1-06-16 – Dr. Hildy® ******CELEBRATING****** ‘The Best of 2015’

HERE are **THE BEST OF 2015**

These were YOUR favorite
shows this year!

2015 was a busy, exciting and productive year here at OneCellOneLightRadio……..Dr. Hildy and our Guests were full of vitality and made gifts to us of exceptionally professional, spirited and information-filled presentations. From Vaccines History and Injury Legislation to a Hand-Held Far Infrared device; to Monsanto False Advertising — Then Electronic Harassment LegislationWinged Cats, Black Chickens and GE’d Micro Humans – to Dr. Hildy and Melinda Kidder talking about SCADA:  (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) a system operating with coded signals over communication channels so as to provide control of remote equipment (using typically one communication channel per remote station) =  and MORE – even an UPDATE on Morgellons and Dr. Hildy’s Specialty:  TOXIC! – along with EMF Dangers and the SMART Grids.  We are so very grateful for our Guests’ gracious willingness in the sharing of awesome information —

THANK YOU to ALL the 2015 Guests – AND YOU, our Listeners/Viewers –  You’ve been Spectacular!

Be sure to scroll below these 12 knowledge-filled links to the list of ** 121 ** Countries – Worldwide – where listeners logged in to join with us from all corners of our precious Planet Earth…………




2-18-15- Dr. Hildy®, Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Atty. Keith Landrum, MD: VACCINES – Past, Present, Future




cure arch








7-15-15- Dr. Hildy®  *CURE ARCH* Hand-Held Far-Infrared

10-28-15- Hr. 1 -Dr. Hildy® and Robert Newton – Part 1 –  Electronic Harassment and Legislation
12-02-15- Dr. Hildy® – Part 2 – Robert Newton – Electronic Harassment and Legislation


10-28-15-HR 2- Dr. Hildy® and Atty. T. Matt Phillips-NO Mainstream Media for Monsanto False Advertising Lawsuit




3-4-15- Dr. Hildy® – Coded Signals Remotely Control Over Communication Channels = SCADA

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2/25/15- Dr. Hildy®- Nano BioSensors: Nasal, Organ and Biological Systems Monitoring




8-19-15- Dr. Hildy®: MORGELLONS – Updates and New Questions…


2-11-15- Dr. Hildy®: Winged Cats, Black Chickens and GE’d Micro Humans




4-1-15 – Dr. Hildy® – TOXIC: By Land, By Sea, By Air and By Mouth





11-4-15-Dr. Hildy® and Curtis Bennett – Update – RF/WIFI/EMF – Smart Grid/CellPhones/Cell Towers



** 121 ** Countries – Worldwide


A SHOUT OUT to Our Listeners logged in to join with us from all corners of our precious Planet Earth..Welcome and THANK YOU for your support in 2015!

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