6-17-15- Dr. Hildy® and ‘Rip’ Kirby – Oil Spill Disasters and Natural Remediation

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Due to the recent oil pipeline rupture near Santa Barbara, there is renewed attention being paid to the ecological dangers of oil drilling. With renewable energy sources becoming more and more common every year, we are starting to find ways to wean ourselves off of our oil dependence. But until internal combustion engines are considered archaic and wasteful by a majority of the population, there will always be an uphill battle when trying to eliminate oil consumption, and with it, oil pollution. 

This week on One Cell One Light Radio, Dr. Hildy welcomes guest Rip Kirby, coastal geologist CEO of the The November 9th Group to discuss oil spill remediation and natural ways to curtail the devastating effects of these disasters. 

The November 9th Group is a network of trusted professionals that includes experts in many fields. For any business problem that needs a solution, the November 9th Group can put you in touch with an honest and reputable expert.

Rip is currently working on a nontoxic method for remediating oily waste water generated by oil rig operations by removing petroleum contaminants to improve water quality. He has also developed specialized methods for use of high intensity UV light to detect contamination from weathered crude oil product in beach sediment, and specializes in business development of new oil pollution remediation methods and solutions for minimizing contamination impacts on coastal sediments.

Now that a month has passed since the Plains All American Pipeline, cleanup efforts have reached over $62 million. The oil spill caused the closure of two state beaches and a fishing ban in the area, placing the company in charge of paying the cleanup bill. But the toll is not only financial, as wildlife experts have recovered 161 dead birds and 87 dead marine mammals, mostly sea lions. Another 106 animals were found coated in oil and are undergoing rehabilitation. As time is often an enemy in these cleanup efforts, shortcuts can be taken to protect the environment, but sometimes these shortcuts are just as harmful as the oil itself. 

Join Dr. Hildy and her guest as they discuss oil spill cleanup on One Cell One Light Radio!


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A4S_oilspill041512a_218525a_8colHere’s showered leg skin examined by geologist Rip Kirby. Under regular light, the skin seems clean, but ultraviolet light reveals orange blotches — dispersant-mixed oil muck. /Tampa Bay Times/James Kirby photo

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