Dr. Hildy®- The Story of Garabandal – A VISIT FROM AN ANGEL

The Story of Garabandal – A VISIT FROM AN ANGEL

San Sebastian de Garabandal is a small hamlet of some 80 humble dwellings located in the Cantabrian Mountains of northwest Spain. On June 18, 1961, four girls, Mari Loli Mazon (12), Jacinta Gonzalez (12), Mari Cruz Gonzalez (11), and Conchita Gonzalez (12) were playing on the outskirts of the village when they heard a sound like thunder. Suddenly, there stood before them a dazzling angel. He said nothing and quickly disappeared. Pale and visibly shaken, the four girls ran to the village church and the apparition soon became known. Over the next twelve days, the angel appeared to them several more times and then on July 1, he spoke for the first time, announcing that on the following day, the Blessed Virgin would appear to them as Our Lady of Mount Carmel.


News spread quickly. On July 2, many priests were among the numerous visitors who joined the villagers to witness the great event. At about 6:00 o’clock p.m., the children were headed for the spot where they had been seeing the angel when the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared with an angel on each side. They recognized one of the angels as the one who had been appearing to them (later identified as St. Michael the Archangel) and the other looked identical. Above the Virgin was a large eye that the children thought to be the eye of God. They spoke openly and familiarly with their Heavenly Mother and said the rosary in her presence. Over the next year and a half she would appear hundreds of times frequently.

From Dr. Hildy:

Years ago I had a person contact me for my opinion on a specific toxicology question and I was sent to Binghampton, New York.  I was to attend a special presentation on the Lady of Garabandal.  I awaited my meeting with a specific person, who was Third from the Pope (John Paul II).  This person  was responsible for all  investigations involving all sightings of the Virgin Mary throughout the world.

The person had technical questions in toxicology for me to answer about the Pope’s recent hip  surgery, which caused a severe allergic reaction.  The specific request of the Pope was to know the antidote to the chemicals used in the surgery process, such as the glues.

I was amazed to say the least.  Here I am in Binghampton, New York, to answer these questions.  The church booked my room in “The Bridal Suite” of the hotel with a bouquet of roses (a symbol of the Virgin Mary).  No billing for my professional services occurred, but think of the honor and respect I was given by the Pope and this whole mission to antidote the chemicals in the glues used to repair his hip.  Or, was the ultimate mission really to experience the Miracle of Our Lady of Garbandal?  In any event, it was  quite overwhelming when I look back in time.

And to think, if I was never requested to go to Binghampton, New York, I would have never known about Our Lady of Garabandal and would not be able to tell you about her and the antidote of a chemical reaction – a poison – and how a Pope needed my knowledge.   After the meeting and introduction to Our Lady of Garabandal, I always have  awaited the “Miracle in the Pines” to happen during Easter.  And this year appears to be the year.

In the prophecy a global event will occur that will affect everyone on earth to reflect on their lives and then there will be a miracle from GOD.

Just think of how all of us are sharing a global event as a result of the tragedy of a virus for all of the mankind to share.  My hope is for everyone – all of us will bear witness to the Event and then the JOY of the “Miracle in the Pines”.

GOD Bless Everyone  of you, now and during Easter.  No matter what your faith is, your heart is bound to the Purity of Creation, as you become a global witness in the defense of the cross to come back to inherit the Kingdom of God.

And have you looked at the shape of a cross? It is in the shape of man with legs straight and arms spread wide open – a human cross that all of humanity can make.

HAPPY EASTER TO ALL OF HUMANITY with Blessing to ALL of the animals, plants and fishes in this Sea of Life on Earth.

Dr. Hildy

Apparitions of Our Lady in Garabandal

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