Dr. Hildy®-#2 – October Holiday ‘Spooky’- HE CAME HOME – A Halloween Short Film

UPDATE – June 11, 2019

Ms. Alexandra Arthur, “Alex” is one of the new shinning radiant lights of Hollywood.  You first were introduced to her on the One Cell OneLight(R) Radio Show by Dr. Hildy in the pre-short for the release of the 2018 release of the Jason movie with Ms. Jamie Lee Curtis.
Now she is in a McDonald’s commercial that is going nationwide just before the 4th of July Celebration., so look for her star light to shine brightly with the BIG LIGHTS of BROADWAY very soon this summer.
Per Alex ~
Miss you guys so much! Wanted to share the McDonalds commercial  🙂  
Enjoy!!  ~ Dr. Hildy ~

Hello Everyone,

I would like you to spread this you tube out  on social media, etc., as you can.  The actress in the little clip 
HE CAME HOME – A HALLOWEEN SHORT FILM is Alex Arthur.  She is a remarkable actress and a client of IHS’s.  So lets see how we can help her to get the word out. 

Thank you!   Dr. Hildy

Here it is!!!

Director: Anthony Knasas


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