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If you asked most people what the most valuable substance in the world17 - photo - 3 was, most would answer gold or diamonds. Some would say air, or water, or perhaps something more abstract as love. Others may say a rarer element, such as plutonium or the increasingly-scarcer helium. But most people would not give salt as an answer. Despite its near-ubiquitous abundance, salt is one of the most valuable substances on earth, given just how much it is used, and has been used throughout history.
This week on One Cell One Light Radio, Dr. Hildy welcomes returning guest, Veronica Hendricks, Film Director and Producer, for a discussion on salt and the salt trade that helped bring about Western civilization.
Throughout history, salt has played an important role in the development of societies. In 10th century Germany, the Old Salt Route was established and functioned as an important connection between the northern and southern reaches of the country. The trade route led to the Baltic Sea, including Falsterbo, with boasted a Scania Market. There it was used for the preservation of Herring, an immensely important food in the Middle Ages, as well as for other foods. Additionally, the Via Salaria in Italy played an important role in that country’s development.
But prior to these roads in ancient Europe, the Olmec were among the first salt traders among the various Meosamerican Pre-Classic period (1200 BCE- 400 BCE) groups, and the most well known.
The Olmec heartland sprerd across Mexico and was centered in La Venta in Tabasco and San Lorenzo Tenochtitlan and Laguna de los Cerros in Veracruz. The Olmecs were known to be a highly-developed and well-organized group with a complex calendar and hieroglyphic writing system. They also created unique art objects and were among the earliest known ancient military elite assassins. Our ancient Meosoamerian history not only brought forth the mysteries of Crystal Skulls, but the use of salt that built economic trade for the ancient tribal nations of the Americas.
There are a number of ways by which salt can be produced, but in eastern North America, Indians obtained most of their salt from salines located far from the coast. A few groups, such as the Chitimacha Indians of Louisiana, boiled seawater, but this practice was rare in eastern North America as a whole.
The Indians of eastern North America apparently used salt as a condiment. There is no evidence for salt ever having been used historically for preserving meat or fish, as drying game over a low fire was the standard Southeastern method of preservation. The Hernando DeSoto expedition observed four ways in which salt was produced: from the ashes of plants, from brine water at salines, and from salt-impregnated sand; and it was also gathered in a free state (rock salt).
Join Dr. Hildy and her guest this week as they discuss salt and its history in the Americas on One Cell One Light Radio!

Chac Mool®:  From Crystal Skulls to Salt Trade in the Americas
(Show  March 19, 2014) – by Dr. Hildy
Guest:   Veronica Hendricks, Film Director & Producer
Chac Mool means “red jaguar’ and many ancient Mesoamerican tribes believed in the jaguar as a protector and deity.  Jaguar stones were created from a type of mineral known as Leopard skin Jasper – an opaque tan, brown and ochre form of impure quarts by ancient Mesoamerican artist.

Among the Ancient tribal bloodlines were the Olmec.  They were among the first salt traders among the various Meosamerican Pre-Classic period (1200 BCE- 400 BCE) groups, the Olmec were the most well known.  The Olmec heartland was centered in La Venta in Tabasco and San Lorenzo Tenochtitlan and Laguna de los Cerros in Veracruz.  Olmecs were known to be highly developed and well-organized groups with a complex calendar and hieroglyphic writing system.  They also created unique art objects and were among the earliest known ancient military elite assassins during the pre-classical Mesoamerican Era of the Americas.   Our ancient Meosoamerian history not only brought forth the mysteries of Crystal Skulls, but the use of salt that build economic trade for the ancient tribal nations of the Americas. 

The New York Bestseller – SALT:  A World History by Mark Kurlansky, sums up mankind’s relationship to salt and salt trade.  “Salt – the only rock we eat – has made a glittering, often surprising contribution to the history of humankind, as written by Kurlansky.” 

The origins of salt trade in the Americas, began with the ancient Olmec (pre-Aztec) tribes of Mesoamerica.  The Olmec tribes were known as the original Salt Traders of the Americas.    It has been found that they even traded for jade with the Chinese.  Their unique ancient salt was scientifically analyzed in 2008 and determined to have nine primary trace elemental minerals that are highly beneficial to be maintaining cellular integrity as recognized in ancient manuscripts to align oneself with the harmonics of Mother Earth. 

The key to salt not only is its trace minerals, but the crystal lattice they form within the body to allow the transference or stimulation of elementary energy component mechanisms.    This energy flow and subtle washing of the cells is known to be one of the key components in detoxifying one’s brain through the cerebral spinal fluid of the spinal cord and brain.  

Until about 100 years ago, when modern geology reveals its prevalence, salt was on of the world’s most sought-after commodities.  A substance so valuable it served as currency, salt has influence the establishment of trade routes and cites, provoked and financed wars, secured empires and inspired revolutions.  Populated by colorful characters and filled with fascinating details, Mark Kurlansky’s book – SALT:  A World History is the kaleidoscope and vehicle with its illuminating history that blended economic, scientific, political, religious and culinary records into our current use of SALT.

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