10-21-15- Dr. Hildy® – PARENTS’ Concerns About Vaccines

CALIFORNIA: Bill Text – SB-277 Public health: vaccinations.
SB 277 is the new vaccine law that takes away parental rights of choice. We need help spreading the word. We want parents to have the legal right to submit personal belief exemptions. The personal belief exemptions will guarantee the kids’ education without having to get any more vaccinations. The # of doses adds up to 49 by the age of 5. We have no idea how the schools are planning to implement this new law. We will be discussing the CDC Whistleblower and parental rights.

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Now that we are firmly in the Information Age, we have access to just about all of the collected knowledge in human history. There will always be things we cannot know, but for the most part, any fact you have ever wanted to know is easily accessible, and often from a device that fits in your pocket. What was science fiction 25 years ago is now a common part of life. 014Despite this, surely a high point in human history, we must work harder than over to discern what this knowledge means, where it comes from, and what to do with it. And there may be no greater example than a current issue that has the two sides fervently divided – with lives hanging in the balance.

This week on One Cell One Light Radio, Dr. Hildy welcomes guests Dora Ramirez, Lisa Heyrend and Marco Caceres,  concerned parents who are crusaders on one side of a hotly contested issue: Vaccinations.

For centuries, mankind has sought to eliminate permanently the things that ail. Through science, we’ve had great success, eliminating diseases such as smallpox, polio, measles, and others. But there is concern that we are currently over-vaccinating our children, and that mass vaccination has eliminated most natural immunity to disease in early childhood and presented fewer opportunities for children to develop strong, healthy immune systems.

Additionally, there is a movement that accuses vaccines of causing the rise in autism. This is still a contentious issue, as some believe that mandatory vaccinations are directly contributing to this rise, while others contend that the science to back up these claims is not there.

It is the goal of Dora Ramirez, Lisa Heyrend, and many, many others to educate the general populace to understand that vaccines should not be viewed as a “one size fits all” solution for eliminating disease. Additionally, they believe that vaccination carries a risk

and parents must be given a choice, rather than being subjected to the mandatory vaccination schedule imposed by the government. As crusaders, they are pushing hard so that people will step forward and demand transparency.

Additionally, their concern is that government health officials, pediatricians, and vaccine manufacturers cannot answer why highly vaccinated children are still sick. There are hundreds of vaccines being developed to eliminate all natural experience with infection. However, pediatricians rarely mention vaccine reaction and write off vaccine injury as an acceptable loss. But because of genetic differences and biological factors, there is possibility of immune damage and brain inflammation in some children. Yet, the vast majority of people who vaccinate don’t ask questions. it is the quest of Dora Ramirez, Lisa Heyrend, and hundreds of others to ask these questions and demand that they be answered.

Join Dr. Hildy and her guests this week on One Cell One Light Radio!


CALIFORNIA: Bill Text – SB-277 Public health: vaccinations.
SB 277 is the new vaccine law that takes away parental rights of choice. We need help spreading the word. We want parents to have the legal right to submit personal belief exemptions. The personal belief exemptions will guarantee the kids’ education without having to get any more vaccinations. The # of doses adds up to 49 by the age of 5. We have no idea how the schools are planning to implement this new law. We will be discussing the CDC Whistleblower and parental rights.
Compulsory Adult Vaccination Bill 792 Signed Into Law
Gov. Jerry Brown has signed SB 792, a bill to further strengthen California’s mandatory vaccine laws by requiring that adults who work or volunteer at day care centers be vaccinated. A violation of the act is a crime.

Vicious vaccine culture war now being waged against informed, intelligent Americans who seek to protect their children from deadly side effects 
Why Everyone Should Help Repeal SB 277, the New Forced Vaccination Law in California
The Amish Don’t Get Autism, But they Also Don’t Vaccinate – 12160

Vaccines News – Vaccines News Health Related News (MUCH INFO HERE!)
Flu vaccine is the #1 culprit in INJURY cases.
2-18-15- Dr. Hildy®, Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Atty. Keith Landrum, MD: VACCINES – Past, Present, Future
 016a .

“FDA Advisers Recommend Overhaul of 2015 Flu Vaccine … indicate that the vaccine for 2014-2015 has been largely INEFFECTIVE…”

“The sponsors of SB277 have requested that the Secretary of HHS in CA and Governor Brown give them an exemption. They want to administer mercury containing flu vaccines to children and pregnant women: Check the insert: “…has not been tested for safety or effectiveness in pregnant women.” http://ow.ly/T3KFj

TOP Ten Mandate Arguments – LONG Injury Lists

How Did We Get Here? How Do We Escape? – Dr Tenpenny


National Vaccine Information Center – Your Health. Your Family. Your Choice.
Robert Kennedy Jr. warns of vaccine-linked ‘holocaust’ | The Sacramento Bee
Robert Kennedy, Jr. cdcTRUTH.org – YouTube
Congressman Posey | Video | C-SPAN.org
Congressman Requests Congressional Investigation into CDC Whistleblower case during open floor – SCROLL DOWN BEGIN at 3:17 min. – audio
Viral Alternative News: Lead Developer Of HPV Vaccines Comes Clean, Warns Parents & Young Girls It’s All A Giant Deadly Scam
Measles outbreak traced back to VACCINATED woman who spread the disease – NaturalNews.com
The Chemical List Inside Vaccines Is Horrible
Medical madness: CDC names 271 new vaccinations – how many will be mandated at gunpoint?
The Vaccine Reaction
(Squalene) Top Dangerous Vaccine Adjuvant Will Be Used for Elderly Flu 2015-16 Vaccinations
If you’re going to take the Flu Vaccine – ASK QUESTIONS!

The Gardasil Vaccine After-Life: My Daughter is a Shadow of Her Former Self
New Study: Vaccinated Children Have 2 to 5 Times More Diseases and Disorders Than Unvaccinated Children
French Physicians Question Vaccine Effectiveness and Safety as France Debates Future of Vaccination Program
Chemist Gives 3 Reasons He Doesn’t Vaccinate and gives vaccine exemption forms for all states
Is Your Unborn Baby Part of a Vaccine Experiment?
CDC’s Vaccine Safety Research is Exposed as Flawed and Falsified in Peer-Reviewed Scientific Journal
165 Studies Have Found Thimerosal to be Harmful
Father tells story DTP Vaccine InjuryDeath
| Video | C-SPAN.org
Also, straight from the FDA info packet on the DTP vaccine, p.11. it says it causes AUTISM! this is not a conspiracy–see for yourself. “Adverse events reported during post-approval use of Tripedia vaccine include idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, SIDS, anaphylactic reaction, cellulitis, AUTISM…”
The CDC’s Role in Undoing Vaccine Exemptions: the NACCHO Front Group
JAMA Study Highlights Vaccination Risks in Low Birth Weight Infants
CDC Not Legally Required to Tell the Truth About Anything, Including Vaccines
Adjuvants in Vaccines – Weston A Price
The CDC Military-like Vaccine Extremist Program to Vaccinate Every Child in America
Lead Developer of HPV Vaccines Comes Clean, Warns Parents & Young Girls It’s All A Giant Deadly Scam
**Dr. Diane Harper was a leading expert responsible for the Phase II and Phase III safety and effectiveness studies which secured the approval of the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccines, Gardasil™ and Cervarix™. Dr. Harper also authored many of the published, scholarly papers about the vaccines. She is now the latest in a long string of experts who are pressing the red alert button on the devastating consequences and irrelevancy of these vaccines.
Japan Refuses HPV Vaccines With Bold Statement
The Polio VACCINE is Causing the New Polio
Vaccine horrors: Medical mutilation of innocent children exposed in GRAPHIC photos of “safe” vaccines gone horribly wrong
U.S. Government Withholds Vaccine Injury Data: Rolls Out “Vaccine Confidence Plan” Instead
US media blackout: French oppose vaccines
How The Microbiome Destroyed the Ego, Vaccine Policy, and Patriarchy
The CDC Whistleblower – Injecting Sanity Into the Vaccine Debate, Carol A. Hoernlein P.E. – The Epoch Times
from: Dr. Stephanie Seneff:
Good article about vaccines. I learned something new here — MMR contains glutamate! Very scary, because I have slides and papers showing excess glutamate in the brain in association with autism. I found a blog where a mother reported CURING her daughter’s autism by eliminating MSG from the diet (which was hard to do).
Chemist says omitting MSG cured daughter’s autism – SFGate
From Dr. Stephanie Seneff
:  Here’s the article on MSG and autism I referred to in my previous post. Glyphosate chelates manganese (makes it unavailable), and manganese is essential in order to detoxify glutamate. QED
CDC: 1 in 68 U.S. children has autism – CNN.com

~The statements made here have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are posted here for educational purposes only.  Any information mentioned here is not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease.  For serious health issues, please consult your health care specialist.~

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