11-20-13 – Dr. Hildy® and Curtis Bennett – EMF/WIFI/SMART GRID/CELL PHONES/CELL TOWERS

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Wednesday, Novemer 20, 2013
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11-20-13 – Dr Hildy and Curtis Bennett – EMF/WIFI/SMART GRID/CELL PHONES part 1 
11-20-13 – Dr Hildy and Curtis Bennett – EMF/WIFI/SMART GRID/CELL PHONES part 2 
*THE WIRED CHILD – See the GLOW! – 1 Min.Video
Over the last half-century, technological advancements have grown exponentially. In the early 1960’s, broadcast television was still new to many people and there was no such thing as a personal computer. Since that time, our desire for technology has grown, and with it, the means of transmitting the data used by these devices. From radios and televisions to cellular phones and wifi-enabled devices, all are using an invisible wave of some kind. But could all of this electronic activity be harmful to us?  
This week on One Cell One Light Radio, Dr. Hildy welcomes Curtis Bennett, aka The Thermoguy, to discuss these potential maladies and other things being emitted from one source or another that could be hazardous to our health, environment and structures. A world-renowned engineer, scientist and environmentalist, Curtis has dedicated his life to studying the invisible by using thermography to see images beyond our spectrum. He is an expert on the dangers of EMF, Cell Phones, WIFI, Smart Meters…AND much MORE!

Thermografix Consulting, Mr. Bennett’s company, specializes in thermal imaging.  Any object whose temperature is above absolute zero will emit radiation in the infrared portion of the spectrum.  If an object is hot enough, it will also emit radiation in the visible light as well as possibly the UV (ultraviolet) light portion of the spectrum.

Cell Phone Use After One Hour
 How many men are carrying a radiating device in their pockets next to their baby factory, look at the picture and think of those regions of your body?

How many men are carrying a radiating device in their pockets next to their baby factory?  Look at the picture and think of those regions of your body?    **Click on image to enlarge**

Thermalgraphic Infrared Imaging is a form of technology which allows us to see the entire spectrum, which, when used in an industrial approach, helps lead us to a better diagnosis of potentially dangerous environments and/or equipment.  Given that cell phones, wi-fi signals and other devices (Smart Meters, Smart Grid) give off this radiation, we may have health issues from prolonged exposure to them as documented in many of the links below.

Government idea of a 'TEST'

Government idea of a ‘TEST’

In 2009, Austrian Health insurance company AUVA released a study linking wi-fi to adverse health effects, including cancer, reduced fertility, decreased ability to concentrate, and disturbed sleep. AUVA showed radiation levels well below the standard limits could impact the central nervous system, immune system, and protein synthesis. The effects mostly occur in metabolically active cells (growing cells), which means “children are at a higher risk.”

Additionally, electro-magnetic fields, or EMFs, which are used in almost all of these devices has been shown to increase the growth of mold. A group of researchers uncovered a culture of mold and left it exposed to the ambient electromagnetic radiation in a laboratory (and just outside it) like the lights, computers, cell phones, and the cell phone tower located in close proximity to the lab, they discovered that the production of biotoxins in this culture increased more than 600 fold. It not only increased but it increased to a more virulent potent form of biotoxin.

Join Dr. Hildy® and her special guest, Curtis Bennett, as they discuss the invisible dangers of our advanced technologies on One Cell One Light Radio!


Curtis Bennett – Chief Science Officer, Interprovincial Journeyman Electrician (Red Seal), Building Construction, Engineering Technologist, Adjunct Faculty for IHF & GEDI, 33 Year Advanced Thermography Background info@thermoguy.com

**November 21, 2013 – Safety of Nuclear Power Plants, Buildings and Infrastructure – Submission to CanadianNuclearSafetyCommission, Curtis Bennett .pdf

*Stay On The Truth – Curtis Bennett
*Heath Effects of Smart Meters and the Smart Grid – Video
*Global Unprecedented Health, Environmental and Economic
*EMF Emergency ~ Complimentary Teleclass – Video
*Thermografix Consulting Corporation Blog » INJURY OR INSURANCE FRAUD CAN BE SEEN WITH NON INVASIVE TECHNOLOGY – Curtis Bennett
*Smart Meter Presentation by Curtis Bennett in Vernon BC –
*SMART METERS – 40+ Scientists Correcting Gross Information

*THE WIRED CHILD – See the GLOW! – Video

*Document sent to Texas Senate Committee Meeting On Smart Meters – Thermoguy – October, 2012 *Letter to President Obama On Wireless – Feb, 2011
*Canada, the FCC and all governing agencies on limits of exposure to RF EMFs all use the same science standards. The science used isn’t even applicable. Here is a letter sent to the City of Toronto. It is 2 pages and shows the science used and missed.
*Here is a submission to the FCC and it was done warning them of the missed science, it isn’t insurable.
*Smart Meter Fires And Installation
*Critical Information Missing Regarding Safety of Wireless Smart Meters


Nuclear Power Plants, Refineries, Gas Plants, Buildings,  Infrastructure, Etc Being Radiated – The science on the safety and deployment of a smart meters as well as other smart devices has only been dealing with the end use device. The rest of the wireless infrastructure communicating with wireless devices was left out of the discussion.

The reason we have to be very careful with radio frequencies is because the EMFs go through buildings, infrastructure, people, plants, birds, bees, pollinators and will interact with anything they hit. What has happened with wireless is that technology has developed faster than safety. It gives the illusion of being much cheaper to use wireless because you save money on construction costs wiring it. An example is wireless laptops in a classroom. If we have 30 computer stations in the classroom, it is easier to put in a Wi-Fi Router and provide coverage throughout the classroom than it is to construct and wire 30 computer stations. The problem is we have put the children and teachers in the wireless circuit. They aren’t protected and the frequencies are electromagnetically inducing them. The problem with that is they already have their own electricity. MORE>>
*Smart Grid Killing Our Trees!
*There Are Wired Alternatives to Wireless Smart Meters
* SARS, sars, environmental, environment, condo crisis, leaky condos, energy efficiency, heat loss *Thermografix Disputes the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Public Report on SARS Screening *Thermography Lectured For Continuing Education Credits .
*Smart Meters – 40+ Scientists – Correcting the Gross Information  *Integrative_Health_Forum_on_Medical_Education_Including_Wireless_Exposure *RisksinSchoolsMustbeReviewedOctober26,2011TheTelegraphNews
*CELL PHONE THERMOGRAPHY – thethermoguy.com
*MEASURING Smart Meter Radiation – Berkeley – Video
Dr Dieter Klinghart – Mold Exposed To EMFs Produced 600 Times More Mycotoxins – Video *EMF-Mold Synergy – Video
*EMR Induces Mold and Yeast Growth: The Evidence | Omega-News
*Mold Toxins Skyrocket with EMR Exposure – Video
*The Biotoxins Increased More Than 600-Fold – 3. Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) *http://omega.twoday.net/stories/5003063/
*http://omega.twoday.net/stories/3831066/ .

LINKS BELOW are from the most recent posts (9-2-13 to present) of Citizens’ Initiative Omega http://www.buergerwelle.de/en/ http://www.mastsanity.org/health-52.html http://weepnews.blogspot.com/search/label/Omega%20News
Member of the Buergerwelle Germany (incorporated society) Protectorate Union of the Citizens and Initiatives for the Protection against Electrosmog

*Microwave radiation may essentially reduce life
*Wi-Fi Kills Plants, Could Harm Kids
*Belgium Boosts Cell Phone Radiation Safeguards
*Toronto Board of Health Updates Prudent Avoidance Policy for Radiofrequency Emissions from Cell Towers | electromagnetichea

*Non-thermal Microwave Radiation: A Ticking Time Bomb
Thyroid Cancer Affected by RF Radiation 
Electrosensitivity finally recognized as a disease? 
Cell phone use in pregnancy may cause behavioral disorders in offspring http://www.buergerwelle.de:8080/helma/twoday/bwnews/stories/5255/
Submission to Panel Reviewing Canada’s Safety Code 6 by Dr. Olle Johansson of Karolinska Institute | electromagnetichealth.org
What are the Biologic Effects of EMF?
Wi-Fi and Wireless Radiation Strikes Again?
Thyroid cancer cluster in Israel
Strokes increasing among young people
Industries studying possible next big thing: Terahertz waves
Smart Meters: The DDT of this Century?
Quebec has the highest incidence rates for EMF-related cancers
Smart meter electromagnetic field exposure concerns raised
BigApple Parent Announces NYC Event “How to Protect Ourselves and Growing Children from Electromagnetic Fields”at NY Open Center, November 15, 2013
CANADA: “Limits of Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Energy in the Frequency Range from 3kHz to 300 GHz” by Dr. Meg Sear
Cancer risks in response to a disturbed immune system
Use of wireless phones and the risk of meningioma
Cell Phones and Our Children’s Health
A Plan to Turn Every Lightbulb Into an Ultra-Fast Alternative to Wi-Fi
Cellphone users told to cut down use
Forced to leave town
Celltower increases frequency of electromagnetic fears
Riled up about radio towers
Operators open to cell radiation cut
French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Updates Their Recommendations for Limiting RF Exposure
New Paper on the Possible Link Between Autism and EMF
New Papers Determine Emissions from Cell Phones Should Be Classified as Class 1 Human Carcinogens
Cancer, brain tumour, blame it on cell tower
Can Radiation From Wi-Fi Cause Fertility Problems, ADHD and Cancer?
Mobile phone health issues focus of talk 
Mobile phone signals are ‘worse’ since G8
The Problem With Smart Meters
BMJ rejects tobacco funded research yet still accepts cell phone industry research
Children ‘should limit exposure to mobile phones’
EVENT RESCHEDULED: Commonwealth Club of California – “The High (?) Road to a True Smart Grid”, January 28, 2014| electromagneticheal – An interdisciplinary expert panel will present a program at the Commonwealth Club of California Tuesday, January 28rd from 12:00 – 3:00 p.m., called “The High (?) Road to a True Smart Grid”.
MEDIA ADVISORY: NYC PANEL ON CELL PHONE & WIRELESS RISKS 11/15 | electromagnetichealth.org
‘Digital dementia’ on the rise as young people increasingly rely on technology instead of their brain
Autism and EMF? Plausibility of a pathophysiological link
Teachers Worry Malibu High May Be Source of Cancer
LTE Cell Phone Radiation Affects Brain Activity in Cell Phone Users
Your Phone vs. Your Heart
Children s Health Expert Panel, Cell Phones and Wi-Fi: Are Children, Fetuses and Fertility at Risk?
CSIRO scientist Dr David McDonald wins compensation for Wi-Fi pain
Protect our families
Parents demand school Wi-Fi ban
NY Open Center to Host Panel on Cell Phone and Wireless Risks–and How to Lower EMFs in Your Home; Children’s Vulnerability To Be Highlighted
Case-control study of the association between malignant brain tumours and mobile and cordless phone use
Exposure to Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF) Linked to Neuro-Endocrine Stress Syndrome
A Statement on the Health Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation from Cellular Base Stations
Louis C.K. Hates Cell Phones 
Multifocal Breast Cancer in Young Women with Prolonged Contact between Their Breasts and Their Cellular Phones 
Mobile tower study
Palestinian group files petitions to take down mobile masts
Humanity At The Brink 
Cellphones and Health 
Allergic to EMF, she has started a hunger strike
EHS Children Forced from School
Five-year-olds with mobiles: Campaigners warn of health ‘timebombs’ 
Midrand residents to take Eskom to court
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