Dr. Hildy®- Zen of the Black Cat – Four Noble Truths

The Four Noble Truths are:

  1. The Truth of Suffering.
  2. The Truth of the Origin of Suffering.
  3. The Truth of the Goal.
  4. and The Truth of the Path.

We start with the truth of suffering, which means that we must begin 
with the Monkey’s Confusion and Insanity.    


January 2021  (Three Kings, January 6, 2021) by Dr. Hildy®

The last year what we all experienced was like going through the Three Kingdoms’ vision of moving through the Seven Hells before you reach the gates of Heaven. In the movement of CHAOS each one of us experienced the searching of Truth in a World of Pretense.  

Spirituality is the one accomplishment that blesses every aspect of your life and remains with you even after your time on earth is done.  Spirituality brings you in touch with the great eternal nature of life – CREATION.  It invigorates and inspires your soul to reach for the highest and to do what is right instead of what may be easy or comfortable.  Spirituality is like a stream of wisdom that flows through your very own being and guides you on your path.

A beautiful book was written by Chogyam Trungpa entitled:  Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism, Shambhala Publications, Bolder, Colorado © 1973.  The book covers many aspects of spiritualism that one would experience as they walked this Earth through many lifetimes.

In experiencing the divinity of TRUTH on our path of life, Chogyam Trungpa defines it as the Four Noble Truths, which are the following:

  1. The Truth of Suffering.
  2. The Truth of the Origin of Suffering.
  3. The Truth of the Goal.
  4. and The Truth of the Path.

We start with the truth of suffering, which means that we must begin with the Monkey’s Confusion and Insanity.

So, we can see how one will experience suffering on their path of life to walk many paths all to the main path as Enlightenment and PEACE, where Peace’s seedling is Eternal LOVE.

Many movies from India and China reflect an inner meaning that expresses the Three Kingdoms of Hell, Man and Heaven as well as the experience of Hope, Faith and Charity.  All of us Hope that the New Year of 2021 will be full of Blessing for All of Us.  The Blessings will come as you say a prayer on each breath you take from this life time as God and the Angels guide the blessings to you and your family.  I hope you enjoy my Beginning and Conclusion List of Movies to enjoy in this New Year.   Keeping in mind that January 6th is the day celebrated for the arrival of the Three Kings and in Hollywood one of the original kings was Ramon Novarro, who’s silent film, Ben Hur always touches my heart with the faith to go onward, upward and BEYOND.

The Dr. Hildy® Movie List for the Beginning and Conclusion of a New Year 2021

Before  we list out the movies, Dr. Hildy wants  to bring to your attention  a just released movie in 2020 – IRON MASK and a special movie that will make your soul laugh out loud.   Remember that laughter – JOY- is the food for your Guardian Angel, so laugh out loud as you feed your own Angel throughout your life time on Earth.

  • Iron Mask that stars Jackie Chan and guess who Arnold Schwarzenegger. What a TEAM they make and it is hoped that they will grace many more  movies together.
  • How to be a Latin Lover with Eugenio Debez, Selma Hayek, Rob Lowe, Kristen Bell and the beautiful Raquel Welch. This is the movie for all seasons that will make your soul  laugh out load.  ENJOY!

TOP 10 List of Movies to Bring in a New Year on the Path of Truth

  1. Silent Film  Ben Hur (American)
  2. Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy (Indian)
  3. Immortal Demon Slayer (Chinese)
  4. Monkey King: Havoc in Heaven’s Palace (Chinese)
  5. 47 Ronin (Japanese and American)
  6. Little Buddha (American)
  7. Bruce Lee – A Warrior’s Journey (Chinese and American)
  8. Krrish 3 (Indian)
  9. House of Flying Daggers (Chinese)
  10. Call of Heroes (Chinese)

Dr. Hildy’s Gift Box –

This particular show will have a gift of an Arch Tech’s radiant heat wooden pillow as seen at www.bodyoflite.com as well as a collection of three Baci Mi® skin care gels with a lot of other goodies inside the Dr. Hildy’s Gift Box.  Especially the movie Immortal Demon Slayer starring Eddie Peng.  Dr. Hildy watched this movie 12 times, so there is lots of movie therapy in it for sure.  Our staff at One Cell One Light Radio hopes you have enjoyed our shows for the last decade and Dr. Hildy’s Gift Boxes as you CELEBRATE A NEW YEAR and LIFE.

The first person to call in and list the main celebrity in each of the 10 movies above will be the winner.
 Leave your message at
Integrative Health Systems:  323-466-2599 



Note:   The drawings of the Zen Black Cat art series drawn by Dr. Hildegarde Staninger ® © 2020






It is said, “When you see a red cardinal bird, Angels are near.”    Dr. Hildy

Monkey King left his fingerprint on the jade plant outside our door:

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