7-2-14- Dr. Hildy® Re-Visits: Leprechauns, Fairies and Mystical Beings



Dr. Hildy Welcomes

Christopher Valentine and Dr. Christian von Lahr
for a delightful two hours of Leprechauns, Gnomes, Genies, Fairies and:

Magical Powers and Mystical Beings … Anyone for Jinn?:

For the First Time Ever, Unicorns, Mermaids, Mermen, Dragons, Giants, a Centaur, Pixies and Genies are Revealed by the Nature People Themselves! –


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“I believe in everything until it’s disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if it’s in your mind. Who’s to say that dreams and nightmares aren’t as real as the here and now?”………… John Lennon

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, the revelers of our nation turn their collective attention to Ireland and each of their heritages transform to Irish for just one evening. Why? For most, it’s an excuse to eat, drink and be merry. However, the appeal of Ireland’s rich culture and traditions cannot be denied and just as the color green, four leaf clovers and Guinness have become symbols of the Emerald Isle, so has the luckiest of beings, the leprechaun. These fictional gold mongers have long endured as Ireland’s unofficial mascot, but few realize the history of these beings – and their reality.

This week on One Cell, One Light Radio, Dr. Hildy welcomes Christopher Valentine and Dr. Christian von Lahr of the Myst Of The Oracle Corporation to discuss their books The Magic of Gnomes and Leprechauns and Seeing and Sensing Gnomes. While to most people, gnomes, elves, fairies and leprechauns are the stuff of fiction, to Myst of the Oracle, they are very real and very much a part of our lives. MORE below the slideshow>>>>



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Not possessing a physical body, nature spirits – thousands of different beings Magical Powers and Mystical Beingsthat convene with the natural world – are made up of etheric matter, a field that exists between the astral and the physical. These spirits are working constantly to get your attention as they are benevolent beings, enriching the natural world with their connection to the elements. Gnomes and elves are earth nature spirits, though elves are on their way to becoming more associated with water. Fairies are air nature spirits, associated with the scents and colors of flowers, and are the most gregarious. Of these nature spirits, leprechauns are the only ones that can go up a little higher than the others to the astral plane and because of this are able to make seemingly magical things happen.

Have you ever misplaced your keys and been unable to find them, despite just knowing exactly where F - Mar-MagicalPowers (2)you left them? Then, sure enough, go back to that place and now there they are? Ever had a machine that has quit working and despite your best efforts, seems like a lost cause, until suddenly – it works! This is the work of leprechauns and other spirits. And what do they want in return? Just a little bit of attention, a little bit of gratitude and some beer. Just like most of us this St. Patrick’s Day.

Join Dr. Hildy and her guests this week as they discuss all things leprechaun on One Cell One Light Radio!

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(2009) Magical Powers and Mystical Beings Magical Powers and Mystical Beings … Anyone for Jinn?: For the First Time Ever, Unicorns, Mermaids, Mermen, Dragons, Giants, a Centaur, Pixies and Genies are Revealed by the Nature People Themselves!

(2008) the Magic of Gnomes and LeprechaunsThe magic comes alive as the Gnomes and Leprechauns themselves share their secrets about the mysteries of life, and the wonders of magic. Available in the first half of 2008. .Learn how to recognize and interact with all Nature People with the guidancebtrought to you in their book.

(2007) Seeing and Sensing Gnomes … Hey Looky Hea’h ..“A Direct Approach to Seeing the Gnomes, Elves, Leprechauns, and Fairies around You and Learning to Sense Their Presence and Influence in Your Life.”. This second offering in the Gnomes series available now for immediate delivery.

(2006) If You Could Only See … A Gnome’s Story Introduction… by Christopher Valentine “Gnomes are gifts from the Creator and bring joy and fun back into your daily life. They awaken your inner child and show you how to live in the ‘now’ and to be happy.” “Gnomes bring magic to your garden and orderliness to your home. Their goal is peace and harmony for you and the Earth. “This book will show you how to invite them into your garden, home, and life to form bonds of love and caring that will enrich your life and theirs.”

MYST OF THE ORACLE BOOKSTORE………. http://www.mystoftheoracle.com/WEB/MAINPAGES/BookStore.htm

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