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She is the key to selling or buying your dream home!
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When  you need a REALTOR who will provide the utmost support in assisting you in either buying or selling your home, Rene is your REALTOR of choice.  Understanding what it takes to get the property bought or sold, she is honest, trustworthy and dependable with tech savvy skills to get the job done.  She is the key to selling or buying your dream home!

She has lived in the greater Orlando area for the past 20 years after relocating from her hometown in Dalton, Georgia.  Her southern hospitality will make your home buying or selling an enjoyable experience.  She lives in New Smyrna Beach with her husband and family.  They all love it! Just like a true southerner, she wants to extend that warm welcome to you and your family.   She will be the first to tell you, “Come build lasting memories by the sea in your beautiful new home!” 

Rene is a published author and artist that enjoys writing, painting, and spending time with her family and friends.  She is thankful to call New Smyrna Beach home.

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Paperback – REALTOR FOR GOD by Rene Compton

Ebook – https://www.amazon.com/Realtor-GOD-Rene-Compton-ebook/dp/B077D5Q177

Beach Boys “Good Vibrations”

Welcome to Our East Coast Connection in real estate, Karen ‘Rene’ Compton, as many people from California are re-locating to the State of Florida.

     From the earliest settlers in the New World, to retirees in the 20th century, to immigrants looking for new start, Florida has long been a desired place to live. Now the third-most populated state in the country, its 20 million people live in a beautiful climate that is not without its issues.
     The first in a series, we will focus on the things to remember when buying a home in the Sunshine State – from its history, to its dangers, and its future.
     As new and first-time homeworkers, potential buyers should keep in mind the high moisture and humidity that comes with living in Florida. With an average annual rainfall of 54 inches, water is one of the defining elements of Florida life. When buying a house, its history with mold is one of the most important things a buyer should consider.
     Another important thing to consider is if the home is if the property is prone to flooding – even if it’s not in a flood zone. Given that most of Florida is low-lying, particularly near the coasts, certain areas can easily flood, especially during hurricanes, which only grow stronger and more frequent every year. A flooded home can easily lead to toxic mold within its walls that can be very expensive and difficult to remediate.
     Also importantly is a home’s EMF, or electromagnetic field, quotient. A low-EMF home design is very important to lessen the effects of exposure. Some things to consider include wired phone, internet, and TV sockets in every room to lessen the effects of cordless phones and WiFi networks. Making sure all electric cabinets, engines, etc., are as far away from sleeping areas as possible. And making sure no wires or other appliances and equipment are near beds.
     Keeping these things in mind will make your home buying experience in Florida as easy and healthy as possible!

Dr. Hildy asks you, “Did You Know These HISTORICAL TRIVIA FACTS about the State of Florida.”


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*The Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan movies water scenes were filmed in Ocala Springs, Florida.

*Chad Everrett, Robert Taylor and Brenda Scott starred in the movie Johnny Tiger a film about a Seminole Indian Chief’s son in 1966

*Ponce de Leon  had built Fort Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine, Florida, as well as Fort Morro in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.   He called Florida the land of Flowers as he served as Governor of Florida and Puerto Rico for the Spanish King and Queen.

*The official state play of the history of Florida is performed each year in St. Augustine, Florida as an annual event.

*John Glenn, our 1st Astronaut, and many others after him were launched by a rocket from Cape Canaveral then re-named Cape Kennedy after the death of President John F. Kennedy.

Rocket Launch Viewing
The Seashore will remain open for launches scheduled to take place during park operating hours. We cannot predict when the park will fill to capacity at which point we will restrict flow into the park for a period of time, for safety purposes. Incoming traffic may close for park safety/capacity. Kennedy Space Center has the authority to close parts of the seashore for Space Center Operations.

See A Live Rocket Launch

*Florida is known for its Mosquitos, Snakes and Alligators as well as Play Linda Beach on its East Coast as the breeding ground for Sea Turtles.

Where To Join A Turtle Walk
Canaveral National Seashore Reservations for June begin May This is the longest undeveloped stretch of beach on Florida’s east coast.
Where To See Nesting Turtles in Florida 

* Many world class surfers have surfed at Cocoa Beach, Play Linda Beach and Sebastian In-Let  in Florida.  Cocoa Beach, Florida  is the home of  the world renowned  surf shop known as  “Ron Jon’s Surf Shop” for all your surf board wax and other items.

* Florida is one of the three states (Florida, Texas and California) that produce the world’s citrus produce.

*The Swanee river is located in Florida.  A  song about it is called “Old Folks at Home (down the Swanee River)” .  The song was  a minstrel song written by Stephen Foster in 1851. Since 1935 it has been the official state song of Florida, although in 2008 the original lyrics were revised.

Florida State Song – Stephen Foster – Old Folks at Home (Swanee River) – Harmonica solo/duet

Eerie albino alligator babies hatched at Florida animal park


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