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5/16/12 – Dr. Hildy™and Majical Moments with Dr. John Milewski – A Brilliant Light In These Times

Majical Moments with Dr. John Milewski
~ A Brilliant Light In These Times ~

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Dr. John V. Milewski

Dr. John V. Milewski

“Years ago, back in the mid 1990’s, we had the occasion to connect with David Hudson who was making the rounds of various metaphysical circles in Asheville NC touting the wondrous aspects of (and asking for investors in) a substance he claimed to have discovered.” (paraphrased by Shoshanna who was there, too!) White Powder Gold, he called it – and David and John Milewski blew up a lab trying to capture the illusive substance.


“Monatomic gold is known by many names such as ORMUS, ORMES, Manna, white powder gold, Philosopher’s Stone, Elixir of Life, potable gold and colloidal gold, just for starters. Its nature and virtues have been heralded throughout antiquity and up to the present time. The Egyptians made it with gold leaf ground into pure desert sand and then boiled it in concentrated acid (vinegar). The Ayurvedic practitioners call it Swarna Bhasma and produced it by amalgamation with mercury, followed by the addition of special herbs, culminating with the mercury boiled off in a retort (A container or furnace for carrying out a chemical process on a large or industrial scale.)(

John Milewski calls it ‘Spirit Magnetic’ which appears on the crystals on his back porch! – (I have seen it with my own eyes! s.) Dr. Becker says, ‘Body Electric’.. More on this from John, himself!

In these lean times, people are always trying to find ways to create income. While our current monetary system allows for the accumulation of wealth without actually owning a physical thing, in days of old, one’s worth was determined by possession. And the most sought-after possession was gold, a substance so valuable that we have based our entire economy on its abundance. But what if there was a way to make gold? And what if you could do it in your own microwave?

Like a modern day alchemist, Dr. Milewski has discovered a method to use the energy generated from commercial microwaves to “grow” gold from bottle glass. As simple of an idea as this sounds, to do it in any large amounts would require a special microwave that could generate radiation for hours without getting too hot and turning Read the rest of this entry