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12-11-13 – Dr. Hildy® and Harry Hubbard – ILLINOIS: The Lost Tomb of Alexander the Great

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Harry Hubbard has been following this unbelievable story for 20 years, written two books titled Tomb Chronicles I and II with Tomb Chronicles III currently in the works.  He has directed dozens of documentaries and written several short stories published in various monthlies.

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12-11-13-Dr. Hildy® & Harry Hubbard – ILLINOIS: Lost Tomb of Alexander The Great – Part 1  – 

12-11-13-Dr. Hildy® & Harry Hubbard – ILLINOIS: Lost Tomb of Alexander The Great Part – 2

There are few people in the history who have had as great an impact on our entire society as Alexander the Great. The Macedonian leader’s dominion over the world 300 years before Jesus’ birth largely shaped the cultural and linguistic commonalities across all of Asia and Europe.  So how could it be that this great Eurasian king’s tomb lies in southeastern Illinois?


This week on One Cell One Light Radio, Dr. Hildy welcomes Harry Hubbard, historian and documentarian of the archaeological caves in Illinois, known as the ILLINOIS CAVES.

Recently discovered artifacts found in the mid-west prove that a colony of ancient mariners set sail from the Mediterranean Sea between 30 and 25 B.C. A hoard of ancient tablets, now scattered around the globe, tell the true story of how these people sailed up the Mississippi and Ohio River Basins. Their journey was made possible with the assistance of a noble ancient king who provided them with a large ocean vessel. They brought with them their religious rituals, sacrifices as well as many other customs of their ancestors.

In spring of 1925, a local resident, Orville Lowery and his six-year-old Fern began to explore a ravine near their garden.  Several feet away from the bluff, Fern discovered a hole cut through the sandstone by

United States Treasure Atlas

United States Treasure Atlas

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human hands. She called her father over to investigate the hole which he determined was of ancient origin. 201 #10 Thelma McClain Map .   Orville worked for years attempting to get investigators from the State of Illinois to examine this discovery, but was rebuffed by experts who sloughed off the idea that anything of ancient significance could possibly exist in the most remote regions of Marion County.

All was quiet for decades, until the summer of 1961 when Michael Paul Henson, the most famous treasure guide writer in the country, approached Orville after reading about the Lowery’s discovery in the Salem courthouse. Excited at the renewed interest, Orville met with Read the rest of this entry