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6-22-11 – Micronized Zeolite and Its Therapeutic Benefits — Oxygenated Olive & Coconut Oils: Their Health Benefits

Dennis and Sheri Scheller

Dennis and Sheri Scheller

1st Hour AUDIO — Micronized Zeolite and Its Therapeutic Benefits
Guest: Dennis Scheller
Micronized Zeolite and It’s Therapeutic Benefits – mp3 AUDIO

Dr. Staninger’s 1st guest on June 22nd was Dennis Scheller, who is a proponent of healthy aging. He knows of what he speaks.  “Since I was in my early 20’s, I have not gone to a doctor,” he said. “I practice prevention.  Now the world is ten times more toxic than it was, and a lot of us can’t get the toxic load out of the body, especially radioactive (agents) and Mercury,” says Scheller.

Spreading the word about a product he has been taking, personally, for the past five years is his part-time job, and he is passionate about it. “I have been into natural health and fitness and nutrition for the past 35 years.”

Dennis’ full-time work involves his house painting company and personal training. He has also been a Kung Fu instructor in the past.

The wonder product Scheller and his wife, Sheri, carry is Natural Cellular Defense by Waiora, a liquid cellular zeolite (a natural mineral).  “There’s a lot of zeolite out there.  Powdered zeolite has been available for 50 years, and it helped with digestive issues and food poisoning,” says Scheller.

The dilemma was how to get it into the body systemically.  A biotech company solved the riddle. “The liquid cellular zeolite is micronized particles size,” says Scheller.  “It collects and traps heavy metals and chemical toxins. We have a pristine product.  It is so small, we can get it into the bloodstream and the reason it works is because it has a negative charge and attracts particles to it.”

The thing Scheller likes about Natural Cellular Defense is that it removes the toxic load from your body. “Apoptosis kicks in, and harmful toxins can be removed. It’s a great cancer preventative, and everything you do – massage, lymphatic drainage and acupuncture – is amplified.”

“We (Scheller and his wife) do like to think we are making a difference. We want to be a positive light in this sometimes gloomy world.”

Click here for Sloan-Kettering’s  info on Zeolite


Nancy Kersey

Nancy Kersey

2nd Hour AUDIO – Oxygenated Olive Coconut Oil Health Benefits .mp3 

Dr. Staninger’s 2nd guest on June 22nd was Nancy Kersey who might be on the other end of the phone at Integrative Health Systems in Los Angeles. When she is not answering questions, taking orders and helping patients, she manufactures two popular products for Dr. Hildy.

“I first ran across oxygenated olive oil when my massage therapy organization began selling it,” said Kersey, a former massage therapist, who specialized in lymphatic drainage work. “I already had the necessary equipment to use on my clients with my oxygen steam sauna which was part of my lymphatic protocol.”

She and Dr. Staninger put their heads together on how best to make their products and went shopping for just the right raw ingredients. Dr. Staninger insisted on the greenest olive oil they could find. “It has the most chlorophyll in it,” she said.

They also made sure their raw materials were organic, extra virgin, and cold pressed with no GMO’s. “When I paint this down the spine and pop a patient in the Far-Infrared, it instantly becomes a hyperbaric chamber,” said Dr. Staninger.

“Nobody else has this. It’s a cottage industry, hand-made in small batches, and highly labor intensive.”

Baci Mi Oxygenated Olive and Coconut Oils

Baci Mi Oxygenated Olive and Coconut Oils