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1-15-14 – Dr. Hildy® – It’s Right On Your Kitchen Shelf…

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It’s Right On Your Kitchen Shelf

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The human body has an inherent ability to heal. Think of a cut or a broken bone. Given time, the cut heals; the bone mends. What accomplishes these small miracles? Nature. Nature cures. This is the basis of lasting healing and lasting health. The same intrinsic force mending a broken bone can heal arthritis; in both cases, the body can react to disturbances in its natural balance in a way that restores that natural balance. The bone is more easily repaired, for trauma created the problem suddenly, and no deep-seated underlying problem must be corrected for healing to occur. Arthritis is not so simple. Arthritis develops primarily because of years of faulty dietary habits. The broken bone heals even with somewhat faulty nutrition, but to heal arthritis, conditions causing it must be changed.

For nature to cure, one must understand what nature is – what is natural – and live by it. Even when this is accepted, a problem remains; few modern people understand what constitutes natural diet. And that natural diet is right on your kitchen shelf or even the refrigerator.

Know Thyself: For Vitality, Transition To Living Foods

This week on One Cell One Light® Radio, Dr. Hildy and her returning guest Shoshanna Allison will discuss the benefits of a natural diet that is composed of foods that originated in the ancient lands of the Mediterranean such as grapefruit, garlic, bay leaf, rosemary, mint, grapes and their leaves and ginger. Yes, Read the rest of this entry