4-10-13- Dr. Hildy®, Robert Thollander, Jr. Presidential Award; Radio Pharmaceuticals with Veronica Hendricks

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RADIO PHARMACEUTICALS are discussed in both hours beginning with Hour 1.

ROBERT THOLLANDER, Jr…… Presidential Silver Coin in Recognition of National Service


This week on One Cell One Light Radio, Dr. Hildy® pays tribute to a very special individual – her longtime colleague and friend, and previous guest on the show, Robert Thollander!

Dr. Hildy has known Mr. Robert “Bobby” Thollander since his early days in school.  A graduate of Florida State University with a degree in Molecular Biology, Mr. Thollander was appointed to a Fellowship with The International Environmental Intelligence Agency (IEIA) right after graduation, where he became their first fellow in applied molecular biology for the identification of nanotechnology in various fields of science and the environment.

Mr. Thollander has always had a keen interest in biology, a passion that took him to Australia and New Zealand to study rainforests, followed by employment engineering sugar cane to make bio fuel. Although engaged in compelling research, he didn’t find it very challenging. Further, after seeing how his housemates – who were all teachers – had changed after working with kids, he knew he wanted to be a teacher and moved to Chicago to obtain his teacher certification through Northwestern University.

Recently, Mutual of America awarded Mr. Thollander with their Community Partnership Award, a Presidential Silver Coin in Recognition for National Service, recognizing his contributions and hard work within his community and his commitment to improving the lives of those around him.

Recently, Mr. Thollander’s career path has changed again, as he has enrolled in graduate courses at Columbia University, and will be tutoring children in Harlem, New York as part of a fellowship he was awarded, furthering his commitment to education and bettering the lives of others.

Mr. Robert Earl Thollander, Collins Academy


Dr. Hildy will  discuss radiopharmaceuticals, aka radioactive pharmaceuticals, which are used in the field of nuclear medicine as tracers in the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases. The methods of delivery vary, and one such way is through nanotechnology – but how safe is this?

She will be joined by Veronica Hendricks, producer/director of Folie`a Deux and other tales of Morgellons and Nano, who is an advocate for people who suffer with Morgellons Disease and people harassed and tortured by new technology. Folie`a Deux and other tales of Morgellons and Nano is a feature length documentary film derived from interviews conducted between 2008-2010 on the subject of Morgellons Disease. The film features Dr. Hildegarde Staninger and several Morgellons victims. For more info on the film visit
www.folieadeuxandothertalesofmorgellonsandnano.com . She has interviewed dozens of victims from all over the world and hopes to bring awareness to the issue of nonconsensual public exposure to advanced materials and technology.

Veronica has worked in the RFID department of two of the biggest retail giants in the world and offers her own perspective on the integration of RFID technology into our daily lives.

Join Dr. Hildy this week as she hosts Robert Thollander and discusses, with Veronica Hendricks,  Radiopharmaceuticals on One Cell One Light Radio.


2nd hour – RADIO PHARMACEUTICALSApril 10, 2013 – notes from Dr. Hildy:
Originally radiopharmaceuticals are agents used to diagnose certain medical problems rot rat certain diseases.  They may be given to the patient in several different ways.  For example, they may be given by mouth, given by injection, or placed into the eye or into the bladder.

Radiopharmaceuticals were composed of particles of radioactive materials that would be used to trace or determine the type of growth, blood disease or treat a specific disease.  These materials are now being incorporated with nanotechnology to develop a payload of materials that can enhance the methods of making nanoparticulate drug compositions comprising of copolymers of vinyl pyrrolidone and vinyl acetate as surface stabilizers.  The biostabilizers may function as bioconjugates of the nanoparticles that are now being coupled with nano silicon wires as nano radios with enhanced cloud/WiFi technology for monitoring the metabolic processes of an individual patient.  The uses of edible food biosensors are now being incorporated into medications to monitor the patient’s use of the medication and its potential metabolic reactions.

A bioconjugate including nanoparticles (metal oxides) are covalently linked to biological vector molecules.  The vector molecule may be an antibiotic, vaccine or even a disease (as in bio-weapons with nano missile type payloads)  The nanoparticle is generally radioactive metal ion and most typically a metal sulfide or metal oxide.  The biological vector molecules are typically a monoclonal antibody or fragment of a monoclonial antibody or a peptide having a known affinity to cancer cells.  One or more additional, different biological moieties may be covalently linked to the nanoparticle in addition to the biological vector molecule to enhance its activity.

Sometimes the nanoparticles are composed of Streptavidin derivates, protein conjugates, biotin, folate and somatostatin  as small peptide analogs.  Current trends in the biosensor arena are utilizing antibody-based sensors for defining the principals, problems and potential use for the detection of pathogens and associated toxins.  The antibody-based sensors permit the rapid and sensitive analysis of a range of pathogens and associated toxins, such as Eschericia Coli and Listeria monocytogenes.

An open discussion of the use of radiopharmaceuticals through nano delivery systems ~~

Nano Antennas – with image of sample















US6689338[1]RadioPharmaceuticalsNanoRadioactiveparticles US7244451[1]


Novel Directional Nanoantennas for Single-Emitter Sources and Wireless Nano-Links
Refractive index – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Refractive_index
High Refractive Index Polymer Coatings
for Optoelectronics Applications

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Global ALERT – Human Chipping is Here | Dannion.com

Wisconsin Bill 290, Act 482, 2006: Prohibits Required Implanting Of A Microchip In An Individual
q - radiomedicinesIran Produces Nano-Radiomedicines to Diagnose Cancerous Tumors
Tehran, Iran | Posted on March 28th, 2013
Iranian researchers produced new nano-radiopharmaceuticals with the ability to accumulate in fibrosarcoma tumor for the timely diagnosis of tumors and to take images from them. They also increased the adsorption of nano-radiopharmaceuticals by adding the vitamin favored by the cancer cells.
Radiopharmaceutical (Oral Route) – MayoClinic.com
Radiopharmacology – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Radiopharmaceutical (Oral Route) – MayoClinic.com
Active drugs in health foods: Extraction by MIPs grafted to magnetic nanoparticles
Internal radiation emitters – cesium and iodine – far more dangerous than external exposure « nuclear-news

~~~~~~~~ All information contained herein is for educational purposes. The information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, except where FDA documents are provided. The information is not intended to replace medical care, diagnose, treat, prevent, mitigate or cure disease. We believe in the individual’s informed right to choose their own health care methods. As always, consult with a health professional before attempting any self-health program. Your physician can assist you in making decisions. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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