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6/29/16 – Dr. Hildy® and Dr. Don Huber Re-Visit: GMOs, RoundUp and Glyphosate Dangers

6/29/16 – Dr. Hildy® and Dr. Don Huber Re-Visit:
GMOs, RoundUp and Glyphosate Dangers 
The DARK ACT – Huffington Post – June 23, 2016

GMO HEALTH IMPACTS….Dr. Don Huber Power Point in .pdf

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OneCellOneLightRadio with Dr. Hildy
Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Dr. Hildy Welcomes
Dr. Don Huber, Emeritus Professor of Plant Pathology at Purdue University

In this hour of the show, Dr. Hildy welcomes Dr. Don Huber, Emeritus Professor of Plant Pathology at Purdue University to discuss genetically modified organisms and, as discussed last week, the herbicide Glyphosate.

Don HuberProfessor Huber received his commission as an Army officer in the active Reserve in 1957 after four years in the National Guard. Early in his military career he researched with a select group of scientists to study the impact of nuclear war with specific effects of fallout on agriculture and ways to recover from such an attack. Dr. Huber teaches courses on anti-crop bioterrorism and serves as a consultant on biological weapons of mass destruction and emerging diseases. He advises U.S. agencies on bioterrorism and biological warfare. He currently serves without pay as the American Phytopathological Society’s Coordinator for the USDA National Plant Disease Recovery System program and is an active member of the Threat Pathogens Committee.

His research over the past few decades has led him to become very outspoken against genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and genetically engineered (GE) foods and the use of Roundup in agriculture in general.

According to Dr. Huber, there are three facts that everyone needs to understand about GMOs: (a) despite what the media and so-called “experts” proclaim, there are NO peer-reviewed scientific papers establishing the safety of GMO crops, (b) epidemiological patterns show there’s an identical rise in over 30 human diseases correlated with our increased usage of glyphosate and the increased prevalence of genetically engineered proteins in our food, and (c) genetically engineered foods, as well as conventional crops that are heavily sprayed with glyphosate (the active ingredient in Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup), have lower nutrient density than organic foods.

Join Dr. Hildy and her guest this week as they discuss GMOs, RoundUp, and Glyphosate – autism, its causes and its end on One Cell One Light Radio!


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Research, academic and military background of
Dr. Don M. Huber, Emeritus Professor of Plant Pathology
Purdue University
Kauai – Dr. Don Huber – GMO Crop Pathogen and Infertility – Glyphosate Pesticide Dangers – YouTube
Dr. Huber: Things You Need to Know About GMO and RoundupToxicology Expert Speaks Out –
Roundup : Glyphosate – Interview with Dr. Huber
Don M. Huber | The National Heirloom Exposition –
The 15 Cleanest and 12 Most Pesticide-Laden Produce of 2014 : Natural Society
Stephanie Seneff’s Home Page – Senior Research Scientist, MIT, CSAIL
Michigan doctor reveals plan to stop autism – Seattle GMO |
CDC: 1 in 68 U.S. children has autism –
EXCERPT: “Children with autism continue to be overwhelmingly male. According to the new report, the CDC estimates 1 in 42 boys has autism, 4.5 times as many as girls (1 in 189).”
Data show correlations between increase in neurological diseases and GMOs – Seattle GMO – – NANCY SWANSON
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6-22-16- Re-Visit Dr. Hildy® and Dr. Leo Galland – Your Mystery Symptoms May Be Hidden Allergies ‘THE ALLERGY SOLUTION’

5/24/16 – Dr. Hildy® and Dr. Leo Galland
Your Mystery Symptoms May Be Hidden Allergies

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RE-VISITING  show from Tuesday, May 24, 2016 – 12:00-2:00PM Pacific
(1:00-3:00pm Mountain; 2:00-4:00pm Central; 3:00-5:00pm Eastern)

Click here listen to the archive after showtime:–mystery-symptoms-may-be-hidden-allergies


Have you ever eaten something and not felt great afterwards? Not necessarily the almost-certain stomachache that comes from something greasy and fatty like a cheeseburger or a pizza, but even seemingly healthy foods? Perhaps you have unexplained symptoms, like fatigue, weight gain, or pain – or complaints that don’t go away, like brain fog, digestive trouble, or insomnia. These may not be caused by bad foods, or the commonly-blamed “stomach bug” but rather an allergy you never even knew you had.

~ Leo Galland, M.D. ~

~ Leo Galland, M.D. ~

This week on One Cell One Light Radio, Dr. Hildy welcomes renowned medical doctor and author, Dr. Leo Galland, to discuss his new book, The Allergy Solution, which aims to cure patients of these issues instead of just masking the symptoms with drugs.

Dr. Galland is internationally recognized as a world leader in integrated medicine and a founder of Functional Medicine. A board-certified internist, he is a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition and the American College of Physicians. Educated at Harvard University and the NYU School of Medicine, he won the Linus Pauling Award for his trailblazing vision that created a bold new way to practice medicine for thousands of doctors and has appeared in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, as well as the Dr. Oz Show, Today, Good Morning America, and on PBS, CNN, and Fox.

Additionally, show producer Shoshanna has known Dr. Galland since he treated her successfully in the mid-’80s for multiple food allergies and chemical sensitivities and she has followed his work all these years.

You may not think of yourself as allergic, as you may not have common allergy symptoms such as a runny nose or itchy skin. But if you have common complaints that just won’t go away, this may be a sign of allergies you never knew you had. In Dr. Galland’s clinical experience, a hidden allergy is often the culprit; chronic conditions that were previously diagnosed as autoimmune diseases, psychiatric disorders, or many others, wind up being allergic in origin. Dr. Galland’s book gives you a checklist and questionnaire that can help you discover whether your health problems might be due to a hidden allergy and provides a way to detoxify your life.

Join Dr. Hildy and her guest this week as they discuss allergies you may not even realize you have on One Cell One Light Radio!


“Every 2.6 seconds, a new chemical substance is made or isolated. The American Chemical Society has a database of more than 50 million chemicals that are in use somewhere in the world.”, Leo Galland, MD
Leo Galland, MD – Dr Galland – Bio

DR. GALLAND - The Allergy Solution
My clinical experience and search for answers to common mystery conditions inspired me to write my new book, The Allergy Solution: Unlock the Surprising, Hidden Truth about Why You Are Sick and How to Get Well, with my son Jonathan.

April 26, 2016 – Allergies, Antibiotics & The Immune System w/ Dr. Leo Galland – YouTube
The Chemistry of Healing – Magnesium and the Battle for Light – Essay by Leo Galland, MD, Geselle Institute 1985 .pdf
The Benefits Of Oolong Tea + How To Drink It – The Best Drink For Anyone With Allergies or Inflammation – Dr. Galland Explains
Mycotoxins and Their Effect On the Human Body.ppt – Hildegarde Staninger, PhD, RIET-1, World Safety Org., 17th Intl, Environ. Health and Safety, Denver, CO.ppt
10 Allergy Triggers Hiding In Your Home by Leo Galland, M.D. – HealYourLife
Scientists find 69 different factors that control your gut bacteria – ScienceAlert
Fish oil consumption and reduction of arterial disease. – PubMed – NCBI
Fructose linked to disease-causing changes in brain –“DHA…seems to push the entire gene pattern back to normal, which is remarkable.”
GI tract bacteria help decrease stroke– Science Daily
Leo Galland, MD – Allergies and Obesity: A Possible Link | Weight Watchers
Everyday chemicals may encourage cells to store fat – Medical News Today –
The amount of fat stored in our bodies may be influenced by exposure to phthalates, says research published in Toxicology in Vitro.
BPA substitute in food packaging triggers fat cell formation – Medical News Today
This Diet Makes Immune Cells Eat Connections Between Neurons – PsyBlog
The Type of Singing That Boosts Mood, Immune Function and Reduces Stress – PsyBlog
We Aren’t Winning the Fight Against Obesity | TakePart
What is the gut microbiota? What is the human microbiome? – Medical News Today

Stopping Candida in its tracks — ScienceDaily
Scientists are one step closer to understanding how a normally harmless fungus changes to become a deadly infectious agent.
Mother’s Microbiome Shapes Offspring’s Immunity | The Scientist Magazine®
Leo Galland, M.D.: Acid Reflux: The Truth Behind Heartburn – Huffington Post
Have acid reflux? Soothe it naturally – today > health – – Leo Galland, MD

~~The information on this website is presented for educational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for the diagnosis, treatment, or advice of your private medical professional. No statement has been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Any product mentioned or described on these website links are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The facts presented are offered as information only, not medical advice. Seek the advice of your personal medical professional for proper application of this material to any specific situation.~~

6-8-16- Dr. Hildy® and WILLY WHITEFEATHER- SURVIVAL SKILLS – What Goes Around – Comes Around

This show will remain the feature for 6/15/16
6/8/16 – WILLY WHITEFEATHER – Survival Skills –
‘What Goes Around Comes Around’
“The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was is lost, for none now live who remember it.”
Galadriel, Lady of Lórien, c. the third age
Wednesday, June 8, 2016 – 1:00PM-3:00PM Pacific: (2:00-4:00pm Mountain; 3:00-5:00pm Central; 4:00-6:00pm Eastern)

Click here to listen to the complete show after showtime:–willy-whitefeather–survival-skills–what-goes-around–

For your listening convenience:

HOUR 1 Audio: 

HOUR 2 Audio: 


“The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was is lost, for none now live who remember it.” ~ Galadriel, Lady of Lórien, c. the third age ~ 

The Hopi Message to the United Nations – Thomas Banyacya(1)

Though this quote is from a fictional character who lives in a fictional universe, it’s relevance to our own existence cannot be understated. The explosion in human population over the last half century has undeniably contributed to lasting affects upon our planet. Despite the most stringent attempts of many to deny the veracity of climate change, the reality is that we are custodians of our planet, and we failed to take care of that which we have been entrusted.

Willy Whitefeather - Cherokee Story Teller and Survival Expert

Willy Whitefeather – Cherokee Story Teller and Survival Expert

This week on One Cell One Light Radio, Dr. Hildy welcomes returning guest, children’s book author and Native American storyteller
Willy Whitefeather for a discussion of the idea that Mother Earth may be taking back what is hers, and what we as humans can do to survive.

Despite the overwhelming empirical evidence of rapid climate change, there are a number of other signs pointing to a changed – and possibly enraged – earth.  From increased seismic activity – much in U.S. caused by fracking – around the globe to



volcanic unrest all over the world to increased flooding, drought, and other calamities, our planet is sending us a message, and it is not a polite one.

Willy will share with the audience his  volcano survival skills as he sees the EQ swarms at three United States volcanoes – Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Hood, and in Yellowstone National Park – as a big threat to us. The Yellowstone volcano is of particular interest, for some feel it is overdue to erupt, and recently an international team of researchers identified twelve super-eruptions around the Snake River Plain between 8 and 12 million years ago that were likely ‘significantly larger’ than research has previously suggested.

In addition to the activity below ground, the surface of the earth continues to experience its own hardships. Recently, on May 19th, the small city of Phalodi recorded a temperature of 123.8 degrees Fahrenheit, breaking the Indian heat record. The all-time record comes during a stifling heat wave that has enveloped much of the country following a series of deadly heat waves earlier this spring that struck India, Thailand, Cambodia and other parts of Southeast Asia.

Join Dr. Hildy and her guest this week as they discuss Mother Nature and what goes around, comes around on One Cell One Light Radio!


(Thanks to TheBigWobble for their tireless work in posting Mother Earth’s Goings-On in their daily newsletter – and The Watchers for their equally tireless posting of the Earth’s Movements in their newsletters.)



Previous show with Dr. Hildy:
6-10-15- Dr. Hildy® and Willy Whitefeather – Children’s Book Author and Native American Storyteller
Willy Whitefeather – More on YouTube:
Earth Changes 11: Willy Whitefeather shares Native Perspectives Pt.1 of 3 – YouTube
Earth Changes 11: Willy Whitefeather Explains Hopi Prophecy Rock & Mayan Calendar Pt. 2 of 3 – YouTube
Earth Changes 11: Willy Whitefeather on Survival in Nature & The River Story Pt. 3 of 3 – YouTube

======WARNINGS ======

Risk of 8.0 earthquake in California rises, USGS says – LA Times

Earth’s magnetic field changes mapped in detail 

As a reminder:  Marc The Arcturian’s Masterpiece:
“2012: A to Z” – A Galaxial Event of Disneyesque Proportion on Vimeo

TAR SANDS CANADA – Fort McMurray Fire update: ‘It’s like Armageddon’: Fort McMurray fire now the size of Chicago

A developing disaster unfolding! Entire population of 80,000 is on the run from a city on fire in Canada

======VOLCANO ERUPTIONS (with EQ Swarms) ======

Mount Hood earthquake swarm tectonic in nature, US

Super-eruptions in Yellowstone Hotspot track ‘significantly larger’ than expected

Swarm of earthquakes strikes Mount St. Helens –

The Big Wobble : Turrialba Volcano Costa Rica records new “MAJOR” eruption

Volcano Turrialba June 2 ash and smoke reaching 1,000 meters into the sky, east of capital city San Jose, Costa Rica

Volcano Turrialba June 2 ash and smoke reaching 1,000 meters into the sky, east of capital city San Jose, Costa Rica

New activity/unrest was observed at 5 volcanoes between May 25 and 31, 2016. During the same period, ongoing activity was reported for 14 volcanoes.

New activity/unrest: Bristol Island, South Sandwich Islands (UK)  | Etna, Sicily (Italy)  | Piton de la Fournaise, Reunion Island (France)  | Santa Maria, Guatemala  | Turrialba, Costa Rica.

Ongoing activity: Alaid, Kuril Islands (Russia)  | Bagana, Bougainville (Papua New Guinea)  | Chirpoi, Kuril Islands (Russia)  | Cleveland, Chuginadak Island (USA)  | Colima, Mexico  | Dukono, Halmahera (Indonesia)  | Kilauea, Hawaiian Islands (USA)  | Klyuchevskoy, Central Kamchatka (Russia)  | Nevado del Ruiz, Colombia  | Sangay, Ecuador  | Semeru, Eastern Java (Indonesia)  | Sheveluch, Central Kamchatka (Russia)  | Sinabung, Indonesia  | Tengger Caldera, Eastern Java (Indonesia).


 The Big Wobble : Another 51 people struck by lightning in Germany bringing total to over 100 this week in Europe

The Big Wobble : Bangladesh authorities issue warning on unprecedented upsurge on dangerous meteorological activity, as lightning kills 64


The Big Wobble : At least 30 people dead as deadly floods hit Pakistan: Winds strong enough to break windows

Flooding in France June 2016

Flooding in France – June 2016



June, 2016 – Five people dead as parts of Europe see worst flooding in 100 years: Parts of Britain colder than Christmas Day



=======HEAT WAVES ======

Pedestrians lose their shoes as heatwave MELTS roads in India with temperatures hitting 51 degrees Celsius, or 123.8 degrees Fahrenheit

Australia experienced its warmest autumn on record

”’It’s not August yet!'” Record high’s tumble as Phoenix hits 115F…(46C)

High’s off 109F (43C) set to break 60 year old June record across the Las Vegas Valley

San Diego has the first American heat wave of the year as the mercury tops 102F, (around 40C) breaking the old June record of 99F 

1.252 billion in danger! India heat wave update: 46.5 degrees Celsius (116F) and rising!

Indian heat wave: Death toll tops 300 as temperatures push 50C with more than 330 million struggling with severe drought.

INSANE TEMPERATURES! India shatters heat record: 51 degrees Celsius, or 123.8 degrees Fahrenheit and it’s only May!

Parts of India break 100 year old heat record as temperatures hit 47.8 degrees Celsius

Warmest April on record: Beats the previous record by largest margin ever: 7-month hot streak of warmest months ever

100 year old records tumble: All three of Alaska’s major cities set record temperatures over the weekend

It feels like 60C (140F) Indian temperatures hits deadly limit as high humidity increases danger

Thailand records it’s hottest temperature on record as heatwave continues: 112.3 degrees Fahrenheit (44.6 degrees Celcius)

Death toll rises as Indian heat wave with temperatures now pushing 50C (122F) with high humidity

=== Current FLOODS – TORRENTIAL RAINS – Landslides ===

The Big Wobble : Five people dead as parts of Europe see worst flooding in 100 years: Parts of Britain colder than Christmas Day

South African Weather Service warns of dangerous seas, gale force winds, extreme cold, snow and flooding in the coming 24 hours

Fort Hood Teams Recover Bodies of Last 4 Soldiers Missing in Floodwaters – The New York Times TOTAL NINE DEAD -Army teams and emergency crews on Friday recovered the bodies of four soldiers who were missing after a truck overturned a day earlier during a training mission near Fort Hood in central Texas, an official said. The bodies of five other soldiers were found on Thursday. Three soldiers were rescued. Tornadoes, intense flash floods, and large hail continue ravaging the US Plains, no relief in sight.

Almost two months rain in two hours brings Taiwan to a standstill

Unprecedented: All 5 Tasmanian rivers flood as 200mm rain cause worst damage since 1929

Four times more than the average rainfall for the whole month of June falls in one morning in the Brisbane area.

Syeney North Beach

Syeney North Beach – June 7, 2016

Massive waves up to 8 metres high smash Collaroy resort on Sydney’s northern beaches: 3 DEAD!

11 dead as devastating flooding hits Europe: River levels highest in more than 100 years! More rain to come

Five people dead as parts of Europe see worst flooding in 100 years: Parts of Britain colder than Christmas Day

Tropical storm Bonnie developing off the Florida coast

Half of a years rainfall in one day shatters Texas record: 2 dead with more missing after torrential thunderstorms caused more floods

Large extremely violent tornado tracks dangerously close to Dodge City, Kansas: Storm so powerful produced multiple tornadoes at the same time

Sri Lanka Floods – Over 90 Dead With More Than 100 Missing And More Than 300,000 Displaced

Cyclone Roanu Update: 80,000 homes damaged, 23,000 destroyed: Storm kills 24 in Bangladesh with many more missing

Deadly Tropical Cyclone Roanu Is Strengthening with 18 dead and 200 families still missing in Sri Lanka

Tropical Cyclone 01B (TC 01B) responsible for many deaths in Sri Lanka landslide

14 people dead as more floods hit Texas: “The City of Palestine suffered the worst flooding event in my 59 years!”


The Big Wobble : A mag 6.0 – 143km SSE of Raoul Island, New Zealand is the third major quake of June

A magnitude 6.3 – 132km SW of Leksula, Indonesia is the second major quake of June

A magnitude 6.5 – 91km W of Sungaipenuh, Indonesia is the first major quake of June

A magnitude 6.1 – 92km ENE of Keelung, Taiwan is the sixth major quake of May

M7.2 – 58km NNE of Visokoi Island, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands is the second major quake today

A magnitude 6.6 – 161km SSE of Ndoi Island, Fiji is the second major quake to strike the area since yesterday

M6.4 – 19km S of Ndoi Island, Fiji is only the third major quake this month despite the uptick in volcano activity

A mag 6.7 strikes Ecuador in the same area as last months deadly mag 7.8

A mag 6.0 – 32km SW of Lakatoro, Vanuatu is the 6th major quake to hit the small islands this month

A mag 7.0 Vanuatu ( the 5th major quake to hit the small island this month): A mag 6.6 Northern East Pacific Rise bring total to 20 major quakes this month

A mag 6.2 – Guatemala is the fourth major quake in the last two days

A mag 6.9 – 74km SE of Mawlaik, Burma is the ninth major quake of April







6-1-16- Dr. Hildy® Welcomes Film Director Ben Berkowitz – Vampire Movies through Events in History

“Favorite Vampire movies you may have missed – A discussion of some beloved cinematic gems with fangs” – with Ben Berkowitz
Benjamin Berkowitz and Friend

                          ~~~Ben Berkowitz and Friend~~~

Wednesday, June 1, 2016 – 1:00PM-3:00PM Pacific
(2:00-4:00pm Mountain; 3:00-5:00pm Central; 4:00-6:00pm Eastern)

Click here to listen to the archive after showtime:–vampire-movies-thru-history
HOUR 1: 

HOUR 2: 


Throughout history, one of the most pervasive myths has been that of the vampire. From the Mesopotamians, ancient Greeks, and Romans to our own modern-day movies and television, the concept of vampirism has existed for millennia. We all know the basic tenets of the vampire myth: undead creatures that stalk unsuspecting people by night, preying upon them to subsist off the blood of the living. But one of the main markers of modern nosferatu is that the basics of vampire lore can change with each story, and often that change ties into our own history.

This week on One Cell One Light Radio, Dr. Hildy welcomes film director Ben Berkowitz, for a discussion on vampires through cinema history, and how vampire lore has changed throughout the last century. ( BEN BERKOWITZ – BIO )

002 -Polish BarA writer/director based in Los Angeles, Ben Berkowitz directed the award-winning feature film Polish Bar
released by Cinetic Media in 2014 and currently available on iTunes, Amazon, and most Cable On Demand. Polish Bar stars Oscar nominee and Emmy winner Judd Hirsch, Richard Belzer, Vincent Piazza, Meat Loaf and James Badge Dale. Ben also recently acted in several projects including Chronic, the English language debut of multiple Cannes prize- winning writer/director Michel Franco, in which he co-starred with Tim Roth.

From the earliest appearance of a vampire in FW Murnau’s Nosferatu, to the modern television series of Vampire Diaries, True Blood, and The Strain, vampire lore has evolved greatly. In Nosferatu, Count Orlok is portrayed as a gruesome monster, played by Max Shreck, which later led to an urban legend that Shreck himself was a vampire. Nosferatu was also the first instance of vampires being affected by sunlight, something that has colored nearly all vampire lore since.

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