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6-01-2011- Certified Baltic Amber with Krystyna Witulski, and Grandma’s Lye Soap with Bill Robertson

Gophette's Fou Fou

Gophette’s Fou Fou


Integrative Health Systems (IHS) has entered into a new joint venture with Rene Compton of  Compton Learning Co. Inc., which features an innovative teaching approach in computer technology for kindergarteners through fifth graders.

Compton came up with the idea in 2000, using computer puppets in a private Orlando school, the Brush Arbor Christian School. “Kids will listen to characters,” says Compton. Included in the puppet gang is Gopher the computer mouse, and now, he has an alter ego, his sister Gophette, who is the pink epitome of cute femininity.

And so, now enters IHS to assist Gophette, a string puppet, with some fou fou, namely Baci Mi Rose Petal Gel, the brainstorm of Industrial Toxicologist Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, who has created many other specialty gels to treat the body. It is something for the kids and the “young at heart,”says Staninger.

“Rose is the highest vibration there is. It emits love, clarity, awakening and brings you to your highest potential.”

Gophette’s YouTube debut:


Krystyna Witulski

Krystyna Witulski



First Hour: Certified Baltic Amber with Krystyna Witulski


Certified Baltic Amber with Krystyna Witulski – AUDIO .mp3

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