ENCORE: 2-22-13- Dr. Hildy, Dr. Richard Young, NREP – Advanced Resonance Testing-Environmental Stress Factors

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nrepDr. Hildy® welcomes Special Guest

~~Dr. Richard Young~~
Executive Director
National Registry of Environmental Professionals (NREP)
to discuss:
IHS Advanced Resonance Analysis – .pdf
**Environmental Stress Factors, Target Organs at Risk
and Systemic Organ Toxicity**

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Wednesday, February 22, 2013, 1:00-3:00PM Pacific
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2-22-13- Dr. Hildy®, Dr. Richard Young, NREP – Advanced Resonance Testing-Environmental Stress Factors – Hour 1 

2-22-13- Dr. Hildy®, Dr. Richard Young, NREP – Advanced Resonance Testing-Environmental Stress Factors – Hour 2

Rightfully so, we often honor the heroes that put themselves in harm’s way to protect us, though perhaps not as often as we should. Firefighters, police, and our nation’s armed forces among others all brave the various dangers of their occupations to ensure that we are able to be safe and well-protected from said dangers. However, unsung are the heroes who do not wear uniforms or do not get parades in their honor, but put themselves at risk to protect us against more common, yet less-seen dangers.

This week on One Cell One Light Radio, Dr. Hildy® focuses on these individuals, members of the National Registry of Environmental Professionals, or NREP, and will Health Effects Of Pollutionwelcome Dr. Richard Young, the Executive Director of NREP to discuss the dangers that NREP members face, their long-term effects and a new method of protecting these individuals developed by Dr. Hildy® herself.

On a daily basis, NREP members are exposed to a myriad of toxic and harmful chemicals. These individuals may be exposed to hazardous materials and toxic substances in the field, their travels and perhaps even their home.  And, though there are protective measures in place, the trained professional who uses respiratory protection and even the famous Tyvek ® suit may be at a greater risk, because they are exposed to large amounts of these toxins throughout their professional career.  Additionally, many times the results of analytical tests from environmental sampling come to the professional as much as three weeks later after working on a site.

However, infant girl whose parents moved out of their home in Wildomar, CA, may help to protect these professionals in years to come. Dr. Hildy®’s Advanced Resonance Testing is accomplished via a small patch test – attached to either the feet or tailbone overnight – and then sent to a lab for analysis. This child was part of what has become dozens of families that purchased homes in a certain area of Wildomar and who have suffered from numerous illnesses – illnesses that ceased once the families moved out of their homes. This test revealed numerous toxins that had gathered in the infant just from living in the home. If this test is used in a regular fashion by NREP members in the field, it could help to better equip them for their work and perhaps even save their lives.

Join Dr. Hildy® and her guest Dr. Richard Young this week as they discuss the safety of environmental professionals on One Cell One Light® Radio!

IHS Advanced Resonance Analysis – .pdf

NREP Environmental Education Center | Environmental Certifications and Credentials 

(Click Pollution Image to Enlarge)


Botanicals of Antiquity and MUCH more…
Handbook Of Hazardous Materials…..
Comprehensive Handbook Of Hazardous Materials – Chapter 3 – Toxicology, Hildegarde L.A. Sacarello (Staninger), (Dec 16, 1993)
Delaney Clause – Wikipedia
~~~~~~~~ All information contained herein is for educational purposes. The information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, except where FDA documents are provided. The information is not intended to replace medical care, diagnose, treat, prevent, mitigate or cure disease. We believe in the individual’s informed right to choose their own health care methods. As always, consult with a health professional before attempting any self-health program. Your physician can assist you in making decisions about these medications ~~~~~~~~~~


Wildomar Infant Patch Test – .pdf

Woman’s Autopsy May Shed Light on Toxic Soil Concerns | KTLA 5 –
Interview of Dr. Hildy

WILDOMAR: Families suspect houses in illnesses | Breaking News | PE.com – Press-Enterprise

Angry Wildomar Residents Claim Their Homes Are Toxic | KTLA 5

12.19.2012 | WILDOMAR, Calif. (KTLA) — Some residents in the Riverside County community of Wildomar have abandoned …Angry Residents Demand State Test “Toxic” Homes

From 12.04.2012 | State officials met with the Mayor of Wildomar Monday after dozens of families complained their …State Officials Looking into Claims Homes in Wildomar Making Residents Sick

Principles of Toxicological Pathology-excerpts1986 – .pdf

Hildegarde L.A.Sacarello, Ph.D., and Scott J. Evans. Genetic Cancer Risk Assessment Of Electrohilic Hydrocarbon Mixtures In Subsurface Water Supplies; EPA, U.S. Govt. Printing Office, March, 1984

US-EPA-Viral Pesticides: Present Knowledge and Potential Effects On Public and Environmental Health; EPA-600-9-78-026, September 1978


Liver Phases – Detox Paths


12/5/12 – Dr. Hildy® – SURVIVING TRAUMA and ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTERS (Dick Young Guest)


Paper-NanoComposite Cholinestease Inhibition10.2009 – .pdf

SMARTDUST Paper-WarCouncil2010 – .pdf

2/23/12 –Dr. Hildy – Diagnosing Exposure To Nano Materials a/k/a Morgellons and CDC Unexplained Dermopathy Report

10/05/11: NREP Annual Conference Report;Special Topics October 3-5, 2011

DRIFTING PESTICIDES – CHILDREN IN DANGER – California EPA Report on Toxicity of Chlorpyrifos: http://oehha.ca.gov/prop65/hazard_ident/pdf_zip/ChlorpyrifosHID0908.pdf

Waste Reduction and Proper Waste Management of Products Containing Mercury
Landmark Study Exposes the Impact of Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals on You, Your Family and the Environment – EcoWatch: Uniting

Everyday Chemicals Linked To Diseases, Warns World
Health Organisation
Air Pollution And Heart Attacks
Resonant Transmutation of Metals in Human Blood http://www.humanresonance.org/quantum_trapping.html

8.5 Million Pounds of Toxic Chemicals Dumped into New Jersey’s Waterways – EcoWatch: Uniting the Voice of the Grassroots Envir
Oil and Gas Sector Ranks Number Two in Global Warming Pollution – EcoWatch: Uniting the Voice of the Grassroots Environmental
U.S. EPA Targets Cancerous Dyes, Toxic Detergent Chemicals | GreenBiz.com
Attenuation of Pollutants – river, important, system, source, effect, oxygen, human
Environmental Science – Pollution
Confirmed: Tar Sands Toxic Liquid Waste Contaminating Local Waterways – EcoWatch: Uniting the Voice of the Grassroots Environm

OSHA QuickTakes – Bi-Weekly E-News Memo http://www.osha.gov/as/opa/quicktakes/index.html

Volume   12, Issue 4 – Feb 15, 2013
Volume 12, Issue 3 – Feb 1, 2013
Volume 12, Issue 2 – Jan 15, 2013
Volume 12, Issue 1 – Jan 1, 2013

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