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11/09/11: Dr. Hildy and Mikael King – TRANSCENDING THE DEATH GENE

Mikael King

Mikael King

1st hour – Transcending the Death Gene with guest Mikael King

HOUR 1 AUDIO: In the human experience, there is nothing that frightens people more than death. Nearly every act we make as people is an attempt to stave off the inevitable. From the simplest things like eating and breathing to complex diets and various chemical supplements, we spend our entire lives in fear of the one certainty we all face. But is death certain? Or is there a way to extend your existence beyond your physical self?

This week on One Cell One Light Radio, Dr. Staninger welcomes Mikael King of, to discuss what is referred to as the “death gene,” a theoretical gene within our DNA that signals the expiration of our physical body, and ways to transcend this signal.

Many experts believe that there is DNA programming that limits our life span. Around the beginning of the “Saturn Cycle” (28th year) of one’s life, this gene informs the other parts of one’s genetic makeup to begin to shut  down – at an extremely slow pace. Hair starts to grey, joints start to ache, vision starts to go. But Mr. King believes that we have a choice at this time –  a choice to live allopathically and prolong this life as long as possible, or a choice to embrace source consciousness and live for joys – effectively eliminating the fear of death.

In the second hour, Dr. Staninger will be joined once again by art historian Rick Dubov and ancient texts scholar Michael Edward as they discuss the secrets of the longevity gene and Read the rest of this entry