7-16-14 – Dr. Hildy® – Operation Valkyrie and The Development of Nanotechnology

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Nearly 70 years ago, a little over a month after the brave men of the Allied Forces stormed beaches in France in an effort to end the war in Europe, a high-ranking German officer was part of another effort, one also designed to put an end to the war. Known as Operation Valkyrie, this effort hinged on an internal assassination of Adolf Hitler by officers within Nazi Germany with the intention to make peace with the Allies and end World War II. At the center of this was Lieutenant Colonel Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg, who was central to this attempt and paid the ultimate price to bring about change.

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In the first hour of this week’s One Cell, One Light Radio, Dr. Hildy welcomes returning guests Veronica Hendricks and T. Matthew Phillips to discuss Colonel Stauffenberg and the legacy he left behind.

Born in 1907, Stauffenberg was one of the leading members of the failed plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler on July 20, 1944 and bring an end to the reign of the National Socialist party in Germany. Along with Henning von Tresckew and Hans Oster, Stauffenberg was one of the central figures of the German Resistance movement within the Wehrmacht. For more than a year, the resistance movement plotted to assassinate Hitler via several means including shooting him during dinner (Hitler was thought to wear a bulletproof vest) and poisoning (all of his food was specially prepared and tasted).

Finally, with the Allies closing in during the summer of 1944, the plan was set into motion to detonate a bomb during a meeting in the main room of Hitler’s Wolf’s Lair. While the bomb was successfully detonated, Hitler survived the blast due to the accidental protection of the heavy conference room table. After the attempt, the Gestapo arrested 7,000 people, nearly 5,000 of which – including Von Stauffenberg – were executed.

In the second hour of the show, the conversation will shift one of the lesser known, but as nefarious, aspects of Nazi Germany, their scientific experimentation, particularly the original developments of nanotechnology and how it is being used for the advancement of regenerative medicine, artificial biology, super computers and other areas. In his book Reich of the Black Sun: Nazi Secret Weapons & the Cold War Allied Legend, Joseph P. Farrell addresses the physics of vorticular spin polarization, quantum mechanics and the mathematical prediction of a vacuum energy flux, or “zero point energy,” all of which are now the basic corner stones of nanotechnology.

Join Dr. Hildy and her guests this week as they discuss the attempted end of Nazi rule and its scientific legacy on One Cell One Light Radio!

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Hint:  King Ludwig II of Bavaria was a Duke of this same eastern district.
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