inner wisdom. As with each of the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac, there are five varieties and we see one of them every twelve years. In this case of the snakes, the five types are water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. The last year of the snake was 2001, the metal snake. That year, we experienced the terrible attacks of September 11th along with changing leadership. Sixty years prior, 1941 was the year of the previous yin metal snake, during which Pearl Harbor was attacked and the US entered World War II.

Starting on February 10, 2013 through January 30, 2014, we are in the year of the water snake. The last water snake year was sixty years ago in 1953, when the Korean War ended and polio vaccines began. In other words, every twelve years the natural yin fire energy of the snake will encounter a different one of the five Chinese elements: in 2013, water and fire meet and must come to terms with each other.

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In the second hour of the show, Dr. Hildy® welcomes back Mikael King of to discuss Sex, Love, & the  Heart Torsion Power of the Conscious Breath. 

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