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Lloyd Pye

Lloyd Pye

GUEST: Lloyd Pye, Director of the Starchild Project

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Are we alone in the universe? That question has plagued mankind for thousands of years, and despite the numerous scientific advancements that we’ve made in the last century, we still have no proof – definitive or speculative – that non-human intelligent life exists elsewhere besides our world. Proof of extra-terrestrial life would change our world, our thinking and our way of life entirely. But what if it does exist?

This week on One Cell One Light Radio, Dr. Staninger welcomes Lloyd Pye, former Hollywood screenwriter and current Director of the Starchild Project, a research organization that has been investigating the Starchild Skull since February of 1999. It is his belief that the skull provides irrefutable evidence that life of extra-terrestrial origins has lived – and died – on our planet, as recently as 900 years ago.

Discovered in a Mexican cave around 1930, the skull was part of a larger skeleton found by a teenage girl who had gone on a hike while visiting family. It was her intent to bring this skeleton – as well as a more plainly human skeleton found next to it – back with her to El Paso. Unfortunately, she hid the bones that night and a rainstorm washed them away. The girl was able to recover both skulls, though slightly damaged, but the rest of the skeletons were lost. Read the rest of this entry