9/9/15 – Re-visiting Dr. Hildy® and Nancy Kersey: Vampire Facelifts After 5


Wednesday, September 9, 2015 – REVISITING
Dr. Hildy and Nancy Kersey
Vampire Facelifts After 5
Nancy KerseyNancy Kersey

 Nancy Kersey Vampire Facelifts After 5″

Video presentation of this show:

1-Hr Audio: 

It’s the latest thing in Hollywood. Just take a half hour after work to make your face look like new for $1500. IHS Press Editor Nancy Kersey knows how seductive those non-surgical facelift procedures are. She came close once, but reconsidered due to the hazards. Just think: actress Lisa Rinna’s lips.

“Why discuss this?” asks Dr. Hildy. “These are toxic substances that you as a human being have the choice to inject into your body, and it’s only temporary. If you have an implant, you better have the money in ten years to take it out and have a new one put in.”

Today’s hot ticket: “Nano materials that make a thin film, like sheets versus Botox® bio-fillers for under tissue and neuro toxins from a bacteria,” says Dr. Hildy. Restylane® bio-fillers are comprised of fibers, fillers and adhesives like Super Glue. The new nano thin film technology is used in Juvederm® or Juvederm XC®.

“That’s why I got involved in creating our Baci Mi™ line, starting with oxygenated oils (coconut and olive, manufactured by Kersey). I realized, though, people don’t want to put oils under their makeup in the daytime.”

As a result, Dr. Hildy started working with her aloe gel. Then she began blending pure essential oils into the formula, coming up with her Medicinal Botanicals of Antiquity™. “It is pure, healthy and nourishing to the skin, so you don’t feel suffocated,” she said.

For her latest formulation, Dr. Hildy turned to edible flowers and their leaves – nasturtiums, in particular, which her family has always relished eating. “I realized they have the active ingredients of cataplasma. This allows any injured or wrinkled tissue to rebuild itself,” she says.

Initial testing revealed miraculous results: A 9-month-old appendectomy scar gone in three days; MRSA gone in three days; scar tissue dissolved from internal injured muscles from a dislocated knee 20 years ago. And that’s just the beginning . . .

Baci Mi™ at Integrative Health Systems™, LLC.  323-466-2599

Click here for table of various injectable fillers used by many of the plastic surgeons, dermatologist and other physicians of Beverly Hills, CA

Click here for “Engineering Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering: The 10–100 Micron Size Scale”


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