4-13-16- Dr. Hildy® and Cindy Sellers – Angel Farms – Cleansing Our Temple

Wednesday, April 13, 2016 – 1:00-3:00PM Pacific
(2-4pm Mountain; 3-5pm Central, 4-6pm Eastern)
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Now is an amazing time to be alive. After decades of letting our health take a backseat to convenience, price, and laziness, there is now a national trend of eating and living much healthier. People have risen up to take back control of their eating habits, their lifestyle choices, and their overall health. One of the aspects of this is pain management, and there are many different approaches to helping to end pain in our lives, both physical and emotional.

This week on One Cell One Light Radio, Dr. Hildy welcomes author and spiritual teacher Cindy Sellers for a discussion on her book You Don’t Have to Hurt Anymore, and of her Hawaiian rejuvenation center, Angel Farms, where the focus is on holistically cleansing your body.

Cindy Sellers has been a colon hydro therapist after a 1983 car accident while pregnant left her with serious injuries to her back. The pain worsened until 1989, when she was inspired to call a lady whom I thought was a massage therapist but started her on a colon cleansing program the following day. Ten days later, her back was straight, and she was finished with pain. Cindy then trained with her and became her last student. Thus evolved Angel Farms, located on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Angel Farms offers you The Cleanse™, a transformational process that combines many age old processes and techniques to create one of the most comprehensive and amazing cleanses in the world. The 10-day cleanse includes colon hydrotherapy, personal consultation regarding your current seen and unseen physical needs, customized body function cleanses during the week depending on additional issues you may have such as a kidney cleanse or mucus-less cleanses, access to explore a beautiful 8-acre tropical paradise containing orchards, a river and multiple waterfalls, and a private Transitional Inner Child session with Cindy herself.

Additionally, Dr. Hildy and Cindy will discuss topics from her book, which is for all who are on the path to a more conscious life and lifestyle. Have you ever wondered what to eat to be healthy? And why? Have you ever wondered what your spleen is for? Do you understand what causes diabetes, cancer, and headaches? Have you ever felt unwanted and alone? You Don’t Have to Hurt Anymore will help you learn about your phenomenal body, techniques to quiet your mind, and much more.

Join Dr. Hildy and her guest this week as they discuss how to manage pain with improved health on One Cell One Light Radio!


Angel Farms  – We are on the Hilo side, Big Island of Hawaii

Cindy Mahealani Sellers- Spiritual Teacher – Bio


You Don’t Have To Hurt Anymore – Author Cindy Sellers – AWARD WINNING 5 Star Rated!
Aloha Earth Angels,
This book will challenge your beliefs and perceptions about life and who you are! 
Are you truly ready to 
change your life and not hurt anymore? Find answers to questions you have always wanted and needed to know to be very healthy, Spiritually, Physically, Emotionally, and Mentally. This is the best gift you can give yourself or your Ohana!Miracles Happen! Feel free to pass the brochure and information to everyone you know. You Don’t Have To Hurt Anymore will help everyone you know learn about body, mind, and spirit connections and how to stay healthy in an unhealthy world. Give this book to everyone on your list that you really love; they will be thankful. Let me know how it touches you. ….Always in love, Cindy

Angel Farms Cleanse | Angel Farms
Additional activities (weather and time permitting)
Trip to the Market
Waterfall swim
Volcano hike
Healthy cooking class
Herbal remedy sessions
Visit the Sea Turtles at Richardson Beach
Nature tours

These Charts available here > Store | Angel Farms
Food Signature Chart
Food Awareness Chart
Sacred Wheel of Community
Sacred Wheel of The Healer

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  1. That was so amazing to share with you. I want to meet with you for lunch when I get to LA. You are an Angel!

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