12-24-14 – Dr. Hildy® Remembers Charles Berliner “There’s no business like show business!”

‘There’s no business like show business,
 like no business I know!’

Dr. Hildy remembers, at this  Christmas-time,  a very special guest,
The Delightful  Mr. Charles Berliner (2014) !

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which will accompany Dr. Hildy™ and Charles ‘ Conversation:

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A CHRISTMAS CAROL – Charles Berliner, Artist – .pdf

6-04-14 – Celebrating – A TRIBUTE to CHARLES BERLINER’s Life
1-09-13 Dr. Hildy– Paradigm Shift – Symbolism, Mythology, Astronomy, Astrology – Charles Berliner and Rick Dubov

 Betty Garrett And Other Songs – Backstage Set

A veteran of set and costume design for film, television and theater, Mr. Berliner has over four decades of experience, working on some of the most acclaimed productions of his time, as well as serving for 28 years as the Western Regional Representative of the legendary National Entertainment Industry Union, United Scenic Artists, Local USA 829, IATSE.

Coming from an entertainment family, Mr. Berliner followed his mother, a child prodigy concert pianist, who appeared at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco and his aunt, a vaudeville performer who shared the stage with Gracie Allen into show business, getting his start as a dancer in San Francisco. He became interested in stage design at the tender age of 10, after seeing the original stage production of My Fair Lady with Rex Harrison and Julie Andrews.

“Exit the King”- Cleveland Play House, Bolton Theatre –
1) Sketch and 2) realized set on the stage

Careful study of the production led him to figure out how the production used revolving stages to quickly change scenes, and Charles was immediately drawn to the theater. Unlike most, his interests lay not in being on stage, but rather as a designer.

“To Die for Grenada” – Cleveland Play House, Bolton Theatre –
1) Sketch showing “World Microcosm” Pre-set;
2) Pre-set realized on stage;
3) “Unit Set,” as seen throughout majority of play, without “World Microcosm.”

“She Stoops To Conquer” – Sketch- Miss Hardcastle (2)

He attended the master’s degree program in Theater Design at Brandeis University, graduating in 1971. He is primarily known for his designs created for the stage, including regional theaters The Mark Taper Forum, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, Missouri Repertory Theatre, The Cleveland Play House, and The Kennedy Center.

In addition, Mr. Berliner served as the resident scenery and costume designer for the UCLA Dance Department for ten years; costume designer for the New York based Daniel Lewis Dance Repertory Company, and the Los Angeles based Rudy Perez Dance Theatre.

In addition to his stage work, Mr. Berliner designed the costumes for the film Haunts starring May Britt, Cameron Mitchell and Aldo Ray; Journey  Into Mystic Time, directed by Shirley Clark;   and for Diana Ross, the fashion montage sequence of Mahogany.


Mr. Berliner’s costumes were seen for five seasons on the acclaimed PBS anthology series Visions, including “The Dancing Bear” (with Charles Durning, Tyne Daly and Verna Bloom), “Fans Of The Kosko Show” (with Carol Kane & Eileen Brennan) and the controversial “Ladies In Waiting” written by Patricia Resnick, starring a “who’s who” of actresses including Ronee Blakeley, Joyce Van Patten, Elizabeth Wilson, Sally Kirkland, Ruth Nelson, Annette O’Toole and Annie Potts.

“An Italian Straw Hat” –Sketch- Boots (2 Pairs)

Join Dr. Hildy™ and her very special guest, Mr. Charles Berliner, as they discuss the wacky world of show business on One Cell One Light Radio!

Charles Berliner Biography – Aug – 2012


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