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Dr. Hildy®- “OM” SEMIOTIC TOPOLOGY through the Word “OM”

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SEMIOTIC TOPOLOGY through the Word “OM”

From the Desk of Dr. Hildy®, November 27, 2019

The word Semiotics means the study of signs and the word Topology is the study of geometric properties and spatial relations unaffected by the continuous change of shape or size of a figure.   The spiritual light of these two words may be summed up in the sound of the universe “OM” as it travels to your inner being’s heart.

The sacred OM symbol comes to us from the sacred text of the Upanishads.   It is the 6th sense of the SEEKER of the spiritual research team that is able to access subtle knowledge from the Universal Mind and Intellect.  To manifest (Sagun) and to unmanifest (Nirgun) is what makes up the God Principle.  

One may see the word OM on a door mat after a strong wind blew away the other letters that made up the word welcome.  It may appear on a wall of a Hindu Temple or on ones tongue or face.   The symbol is one of the Primordial Cosmic dances that were originally performed by the Hindu god, Shiva.  He danced through the universe to create it as well as to destroy evil.

It has been said that prior to the symbol showing itself to the Seeker or Saint there will be Tejtattva, the Cosmic Fire Principle + Akashtattva, the Sound Absolute Cosmic Ether = OM, the Primal Mantra.

OM in Sanskrit is “A” “U” “M” in the Shabda Brahman faith.  OM is the most spiritual pure (Sattvik) symbol that innately has God’s Principle.   H.H. Dr. Athavale is a spiritual leader of India expressed the OM sign on his tongue.  The physical appearance of the OM symbol is the God Principle of Shiva, which is composed of “Raja” and “Tama”.  

The embodied soul (Jiva) to a God realized soul (Shiva) spiritually pure and devoid of Raja and the Tama components, thus the establishment of a Divine Kingdom on Earth.  When the OM symbol appears to or on a Saint or Seeker, they are the reassurance form God to his Devote.

He (God) is therefore showing himself within them.   Divine Life and protection in the subtle battle between good and evil forces is currently being waged from the most part at the unmanifested level.  Many of the symbols of OM that appear to the Saint, Seeker and others may be retained for 1 year or longer.   It is said by holy people of India that the symbols of OM are the uplifting of the spirit by Divine Intervention.   The more OM’s symbols the more the Divine Mission.

Spiritual Practice is the expression of the Spiritual Dimension of the subtle dimensional energy beyond the five senses of mind and intellect – What the eye can see as TRUTH.  taking a more Holistic approach to understanding LIFE and God’s purpose through YOU.

The Battle of Good and Evil has passed through every country on this planet, Earth as well as through every religion as all creation moves steady and forwardly to PEACE.   The reflection of the OM symbol is in the image of the Lord Ganesha, “Beginnings.”   In the Hindu religion, Lord Ganesha is the patron saint of intellect, bankers and writers.   He represents Sattiva (harmony), Raja (movement) and Tama (inertia).  

In the ancient Javanese religion of India, the words “Om Shanti Om” means serenity or peace.  The Javanese said, “Know the symbol, OM and He who knows the symbol whatever he desires, is his.”

Even in Japan the symbol of OM is recognized through the Nio statues in Kyota as the prefecture of Japan.   The words “om mani padme hum” as stated by Lord Ganesha is to remove obstacles, even the great Monkey King known throughout China and India (as Hanuman) used these words to move all sorts of barriers as well as obstacles. 

The word AUM has special meaning because each of its three letters reflect a divine deity of India.  A is for Brahma, U for Vishnu and M for Shiva.   All three symbols (letters) are of the 3 Vedas, Rigveda, Samaveda and Yajurverta, which all lead to the sound of OM.

Many Buddhist will tell you that the sound that unites us ALL is the single sound “OM.”  In the Bhagavad Gita (9.17) Lord Krishna speaks to Arjuna, saying “I am the Father of this World, Mother, Ordainer, Grandfather, the Thing to be Known, the Purifier, the Syllable OM, Rik, Saman and also Yajus.  Again, Katha Upanishad (1.2.15 – 1.2.16) states, “He who knows this symbol (OM), whatever he desires, is his.”

Some of the oldest ancient text that brings out the role of OM is the Shiva Purana consisting of 12 books.  Seven of these books were found in Southern India and a third in Bengal.   The Shiva Purana contains chapters with Shiva centered, cosmology, and mythology, relationships between the gods, ethics, Yoga, Tirha (pilgrimage), sites, Bhakti, rivers, geography and other topics.

In the Shiva Purana you learn more about Lord Ganesha, as in fact, is the symbol of he who has discovered the Divinity within himself.   Ganesha is the first sound, OM, in which all hymns were born.  The ancients have said, “When Shakti (energy) and Shiva (matter) meet, both SOUND (Ganesha) and LIGHT (Skanda) were born.”  

He represents the perfect equilibrium between “force and kindness” as well as between “power and beauty.”  He also symbolizes the discriminative capacities which provide the ability to perceived distinction between TRUTH and ILLUSION, the REAL and the UNREAL.

This Hindu god has four hands, which was the symbol of a divine being.   His hands represent man, elephant, serpent and mouse.    The serpent or dragon (Naga –fiery serpent) is an archetype for DNA.

Lord Ganesha provides prosperity and fortune.  He is the Destroyer of Obstacles of a material or spiritual order.    When he is in the company of the goddess, Lakshmi they bring prosperity and remove the obstacles within one’s life.   It is said that no home will be without money when these deities are within the home. 

When you look at the symbol of OM and see it by its single etched engraving or illustration you can see the face and trunk of Lord Ganesha.   His symbol of his trunk is found in Prakriti, nature.   He has five flowers that he adores.  Flowers are known to attract the divine subtle particle in space through their petals and charge the atmosphere with spiritual vibrations.  The Red Hibiscus is among his favorite with Orange Marigolds, Blue Gokarna , White Downy Jasmine,  Green Durva Grass, and the Yellow Chrysanthemum.  He even loves the Piper Betal, Maghai Paan or Puja (Paan).  And of course his favorite fruit is the banana, probably because it reminds him of his trunk.

Some beautiful BOLLYWOOD movies that bring out the semiotic and topologies of the sacred symbol of OM are some of our favorites through the acting of Shah Rukh Khan and Pradhas.   We suggest you watch the movie in their native language with English sub-titles for the best experiences as you experience all of the religions of the world through the art of cinematography:

Bahubali Part I and Part 2 (Pradhas)

Bahubali 2015 Full Movie HD 720p


O Re Kanchi | HD | Full Song | Asoka | Shah Rukh Khan | Kareena Kapoor

Om Shanti Om – Shahrukh Khan

Full Song | English Babu Desi Mem | Shah Rukh Khan, Sonali Bendre

Dev Das (Shah Rukh Khan)

Rebel – Man On Alert l 2016 l South Indian Movie Dubbed Hindi HD Full Movie (Pradhas).

Ra One Full Movie Hindi HD Shah Rukh Khan Kareena Kapoor Arjun Rampal

Pournami Full Length Telugu Movie

Zamaana Deewana Full Movie — Shahrukh Khan

Treasure of Bengal with Sabu (American).


Happy New Year (Shar Rukh Khan)


We hope you will watch these movies on NetFlex, Prime Video, YouTube or purchase them for your own DVD library.  It is time to ENJOY the movies and put some JOY into your heart through its purification of the soul.  You  will experience the art of color, music, dance, culture and the science of truth through the actors/actresses eyes with exquisite choreography at every level of a cinematic production.   “BOLLYWOOD has created the true formula for what ails you and I call it Movie Therapy,” says Dr. Hildy®.



Good, Bad and the Ugly by Enrico Morrison. Paris 2014 concert

Some Where Over the Rainbow sung by IZ (Israel Kamkioole)

Little Drummer Boy. Sung by Burl Ives

Joy to the World sung by Ed Ames

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From Dr. Hildy® – ASOKA or ASHOKA: A Name that Ends in the Word PEACE

Asoka Trailer | Kareena Kapoor, Shah Rukh Khan, Hrishita Bhatt | A Santosh Sivan Film

ASOKA or ASHOKA:  A Name that Ends in the Word PEACE

From the Desk of Dr. Hildy® ©November 13, 2019

On October 26, 2001 an epic movie was the winner of 14 International Film Awards.  It was a biopic film based on the life of ASOKA: the Great set before his rise to power. A young Prince Asoka (Shahrukh Khan) works to perfect his skills in battle and also deals with family conflict. During a struggle with one of his step-brothers, his mother (Subhashini) urges Asoka to escape to stay alive. While away, Asoka meets Kaurwaki (Kareena Kapoor) and falls in love but must use his skills as a warrior to protect her. A dangerous and heartbreaking web of conspiracy follows, which leads Asoka to embrace a Buddhist path.

The film itself will be remembered through the film industry as the greatest tribute to the reflection of an Emperor of India that portrayed his story through one’s heart.

If you watch this film even to this day, it will move you to a right path, as your heart will experience the heartache, joy, triumph, tragedy and inner re-birth through PEACE.  The powerful performances of the actors and actresses as well as the supporting cast members of the film will always carry forward the memory of ASOKA in one’s mind.  The characters in the film illustrate the courage and strength of power through the most beautiful tribute of color, song, dance, music and cultural historical events that lived over 2,281 years ago, since the Great Kalinga War ended in 262 B.C.  Even Asoka would be proud of it.

In The Outline of History, H.G. Wells wrote, “Amidst the tens of thousands of names of monarchs that crowd the columns of history, their majesties and graciousnesses and serenities and royal highnesses and the like, the name of Ashoka shines, and shines, almost alone, a star.”

And when one thinks of the Star of Bethlehem and the Story of the Three Kings as they visited the little baby, Jesus (the Christ) in the manger, one will think of its brightness as a reflection of Asoka shinning his light down on the baby to light the path to peace for all the world to see.

Shepherds, villagers and all saw this light in the heavens, a star that shown its magnificent rays to guide the Three Magi, Balthazar of Arabia, Melchior of Persia and Gaspar of India.  These Magi were not only Kings from their distant lands, but were scholars of the ancient arts and sciences of nature, medicine and astrology.   And hopefully, as they looked upon the baby Jesus, one would like to think that the Magi – Gaspar of India – shared the story of one of India’s greatest Emperor, ASOKA who unified all of India (except for its southern tip) as he made his journey on Life’s Path toward PEACE – opening the door for the Christ Light to shine throughout the Earth.

The name Asoka or even as it is spelled, Ashoka, will only lead each of us to the works of a great king, who raised arms in the Great Kalinga War that ended in 262 BC. He was the only king of a nation that would not pick up the sword against another nation after this war, which was known throughout his kingdom as the War that turned the rivers red with blood.

The Kalinga War was fought in what is now India, between the Maurya Empire under Asoka and King of Raja Anantha of the state of Kalinga, an independent feudal kingdom located on the east coast, in the present-day state of Odisha and north of Andhra Pradesh.  The war was a brutal war with many dead (100,000 +) or maimed, and the soldiers of Kalinga became slaves.  Its devastating effect rocked the souls of everyone who fought in it as well as lived through its aftermath as its memory may be still felt on many ancestors’ DNA to this day.

The War’s destruction of the humanity in Kalinga left King Asoka with a deep sorrow and only one desire within his heart for PEACE throughout his Empire and neighboring territories to be upheld forever more.  He was raised as a Brahmin from birth, who became a Buddhist after the Great War of Kalinga.  He ruled the rest of his life in peace until the day he took his last breath.

Throughout his reign of 40 years, he built temples, monasteries and the famous Edicts of Ashoka, which are  a collection of 33 inscriptions on the Pillars of Ashoka, as well as boulders and cave walls, made by Ashoka during his reign. These inscriptions are dispersed throughout modern-day Pakistan and India and represent the first tangible evidence of Buddhism.

The edicts describe in detail the first wide expansion of Buddhism through the sponsorship of one of the most powerful kings of Indian history, offering more information about Asoka’s proselytism, moral precepts, religious precepts, and his notions of social and animal welfare reaching as far as Thailand and Sri Lanka.

Ashoka’s edicts

List of Rock Edicts (Minor & Major) and Pillar Edicts

Toward the end of Asoka’s life his grandson was chosen to be his heir to the Maurya Empire’s Throne.   Asoka, knowing he would no longer be the “King of Earth,” he asked a Buddhist Monk who visited him for his last blessing. Asoka, no longer having any money to donate from the Royal Treasury of his kingdom, he took a myrobalan berry (Indian gooseberry) that he was eating and gave half of it to the Monk, saying this: “I give you this myrobalan as my last possession I have to give, bless it and know that this symbolizes that I may rule as the Sovereign of the Mind.” The Monk took the myrobalan to the temple and the other monks made a soup of it and shared its broth between them so the blessing would blossom to humanity just as the lotus flower.  The following day Asoka passed away during his sleep.  His body was cremated and burned for seven days.

Keep in mind that each one of us is born into this world with nothing but our bodies, mind and good health.  Through prayer and the wish of blessings from others allow for God to shine his light in each one of our hearts.

It is everyone’s own journey of life which will have two paths on it.  The choice is yours to pick the right path (dharma) through the examples you were taught by your parents, grandparents and the people who mentored you along your journey or to return of the cycle of life (karma)  learning what you did not learn the first time on this Earth.  All these acts are of guidance and respect from our ancient ancestors leading each one of us to a world of PEACE for All of Humanity to share.  We are to live in harmony, being as gentle as a lamb on this beautiful jewel of a planet, Earth, within the folds of the Milky Way, home to numerous stars as seen above and below.

What You Need to Know About Ganesh: Remover of Obstacles

DEFINITION, PURPOSE and EVOLUTION OF THE “SOUL” or “SPIRIT”- The SOUL/SPIRIT CREATION: Our Creating Consciousness or “God” is shaped much like an OBLATE SPHEROID which is a type of three-dimensional shape with an oblong, round shape, like a squashed circle. Unlike an egg (asymmetrical), it is symmetrical, i.e., evenly weighted/spaced at both ends that results in an oblate spheroid. Skittles or M&M’s candies are everyday examples of oblate spheroids. They basically look like squashed spheres. This oblate spheroid or oval/spiral shape is a recurring shape/theme in our Universe with the existence of giant spiral galaxies like the Andromeda and Milky Way Galaxies.

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Do You Hear What I Hear. Sung by Home Free.  A. Cappello

We Three Kings sung by Mario Lanza

I have a Dream. Sung by Susan Boyle. From Les Miserables

Let There Be Peace on Earth sung by Vince Gill 


The Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi at Anuradhapura,
Sri Lanka. Photo © Stephen J Forbes


By Kathryn Peters-Brinkley

~Prayer, meditation and affirmations.~

~Have faith and good cheer.~

~Truthfulness (100% Honesty)!~

~Pay attention and live in the NOW.~

~Commitment to goodness and excellence.~

~Assume complete responsibility for your life.~

~Watch every thought and word we utter.~

~Watch what you put into your mind.~

~Eat living foods.~

~Volunteer to do charity work.~


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