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Dr. Hildy® welcomes returning Guest
Dr. John V. Milewski


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Each year, the networks of broadcast and cable channels develop ideas for new television shows. It is the hopes of the networks that one of the very many ideas that they have will eventually be well-developed enough to make into a single episode and from there a series and from there a hit. One such hit of this past year is NBC’s Revolution, which tells the story of a world in which electricity no longer exists. How would we get along without the many very basicA - nbc-revolution
conveniences that electricity provides? While no show is perfect, Revolution has imagined countless scenarios in which its characters find alternatives for electricity. Yet all of their choices use technologies that existed prior to ever having the power of electricity – candles, horses, steam, coal, etc. But what if there was a way to provide energy as powerful and abundant as electricity that could prevent us from ever needing it again?

This week on One Cell, One Light Radio, Dr. Hildy welcomes returning guest Dr. John Milewski to discuss a very unique idea – one that requires an enormous amount of research, but its development could change mankind forever.

It is inarguable that were something to happen to prevent the availability of electricity, our current civilization would be almost 100% crippled. Economies would collapse, food would be in short supply and disease would run rampant. Though Revolution touches on these ideas, the show is set 15 years after the crisis and avoids the horrors that would come with the sudden unavailability of electricity. So if we are so dependent on electricity, would it not be wise to consider preparing to look into a backup source of energy to be available for light and power that is completely separate from electricity?

Dr. Milewski’s proposal is that of “Magnetricity” – a principal that works similarly to electricity, but according to Dr. Milewski is the most powerful and fruitful source of energy in the universe – about 10 billion times more energetic than electrical energy. The problem we face now is how to catch it, contain it, and direct it into properly designed circuits and apparatus for its use. We will be able to build magnetic batteries, magnetic flashlights that will never burn out, magnetic motors that run forever and magnetic computers which can operate ten billion times faster than the best electronic computer today.  Radio signals based on magnetricity will send a roundtrip signal to the nearest star that is 8 light years away in 2.5 milliseconds. But a potentially history-changing idea soul images
requires a substantial amount of research, and currently, Dr. Milewski is attempting to raise the money to build and fund an institute dedicated to the research of magnetricity.

Dr. Milewski whispered in our ear that he would also like to talk a bit about Growing Gold, magnetic water, SuperLight, the pole shift and Planet X.

Join Dr. Hildy and her guest this week as they search for an alternative to electricity and more, on One Cell One Light Radio!



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