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“Having every wish come true is something that only a divinity can accomplish. However, there is also a downside to this celestial power. All technologies can be used for good or for evil. Ultimately, science is a double-edged sword. One side of the sword can cut against poverty, disease and ignorance. But the other side can cut against people, in several ways.”……………Michio Kaku
Professor of Theoretical Physics, City University of New York
 The Future of the Mind: the Scientific Quest to Understand, Enhance and Empower the Mind ©2014 Doubleday, New York, New York, pg. 101
 Nano BioSensors: Nasal, Organ and Biological Systems Monitoring

In the 1966 film Fantastic Voyage, a group of scientists board a submarine and are shrunk down to a microscopic size in order to enter the bloodstream of a diplomat and save their life from a bloodclot. While this remains an idea of science fiction, we are forever moving closer to a time when fantastic ideas such as these come to fruition – though not in a way we expected.

This week on One Cell One Light Radio, Dr. Hildy will discuss the concept of using nanotechnology as bio-sensors, and the benefits and dangers of their use.

Imagine your body as a highly complex machine – the most complex ever created. Through natural processes, this machine runs itself. When your body temperature drops, you feel cold. If you lack iron, you may crave red meat or another source from which you are used to getting it. But these processes are automatic and uncontrollable. You can’t tell if you’re getting enough iron until you’re not.

Now imagine if you had a method of constantly monitoring your body’s processes – like the real-time fuel consumption in your vehicle. Using a fairly simple equation, your car knows the rate of fuel it’s burning and approximately when it will run out of gas. What if you knew that you that you were lacking iron before your body even did? This is just one possibility of the use of nano bio-sensors.

But what other possibilities does this technology hold? What if nanotech could be designed to stimulate the production of white blood cells? Or act as white blood cells themselves? Imagine receiving an inoculation not just from mumps or measles, but from all disease – an inoculation that would not only stem disease and speed up healing, but perhaps even slow the aging process. While technoloy of this level of sophistication has been developed in the research labs of the world, we are now seeing the post developmental stages into the commercialization of these innovative biosensory technologies.

Even fifty years ago the idea of video conferencing and instant access to nearly all knowledge seemed like science fiction, but today is readily available to everyone. And while these new ideas can benefit mankind, they are not without their own set of dangers of which we should be in constant reverence.

Join Dr. Hildy this week as she discusses nan bio-sensors on One Cell One Light Radio!

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2-25-15 – Nano BioSensors Nasal Organ and Biological Systems Monitoring- Dr. Hildy



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