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September 7, 2011: “The Attic Door” movie and Chac Mool Natural Minerals and Medicinal Plants of Mesoamerica

The Attic Door

The Attic Door

The first hour of One Cell One Light™ Radio will feature Dr. Staninger talking with the filmmakers behind the movie,  The Attic Door. Filmed in Utah for a budget of less than a quarter-million dollars, The Attic Door tells the story of a young brother and sister are abandoned in the vast and lonely landscape of the 19th century American West. Each day, they struggle to keep up the family farm, anxiously waiting for their parents to return. With nowhere to escape, the two siblings are about to discover that they are not entirely alone. As much as they try to deny the truth, something behind the attic door has awakened and they must now face their greatest fear. The Attic Door is the story of love, loss, loneliness, and the truth behind childhood fears.


Joining Dr. Staninger for this discussion will be Writer/Director Danny Daneau, Executive Producer Erica Harrell and Writer/Co-Producer Eric Ernst, with a focus on the process and struggles of making their film, and independently produced films in general.  HOUR 1 AUDIO:

Chac Mool Natural Minerals

Chac Mool Natural Minerals

In the second hour, the discussion will turn to Chac Mool Natural Minerals and medicinal plants of Mesoamerica. Continuing the previous week’s discussion of the ancient Olmec tribes of Central Mexico, Dr. Staninger will be joined again by Michael Edward of the World Vision Portal to discuss the uses and benefits of the Chac Mool minerals. HOUR 2 AUDIO:

Just as in the Olmecs’ (the original salt traders of the Americas) time, Chac Mool Natural Minerals are mined from an ancient Mesoamerican seabed that contained no pollution, heat, humidity, radiation or any other toxic environmental factors. Chac Mool Natural Minerals have a wide variety of uses, from removing stains from clothing to seasoning food. Read the rest of this entry

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