11-28-19-Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf – BEHOLD: It has begun-The Last Days – Coping with Changes

“There is no Judgement, there is only choice and consequence for your actions, or non-actions.  You hold the Keys To Destiny in your hands.  If you knew the power you command no one could ever enslave you again…and in a moment….you could change the outcome of eternity..”
I am only the Messenger – May Great Spirit be with you…
Robert Ghost Wolf – Days of Destiny’ – 1999

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Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf – RIP -1947 to 12/21/2005 – Walked West (passed away) exactly 7 years before the end of the Mayan Calendar… after a thunderclap under a cloudless sky at his daughter’s home in the Bay Area.

These interviews with Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf are as timely today as when he first shared his visions and  encompass enlighted lessons for life, for survival, history and for bringing forth the best in us – Spiritually, Mentally and Physically.  His Prophecies?  Well, check it out – they have been and continue to come to pass……

RGW – BEHOLD – IT HAS BEGUN – 2001 – Full manuscript

Pt.1. – Last Days: Coping with Changes w/ Chief Robert Ghost Wolf PhD

Pt.2. – Last Days: Coping with Changes w/ Chief Robert Ghost Wolf PhD


Prophecykeepers: Native American Radio
Many thanks to Will (Blue Otter) Anderson for archiving his interviews with Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf and dozens of other interesting guests.


Nov 1999 – ROBERT GHOST WOLF VISION-INTRO and WINDS OF CHANGE – SPECTRUM – .pdf – Text of several interviews with Rick Martin

From Rick Martin, The Spectrum News – Nov 1999:  Ghost Wolf carries a unique body of knowledge that sheds a bright light on our forward movement in this time of great change and appearing chaos — a time, perhaps, of the most dramatic changes to ever effect the course of human evolution.

In 1994 his Hopi Elders said to him, “These are the End times and the people must know the truth, share what we have taught you. There can be no more secrets now if we are to survive as a thinking species through these times.” “This,” they say, “must be done because the dream of humanity can only be preserved through the combined efforts of all peoples, and the joining and merging of all cultures into a oneness.”

Of this time he said, “As we walk with a foot in two worlds we are approaching the reality that we are about to take a giant halo leap into our foreverness. We must build bridges between peoples now. There has been enough separation. That separation has only caused confusion, and results in fear-based beliefs, which are really no more than superstition. We must reconnect them to their hearts. It is a time to come together. What will occur tomorrow depends upon what we choose today, in this moment, as our path. The Sacred Hoop — The Holy Grail: they are one and the same. They represent the Human heart. We must simplify our lives and relearn to follow the path with heart.”  RGW


SHOUT OUT:  We were so relieved to find the Wolf Lodge Cultural Foundation website back online – with bits and pieces of Wolf’s work.  If the ADMIN of the Wolf Lodge site  (https://www.wolflodge.org/days-of-destiny/ )will contact us, we have a library of additional manuscripts to share.  Please contact us by leaving a comment on this page – (https://www.OneCellOneLightRadio.wordpress.com )
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Official Robert Ghost Wolf – FACEBOOK


Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf wrote his Prophecies in five separate volumes, soft cover and eBooks:

Last Cry – Native American Prophecies & Tales of the End- Author, Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf -Trafford Publishing

Winds of Change – Paperback – February 1998
by Robert Ghost Wolf (Author), Mountain Brotherhood (Author)

Days of Destiny – Cosmic Prophecies for the 21st Century – Author, Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf -Trafford Publishing

Through the Eye of the Shaman – The Nagual Returns – Author, Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf –  Trafford Publishing
http://bookstore. trafford.com/Products/SKU-000147353/Through-the-Eye-of-the-Shaman–The-Nagual-Returns.aspx

Changing the Tides of Fear- Author, Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf – Trafford Publishing

AND on another note:

REMEMBER the ‘WORMWOOD’ warning from someone in the Vatican who wrote to Robert Ghost Wolf and Dr. Joey Puleo and Art Bell?
Seems Tom Horn has picked up on the subject!

Does the Bible predict an asteroid…or something else? Will WORMWOOD strike YELLOWSTONE? Time is far later than most understand
This book will challenge your interpretation of end-times theology and help you sharpen your understanding in light of current times.Does Revelation 8:10–11 describe an asteroid?
Is the Wormwood star from Revelation 8 already headed toward Earth? Are NASA and high-level government officials aware of an asteroid that is on a collision course with our planet? Is that why President Trump sanctioned a colossal increase to planetary defense? Do the prophecies from ancient cultures and religions across the globe all point to a catastrophic planetary event that has scientists and politicians taking extreme preventative measures under the public radar?Earth is not currently prepared for the scope of impact that may be just around the corner, and people in high places know it…
But what will the biblical Wormwood actually be? Traditional scholarly interpretation claims it will be an asteroid. Others postulate that the eschatological poisoning of one-third of all Earth’s waters and the devastation of our planet’s ecology might not be as detectable as we may believe: it could hit suddenly and without warning, like an angel of God appearing in the sky with fire and light, bringing judgment in an instant.

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